Wife Rear-Ended

Wife Rear-Ended

Wife was rear-ended at a stoplight. bent rear bumper and damaged the Hatch. How is the Tesla Body repair shops?

MoCowbell | 2016年7月15日

Both our wives got rear ended last night!

barrykmd | 2016年7月15日

I knew there'd be a joke posted as a reply with a title like that :-)

buchholtz3 | 2016年7月15日

I'd expect nothing less

jordanrichard | 2016年7月15日

i can only assume your wife came away unscathed. What hit her and how much damage was there to the other vehicle?

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 2016年7月15日

Also tell us where you are. Some here will have some suggestions! Might even add it to the title.

SCCRENDO | 2016年7月15日

Call Tesla and they will advise you. I got T-boned 2 years ago and went to the Tesla recommended body shop. If you tell us where you are perhaps someone can help

NKYTA | 2016年7月15日

Chilton Auto-Body on the Peninsula did well by us.

Haggy | 2016年7月16日

Tesla's body shops are great. Tesla is sometimes bad at getting them parts. Tesla is sometimes terrible at getting them parts. I have not seen a thread in a long time about Tesla being slow to get parts but it would be great to hear back one way or another.

sp_tesla | 2016年7月17日

"Haggy | July 16, 2016
Tesla's body shops are great."

Price too?

TaoJones | 2016年7月17日

That can be a bit of a pain in the butt. Glad the damage was not worse.

One thing to ask each body shop manager after getting a short list from Tesla is which insurance companies they find easiest with whom to work. This is more of a question to ask early on (proactive checks with local SvC(s) for a short list of body shops) when shopping for insurance companies, but there can still be some value in the answers you get.

Haggy | 2016年7月18日

Tesla repair tends to cost as much as other high end cars, which isn't cheap. Prices could be several times more than you might expect if you previously drove a steel body car. The trick is to carry insurance and hope the damage was caused by the other driver.

sp_tesla | 2016年7月18日

" Haggy | July 18, 2016
Prices could be several times more than you might expect if you previously drove a steel body car. "

How many? 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X

renwo S alset | 2016年7月18日

That's why safety experts recommend you always wear protection.

tenkisan | 2016年7月19日

We were hit from behind with a glancing blow from an F-150 making an illegal u-turn. The impact scraped the bumber, dented the hatchback, cracked the RT tail light and slightly dinged the RT rear quarter panel with a nickel sized nick. Tesla repair facility replaced all damaged parts with new items and it cost $19,800 when it was all said and done. Even if someone was to dig looking for previous accident damage, they wouldn't find anything. The repair job put my MS back to factory specs!