Trying to Learn as Much about the Car as I can. Where to Start?

Trying to Learn as Much about the Car as I can. Where to Start?

Hi, I'm new here and just trying to find experiences with the car good or bad. Trying to make a decision to buy or not!

Wondering how the current owners are liking their car. Any disappointments? I saw a couple of post regarding bad range or not the expected 250 range.

Looks like the falcon wing door issue has been solved. Not necessarily in a good way.

Any experiences you can share about your Model X would be appreciated.


lilbean | 2016年9月2日

There is a range penalty with the 22" wheels. It's the most awesome car ever!!! Still grinning after 6 months.

David N | 2016年9月2日

Have you had a test drive?
Plenty of YouTube videos.
Start w "National Geographic megafactory tesla"
Also check out YouTube video, search Elon Musk, JB Straubel.

pchien888 | 2016年9月2日

Overall, the quality is good. We got ours in June and we really don't have any major issues. The car drives like a dream. Went up to NoCal and back in 100+ degree heat and the A/C worked great. Biohazard defense came in handy near those dairy farms. FWD sometimes see ghost obstacle but there is a fix for that (waiting for parts). We can still open and close them. There is also a cosmetic issue with rear bumper and that will get fixed at the same time with the FWD. The "biggest" inconvenience is they did not fill the windshield washer reservoir. I guess we got an average car, not flawless, nor full of issues.

hami05 | 2016年9月2日

I've had my car for 3 full days now and it's really a life changer. I've only got the 75D, but am having ample fun with that acceleration. Every morning I get to wake up to a 90% full battery. Every time I park the car somewhere and happen to open the falcon doors, I notice about 10-15 people staring at it immediately and it almost makes me feel a bit embarrassed to be honest lol. 7 seats, a 17" giga-touch screen, 5 motorized doors, it's really a beautiful thing. Oh and I summon it out of my garage a couple times a day. I do it a couple times because I'm having so much fun driving it that I take it for a spin multiple times even though I've got 2 other cars to use. If you are able to, I highly recommend test driving one. You'll be hooked, trust me.

vperl | 2016年9月2日

If your serious, read about the charging options on the Tesla site, look at all the factual information Tesla has provided. But, most will just ask questions that the site has covered.

Some folks refuse to use the Tesla site as the resource of factual information and rely on second hand information.

Real information is available, if your looking for reviews, not the nuts and bolts you need to know, just ask a couple dozen questions on the forum and get whatever you get.

Your the one looking, get real information, not what ever the form feeds you.

hami05 | 2016年9月2日

By the way, I've been getting great mileage. On a full charge, my car is rated at 237 miles, but I'm confident that I'd get about 250-270. I think the biggest reason for the range issues is the 22" performance wheels. Get the 20" wheels if you want range and want to save $5500. Problem solved. My falcon wing doors have been flawless, no ghost detection at all, and they have stopped once when the door was about a foot from our basketball hoop. Maybe those sensors a bit over sensitive, but hey that's a good thing. I especially love when I'm parking and the car warns me that the front of the car is 20 inches, 13 inches, 5 inches, from hovering over the concrete lip at the back of our garage or even saying that we're 7 inches or something from hitting our other car that is parked next to it.

eric.zucker | 2016年9月3日

Get a test drive. Nothing can replace the experience of seeing, touching, driving it. Watch Bjorn Nyland's videos, they are very fair and instructive.
The Tesla videos, user manuals, emergency response guides are all online.

The forums here and at TMC, TeslaTap, are useful too.

Range is dependent on so many factors. Driving style and speed, elevation changes, weather conditions, tire pressure and rim size . You can get the advertised range values.

Begin with a test drive- you'll know right away if it's worth investigating further.

NomoDinos | 2016年9月4日

Ayen - nothing insightful to add to the responses above. The test drive is the key. Everything is as advertised, and if you like what you see/experience, then go for it :)

I've had my S for two years (which I had previously considered the best all-around car ever made), and we just picked up my wife's X about a week ago. As I mentioned on other threads, I'm now coping with deep-seated feelings of automotive jealousy! The car is a mechanical and technological marvel. I thought the falcon wing doors were just a cool-looking gimmick, but with two kids in car seats, it's the most practical door I've ever seen. Trying to wedge in a Max-Cosi and orbit car seat through a partial opened door while sandwiched 18 inches from another car is no fun.

Range is highly dependent on driving style, and my wife got the rated range (250 miles) right off the bat.

Everything else has been great as well, but coming from an S, the instantaneous torque, fewer breakable motor parts, lack of gas stations, and daily driving joy are all the same.

Good luck with your decision!

carlk | 2016年9月5日

To start just test drive one. You'll understand what people are talking about. The rest things are just details, not saying details in this car are not great of course.

Howrayg | 2016年9月5日

Believe it or not, the Owner's Manual is a great source of information. It is available on the car's display and I also downloaded it to my desktop for easy reference. I have had my 75D for 6 weeks now and love it more each day.

MyXinTx | 2016年9月7日

Agree with the prior recs to pour through the popular Tesla forums and YouTube videos.

And don't just test drive once, do it several times, each time focus on another aspect or two. I drove an S about 8 times before committing my order, then when the X became available I drove one 5 times. each time the novelty falls off and you can really get a sense of the vehicle. The Gallery reps are very accommodating, but are "hit and miss" on their knowledge base and all are trained to be limited as to what they can say. Sometimes you will find one real open and insightful, the best one for me actually was also an owner...very rare.

Current owners are the best source of truth, search online social media for owners groups, connect with a local one.

