Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

There is now an 8 stall supercharger in West Yellowstone opening access to Yellowstone National Park from the west. The community of Red Lodge MT, has installed two 80 amp destination chargers and two Clipper Creek 40 amp chargers on the north end of town. This makes passage up the Beartooth Highway, one of the most scenic drives in north America, and an access point to the northeast entrance to Yellowstone possible. The drive from Red Lodge to Cooke City/ Silvergate and the northeast entrance to the park over is nothing short of spectacular. From Red Lodge to the top of the Pass is a climb of over 5000 feet. Hoping to see destination chargers at Cooke City soon. Location of the chargers is on plugshare and hopefully soon on the Tesla destination charger map.

tes-s | 2016年6月26日

I saw those!! Plan on being there in August. Yellowstone, charge in Red Lodge, the to Powell, then Mt. Rushmore, badlands...

mdmgso | 2016年6月27日

We found a female bison with a rear mounted NEMA 14-50 receptacle at the Yellowstone Lodge. The biggest problem was attempting to avoid a charge while seeking to obtain a charge. Needless to say there were no waiting lines.

dortor | 2016年6月27日

This is nothing but good news!

rg22.vanhorn | 2016年6月27日

I've done that drive in my Tahoe... before becoming a Model S owner... indeed that is one of the most spectacular drives in North America!!

1BadNerd | 2016年6月27日

tes-s, where do you plan on charging in Powell? I might be doing the reverse trip later this summer.

Tinpandave | 2016年6月27日

found a Tesla HPWC in Tombstone Az at the tombstone grand lodge also and they said no cost. ( what will those cowboys think of next)

Nexxus | 2016年6月27日


I don't know, but I've heard they got it corralled down there in Tombstone, AZ. OK?

Red Sage ca us | 2016年6月28日


WHitchings | 2016年6月28日

That SC opened the day I departed Yellowstone! I didn't get to see it but all the destination chargers in town made it unnecessary for me. Good news.

TaoJones | 2016年6月28日

Was there a couple of weeks ago. That SC is brilliantly located. From West Yellowstone, I must have driven 500 miles through the park every which way over a few days. Do allow time to drive the north and south loops both clockwise and counterclockwise respectively, and if possible at dawn as well as later in the day. Maybe 120-130 miles per loop including if you stay just outside of town. Try the Bar N restaurant - you won't be sorry. And if you're into glamping, evidently the tent abodes have clawfoot tubs. But I digress.

tes-s | 2016年6月28日

Do you know a place to charge in Powell? I don't think the grid reaches there. :) That is just a stop, though if there were a hotel with 120v I would stay/charge there. Current plan is charge West Yellowstone and then Sheridan, but we will be spending time in Yellowstone (and stopping in Powell - so I don't think we will make it without a charge in Red Lodge.

Red Lodge is out of the way, but looks interesting. In 3 hours can get 150 miles of charge there...

Bighorn | 2016年6月28日

Consider charging in Cody or Shell. A trip on the Beartooth Highway is totally worth it, btw.

NKYTA | 2016年6月28日

Excellent info all, thanks!

Now I just have to find the time off. Grumble.

tes-s | 2016年6月29日

@Bighorn - Cody would be perfect, and I would stay overnight there for a charge. Do you know of any chargers there? Plugshare shows none.

Beartooth | 2016年7月4日

tes-s You can do Yellowstone out the NE entrance, then to Red Lodge. There are superchargers in Billings, Sheridan and Gillette for your Black Hills trip via I-90

mrporter6 | 2016年7月4日

I am planning a trip to Yellowstone in Sept and this is all good news. I want to drive to Banff afterwards and am waiting for SC from Helena north. These are shown on 2016 chart but see no progress. Does anyone have information on SC out of Helena to Canada?


mrporter6 | 2016年7月4日

I am planning a trip to Yellowstone in Sept and this is all good news. I want to drive to Banff afterwards and am waiting for SC from Helena north. These are shown on 2016 chart but see no progress. Does anyone have information on SC out of Helena to Canada?


Bighorn | 2016年7月4日

Either of the main RV parks in Cody should have 14-50s. KOA is a little out of town. Ponderosa looks pretty close to downtown.

tes-s | 2016年7月4日

Thanks! I looked at plugshare, but not for campgrounds. Those both look promising - we can stay in a hotel and use the bike or scooter. Or, maybe pitch a tent...

1BadNerd | 2016年7月27日

jdonavan in another thread said that the Old Faithful Lodge staff installed a 14-50 outlet for him. I was at the Old Faithful Inn this week and when I asked about it they were happy to tell me that the installed two "Tesla Chargers." I was surprised, but it turns out they are just regular electrical outlets not Tesla wall connectors. However, they have painted the covers to the outlets "Tesla A" and "Tesla B". They have two orange cones in front, so I think it's the same ones jdonavan reported on. I only opened the Tesla A cover and found it was a NEMA 10-30, not a 14-50. I had a 10-30 adapter and left it plugged in over night. Unfortunately, I never looked under the Tesla B cover, so maybe that one is a 14-50.

Both outlets are mounted on the outside of one of the Dormitories ("Obsidian"). Here's a map I was given showing how to drive to it from the Inn parking lot. I wouldn't suggest just plugging in without asking the front desk/location manager. I'm putting this here in case you want to drive by to see if they are in use or blocked by dorm occupant cars. That's what happened when I asked about it, but the location manager got the car owner to move his car.