Next software update - what do you want?

Next software update - what do you want?

Besides photon torpedos and tractor beams to remove peeps driving slow in the passing or left lane, I would like:

1. Manual adjust headrests (will send flowers to software engineering at Tesla HQ if they get this done - promise)
2. A way to favourite a specific song to add to a personal custom playlist (using the Slacker interface)
3. Simple software interface to adjust how high I want the FWD and rear hatch to open in my garage (or any other geotagged place) Or if I manually move them into position, a button that will remember that for that location. Maybe a double tap of the close button on each of those doors sets that as the default open height there?

Maybe there is a way to do some of this already. Only had mine for 3 weeks and still finding new things.



lilbean | 2016年7月9日

You can press the little heart on slacker radio and it saves it as a favorite. It may not always play it back when you select it but eventually does.

USCRXDR | 2016年7月9日

how about better blind spot warnings, and 300+ range with 15 minute charging

Triggerplz | 2016年7月9日

I would like everything that uscrxdr wrote and I would like to be able to put my windows up and down with the fob or phone, And I would also like a software update that will make a spare tire appear :)

Gayatrikr | 2016年7月10日

;-) agree
I want the energy graph revamped need to see elevations wind climate all on it while driving and offline basically all parameters affecting consumption
I want to set cruise to specific rnergy consumption used to crave rpm controlled cruise in ice

Brian Vicars | 2016年7月10日

I suggest an adaptive cruise control setting higher that 7. I plan on pulling a trailer in the future & setting 7 is too close to follow another vehicle at 60 mph.

Gayatrikr | 2016年7月10日

I am not seeing much of a diff from 1 - 7
I wish autosteering wud continue regardless of auto cruise
Wish they implement full emergency braking to a complete stop regardless of ap
If speed limit changes auto cruise shud change as well or atleast allow a setting for that

elguapo | 2016年7月10日

@Gayatrikr - Full emergency braking at highway speeds is always on, regardless of AP, unless you turn the emergency brake/collision avoidance off.

I don't know how auto steer could work without car controlling speed - sounds extra dangerous to me.

Lots of changes between 1-7, so I won't list here. I'd like a trunk that opened depending on proximity. As an example, I went grocery shopping this morning and my arms were full. My driver door opened to greet me - but I still had to drop everything to open trunk. If I could have turned trunk auto open on before I went into store, would have been great.

rdainer | 2016年7月10日

Still want to be able to open my passenger door from the key fob!

Gayatrikr | 2016年7月10日

Elguapo r u sure ? About full emergency braking to a complete stop ? Manual only says it will reduce by 25mph

jon | 2016年7月10日

Yeah I heard/read same thing that emergency braking rapidly decreases speed by about 20 mph, never to full stop. Read forums of those who thought it would engage, but the driver had to engage brakes coming up to traffic stopped ahead cuz car wouldn't have fully stopped in time

elguapo | 2016年7月11日

I haven't read the manual in a while,so that must rule and, as usual, is totally different from what TM service told me. If true, it's dumb. A $15,000 Ford Focus has better collision avoidance...

elguapo | 2016年7月11日

As for SW. Give App the ability to own doors just like on touch screen. It would make Summon so much more useful. Should be easy to do.

evlnte | 2016年7月11日

Add speed limit for valet mode.
Add speed curve setting for acceleration using cruise and autosteer.
Add door/trunk control to iPhone app.
Add a weekly or monthly, nighttime reboot cycle. Every machine
Google navigation is unreliable for basic city navigation. GPS unable to distinguish highways in close proximity and goes absolutely nuts. Routes are consistently overly complex.
Add more apps to Apps section for home integration, security access to car cameras, etc.

generic | 2016年7月11日

-I agree with the emergency braking. As I have posted elsewhere, my old SQ5 did a much better job of emergency braking if a car stopped suddenly in front of me.

- Would be nice if I was regen braking behind a car at a red light and the car stopped automatically a safe distance back - even if autopilot not on.

-And the nav software is poor compared to Audi or BMW as well. For a car that cost 3x as much.

The cool thing is most of this stuff is just software and can be fixed.

wbdjbd | 2016年7月11日

Full emergency stopping to avoid hitting objects in front and in back.

Cruise control that responds to the speed limit.

Noise cancelling software

lmilgrom1 | 2016年7月11日

I would like to be able to punch in the driver on the iphone. That way I could have the seat back aftedr my wife drives instead of having to use the switch on the seat.

jon | 2016年7月11日

punching the driver on an iphone is not a way to handle your aggressions. I suggest anger management or put your MX in AP mode to decrease your stress!

Triggerplz | 2016年7月11日

Since I already said the updates I would like, I'll just say one of the new updates will allow you to just push the button to navigate, make a call etc with having to hold the button

kevin | 2016年7月11日

- Let me select locations where the doors will *not* be automatically locked when I walk away--like at home.
- A way to turn off the headlights (except for marker lights) without having to touch the screen. I live on a narrow country road. When I meet someone I'll turn off the beams so the other car can maneuver by more easily. Too many clicks on the screen if it's not already on the config page, which I don't keep shown.
- Make the left steering wheel roller configurable. For example, temp on left, fan speed on right. (I rarely listen to the radio.)

kevin | 2016年7月11日

Oh, and make voice control more useful. :)

generic | 2016年7月13日

I think Tesla could make two types of key fobs, including the current one that I am getting used to as well as one that controls the front doors as well and has a hole to attach to a key ring. Opening my iPhone and then the app to do more stuff is time consuming. How about a key fob with programmable buttons so I can configure as I see fit?

Leib | 2016年7月24日

Really need nav app to allow point a, b AND C. To plan charging to a destination AND back. System assumes a charger is waiting and ready at destination, which is not (yet) always the case :(

rossRallen | 2016年7月24日

On the vehicle display on the instrument panel: in addition to tire pressure, state of 12V battery (car is dead without it) and some information about the main battery: temperature, cooling/heating, etc.

aesculus | 2016年7月26日

To plan charging to a destination AND back. System assumes a charger is waiting and ready at destination, which is not (yet) always the case

It actually does this and the manual does not state it. Its too hard to explain here in detail but the net is to use the trip planner and then select the last instruction. It will tell you how much power you need to get back home or to the last charger and if you have enough power to make it. You can then charge the car until it tells you it can make it back to where you are. It might only work at a charging place. I have not tried it extensively and it seems its a bit fickle when it shows it.

eding00 | 2016年7月26日

The open door illustration is confusing with the FWD on top and driver/passenger doors at bottom. Rather than the back of the car, it would be much easier to understand with a picture from the top to show the actual doors and the associated pushing bottoms..

eding00 | 2016年7月26日

Allow driver to be in the car for summon function.

Triggerplz | 2016年7月28日

I would like to be able to open and close the windows with the fob or phone app according to last years manual you were suppose to be able to open and close the windows from the fob but you can't

elguapo | 2016年7月28日

@Trigger Good suggestion, but there are only so many fob buttons and push combos. I'd be happy if they gave us window and door control via the app.

I love letting my S sunroof open for a bit before I get in on a hot day.

Polybius | 2016年7月28日

1. I want a Voice that says " auto Pilot Engaged" just because.
2. I want to report bugs/feedback to TM without wifi or 4g connectivity (the current system just needs a few tweeks, rename bug report to Feedback)
3. I want to control everything on the car with my voice
4. I want it to be this:

The car is great, the voice control needs work. I know a lot about controlling machines with my voice.

Triggerplz | 2016年7月28日

@elguapo they could put it on the phone app which I would prefer , and originally they had a place on the fob for it, the manual shows it please see "Note".