Tragedy in Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tragedy in Jeep Grand Cherokee

I believe they had other problems with this vehicle. Sad to see this had to happen instead of being corrected. I liked his part in the movie.

yongliangzhu68 | 2016年6月20日

While sad keep in mind that about 90 people in the US died yesterday in auto accidents and there is a sad story behind them all. About 90 will die again today with 90 more sad stories. How does this post relate to Tesla?????

Mike83 | 2016年6月20日

Tesla makes the safest car while other companies claim that Dealerships protect the customer. I would say not. You prove my point that so many car defects kill. Gasoline fires, ignition switches, etc.

Mike83 | 2016年6月21日

News is that he died quickly. The major automotive companies should contact owners immediately upon knowledge of defects. The cost analysis bs they use to allow this type of inaction is inhumane.

eandmjep | 2016年6月22日

Tesla got a ton of crap for one rusty ball joint and Jeep well they have barely issued an actual recall because they have not been able to determine a fix and have had how many reports? Just warn customers.

Mike83 | 2016年6月22日

Just makes one feel safer in a Tesla. Cars with explosive gasoline or bad ignition switches not so muchl

Mike83 | 2016年6月25日

After hundreds of accidents and now a death lawsuits begin.