2200 miles in 45 hours

2200 miles in 45 hours

I recently took my semi annual trip from Ohio to Montana in my MS70D. In past years my wife an I have driven straight thru in our Lexus SUV in 34 hours. Now with my 2015 MS we took the plunge.I had anticipated 41 hours of travel time with 30 hours of driving and 11 hours of charging with two of these stops taking an hour each for a nice dinner and breakfast the following morning.I anticipated 30 minutes each charge arriving at each charger with less than 50 RM remaining.

I thought we would arrive in NW Montana 8pm Sunday night. We arrived at midnight or 4 hours past my estimate.

We left NE Ohio at 5am on a Saturday. We averaged 48.8 miles per hour including charging stops. Charging took 10 minutes each stop longer than anticipated when you include one stop when the charger kicked off(billings) plus Sunday from Sheridan Wy to Bozeman was 100 degrees and the battery cooling was running constantly while charging that day until we got to Butte.

Also got caught in Chicago traffic for an hour. Going back I will bypass Chicago since the Iowa chargers should be functional in October!

We averaged about 5% above the speed limit even when it was 80 in MT and WY and our Wh/mi was 319. Quick estimate from evtriplanner shows that a 90D would take 3 hours less of charging for this trip if you stop at the same SC's. I think when it comes time for my model 3 delivery i will change it to a MS 90 unless by then they have a 100Kwh.

It was great fun driving and the autopilot really helped immensely even though a few times it got faked out without any obstacles. Just took about 6 hours too long.

Mathew98 | 2016年8月7日

If the drive was enjoyable, then it was longer, not too long.

The return trip should be much better with this experience under your belt. Enjoy the scenery too.