So, you just downloaded the latest update and you want to know if anything has changed.

Here's the scoop!

OTA updates take about 2 weeks to reach the entire fleet. We don't know how it's done.
Every new version is closely followed by sub-versions. which tweak the update. These are bug fixes. They don't come with updated release notes. Press the "T" on the 17" screen for your version number.
A download notification will appear on your screen, and perhaps on your mobile device, when an update is available. You can initiate installation immediately or program the install to start at a later time. If you close the screen and did not set a time for install you can always touch the alarm clock icon at the top of the MCU to access the options.
An install can take from 45 minutes to as long as 2.5 hours depending on the scope of the update. While the car is installing the update it will appear dead at times, sometimes it will appear possessed. Regardless, you won't be able to operate anything in the car until the install is finished. So, plan accordingly.
To see all of the minor change versions and their effect go here:

MrLunch | 2016年7月7日

When TMC changed forum software, that link changed...

J.T. | 2016年7月7日

Thanks MrLunch. I'll make the edit.

Haggy | 2016年7月7日

A few more things to add:

When a new release (sub versions in particular) is deployed, there's no guarantee that it will make it to all cars within two weeks or ever. There are some releases that go to few people and some that go to many. There are some that never make it into that thread. For example, I'm on 2.22.35. EV firmware tracker showed nine people getting it over a three day period and only five still using it. It also shows eight newer releases in the month since that one came out.

As for the "what does it do?" part, that's even harder to say. Many have nothing extra in the release notes. Many have changes that won't affect many cars or drivers. One of the releases I got could have had a release note that said "Enables summon to work with the slope of Haggy's driveway" but it didn't. It probably did other things, and a release note like that might have helped me but would have been irrelevant to most owners. Likewise I expect that most individual changes wouldn't warrant a comment, especially if they don't add any new features. A general comment such as "improvements in autopilot" might be welcome by some users, but they will either see a difference or they won't. And if they do, they wouldn't have needed the release notes to tell them that. If a fix affects only those who use certain settings, such as a following distance of 1, I might never see a difference.

I think my particular release improved TACC by a good margin, but I never saw threads about it.

Jeff and Randy | 2016年7月7日

Also, as I pointed out in that wiki's conversation thread, the wiki hasn't been kept updated. The last listed update is March 18. There have been a LOT of updates since then, and although we don't know what they do, they are not even listed in the wiki.

Dale9271 | 2016年7月7日

This post shows again why JT is a great moderator hopefully keeps the everyday new posts about new firmware from cluttering up the home page

vp09 | 2016年7月7日

Thanks J.T.

Does each update reset certain settings? After the last update, I found that Range Mode was on, not off, I think, and another setting, the energy savings one, was on and not off.

J.T. | 2016年7月7日

@vp09 Software Udates can play havoc with many settings and systems. After an update finishes installing I always do a scroll wheel reboot to clear out any cobwebs.

JayInJapan | 2016年7月7日

Thanks, J.T.