Pearl White or Red? Any suggestions?

Pearl White or Red? Any suggestions?

Hello Everyone,

I ordered my Tesla Model X yesterday, but have one week to finalize the configuration. I am debating between two colors (Pearl White vs Red). Which one do you all suggest? For now I have selected Pearl White but not sure if it looks very common versus Red color.

All suggestions are welcome :)


lilbean | 2016年7月6日

I see white ones butno many red. Red seems easy to keep clean. It's a gorgeous red.

chirag.for.portal | 2016年7月6日

That's where I am confused. If it were model s, I would have blindly selected Red color but since Model X is SUV, I am not able to visualize how will it look in Red color?

lilbean | 2016年7月6日

I love the S in red. Click this link and scroll down to find the link to a dear forum member who posted his red X.

carlk | 2016年7月6日

White is more common, which also means it's more popular. Either one would be a good choice.

JAnnen | 2016年7月7日

carlk is right: white is more popular, and either one would be a good choice. Most of my other vehicles were white, but this time I chose a red MX.

Triggerplz | 2016年7月7日

I'm like the guy in that old Kurt Russell movie called Used Cars who didn't like red cars, so I would say get the white one but to each his/her own..

lilbean | 2016年7月7日

I asked this same question to a Tesla employee and her answer was "Get the white. You'll get tired of the red after a month."

Dcp9142 | 2016年7月7日

I have the red one. Tesla chooses one color of a model to use as the hero car on their webpage and publicity. Model S was red, Model X is white, and Model 3 is blue. So I at least, think of those as prototypes. The storm trooper white X with black accents is very pretty. It probably will be worth $250 more on resale than an identical red one. But the red is eye-catching, screams "Tesla", and is a whole lot easier to find in a parking lot.

lilbean | 2016年7月7日

I have the white one. I thought this would be less of an attention getter with law enforcement. I also found this interesting article.

aesculus | 2016年7月7日

I was in exactly this spot during my waiting period. In the end I decided that the red was much more dramatic and looked better in real life. Go for the pearl red.

lilbean | 2016年7月7日

I remember I second guessed myself up until the day I took delivery. When I saw a black one, I thought I should have gotten the black. Then I saw a gray one and thought I should have gotten the gray. I just wanted mine already. Once I got behind the wheel, I didn't care what color it was. It's an absolute dream to drive. You will be happy with any color you choose and you will love it because it's yours. :-)

Dcp9142 | 2016年7月7日
Says the red cars get more police attention is a myth.

lilbean | 2016年7月7日

Yeah, I'm thinking it's not the color of the car that attracts police these days. :-(

carlk | 2016年7月7日


We had a similar experience. Our choices were black and blue. We went to a Tesla store to look at color samples. The young guy at store asked my wife are you a strong woman? Choose the black if you are. We were leaning toward black anyway so we picked black.

Of curse if money is no object we'd buy all of them. Color does make each car very different.

lilbean | 2016年7月7日

@carlk- I would get one in every color if I could. There is always vinyl wrapping if one changes their mind. The possibilities are endless.

chirag.for.portal | 2016年7月11日

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. It really helped. I saw both color Model X parked side by side at the showroom and both were looking equally gorgeous. I am going with Peal white. Noticed few key things when both color Model X were parked side-by-side. White has a good contrasting with the tinted panaromic roof while Red being dark was not giving that contrast. Another key point was being in Florida, car will be under the sun most of the times which will heat up and fade the dark colors at a faster pace than white. Fading can be avoided by waxing but heating will definitely be an issue.

lilbean | 2016年7月11日

You're welcome and congrats.

teslagiddy | 2016年7月11日

@lilbean (aka "the-most-helpful-and-prolific-poster-in-recent-memory"),
You get any time to enjoy driving your X?

lilbean | 2016年7月11日

Awe, @teslagiddy! You are too kind :-) I'm very far away from my car on a tropical island studying for an exam. When I get tired of studying, I check the forum which is every few minutes, lol. | 2016年7月12日

Depends a bit on where you live. Pearl white car looks good and stays cooler when parked in the Florida sun. Red is flashier but a little less practical.

vperl | 2016年7月12日


I have neon signs on order that will flash , " look at me" .

Red the best, for obvious reasons.

dboelke2 | 2016年7月12日

I have Pearl White with Ultra White Leather interior. Love it!! Wouldn't have any other color!

generic | 2016年7月12日

I got the multicast red with tan seats and love it. The car is a stunner IMO. Too many white cars out there. Unless you want to blend in and not draw as much attention.

generic | 2016年7月12日

*multicoat I meant :D

eharden007 | 2016年7月15日

Getting look at me Red!