Personally, I had to accept and look past many elements I consider disadvantages and flawed concepts to follow through on my purchase, including but not limited to:

No fold 2nd row seats...Glossy plastic seat-backs w/o storage...Excessive road and wind noise compared to other ICE SUVs... FWDs (silly and fraught with problems current and future)... Extensive overhead glass heat transmission...expansive windshield that needs better sunglasses... Lack of advanced phone integration, especially safer Text-messaging interaction.

Some of this for me required costly after-market add-ons otherwise not typically purchased, such as full thermal block window tint, quieter and smoother ride tires, under carpet sound-proofing insulation... but mostly just acceptance of these issues to own and drive a Tesla...nothing is perfect.

HOWEVER, in the end I love driving my 90D, and at this point in my life at 54, I see myself only driving a Tesla or some other future upper-end EV SUV (although nobody can duplicate the Tesla Supercharger Network for long distance travel).

It is a technological marvel, the "wow' and cool features satisfy the techno-geek "IronMan wanna-be" in all of us, and there is an Xmas Morning twinkle in the eye of every Tesla owner upon receiving another OTA update that improves the vehicle's functionality, unlike any other vehicle out there which requires a new purchase to add the latest features.

And if you believe in the Anthropogenic Global Warming concept, you may sleep better at night...although how clean is the production of electricity??? Probably cleaner than fossil fuel conversion to power by ICE.... plus the conservation of energy by an EV is a fact.

It's a journey to learn what is needed and to ultimately decide to plunk down more cash for a vehicle than you ever thought you would (So l I'll eat beans and tortillas in my later years), but at this point the money is gone, so whatever...

No doubt Elon and his development team play right out of the Apple playbook with respect to product control and providing limited information prior to the big reveals, but it is what it is.

Good luck in the almost every other Tesla owner I love my Tesla more and differently than any other vehicle ever owned, and am overall very happy I have one.

Midnight Silver 90D (XPEL Stealth...awesome) / Black / Black / 6-Seat / Premium Pkg / Figured Ash / Tow / 72 amp Charger / Sub-Zero

Feel free to email me at opinions are free and mostly well-researched.

lilbean | 2016年9月7日

Regarding texting and driving above: It is illegal to text while driving in California. Tesla should not make it safer to text and drive. No texting while driving. Period.

Spprcv | 2016年9月7日

MyXinTx +1, spot on.

Triggerplz | 2016年9月7日

Would I give up my 22 inch wheels on my P90DL for some extra miles? O HELL NAW , I at first ordered the 20 wheels saw them on a MX didn't like the look and paid an additional $2000 and the $500 fee to make the change

MyXinTx | 2016年9月7日

@lilbean WOW, aren't you the stern one?

Well you are entitled to your opinion, as uninformed and close-minded as it may be...(I am also entitled to my opinion).
Yes it is illegal to physically text on your phone while driving in some states, and a proven liability to do so everywhere when done without regard to safety...but obviously not illegal to surf the web on the Tesla browser, or change the slacker radio station, or interact with the navigation system or use the rear-view camera.

In fact, If the SMS phone/car integration is done properly like in other vehicles (Porsche, Ford, Audi, etc) an incoming text can be read aloud and responded to verbally, even safer than talking on the phone hands-free.

As a physician, I am often getting urgent and emergent test messages that need to be responded to immediately, often while traveling from hospital to hospital. I am sure if your life was on the line, you would want your provider to be able to respond safely and promptly, and pulling off the road is not always a good idea or possible.

Also, I am sorry you live in the"Nanny" state of California, as I did before I found freedom a few states away. Besides Tesla sells vehicles way beyond the borders of California, so perhaps you shouldn't think so California-centric...fortunately Tesla does not.

Besides, it only a matter of time until Tesla allows the incorporation of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in the system...what are you going to do then???..You better not use it...PERIOD!!!

It's up to you, but may want to think about possibilities and the benefits of tech enhancements before you place your next "PERIOD".

Isn't the flow of ideas on this forum wonderful???

MyXinTx | 2016年9月7日

@Triggerplz Long time follower, you make a good point.

My preference is ride and comfort over wheel/tire appearances every day...but i respect it if you do not.

In fact, I have already had Discount Tires test-fit a 19in wheel compatible with the Model S fit in case I desire that extra inch of rubber to make the ride oh so quieter. They plan to enter that result in their database in case someone wants to do so, but they must clear with Tesla first.

However, instead I will just toss those noisy and rough 20" Continentals and replace with some nice Michelins to make my ride sooo much better.

Besides, from the outside view with my matte finish Midnight Silver and muted chrome, nobody is looking at my wheels and tires.

To each his own....

lilbean | 2016年9月7日

Ok. Thank you for your opinion. Tell that to the girl that lost both her parents because someone texted while driving. As a physician you should know, rule #1 is do no harm. I guess I can't have an opinion, only you can. Lol. Don't even lecture me sir. I've stood in puddles of blood in trauma centers. I've seen children orphaned because of dumb ass drunk drivers. Thank you very much. I know you don't need to text. You can respond to your urgent messages with a phone call.

AyenTeslaMX | 2016年9月8日

Wow! Thank you all for the responses! I've scheduled a test drive. Will report back... I have high expectations from reading this board.

Vawlkus | 2016年9月8日

@MrXinTx Tesla would be held liable for any accidents in states where texting while driving is illegal.

You can't expect Tesla to willingly open up that can or worms, can you? *shrug*

MyXinTx | 2016年9月8日

I feel bad to have hijacked this soon-to-be Tesla owner's thread, but...

The Ca law from 2008 is clearly outdated with respect to safer technology available today and need to be updated.

What is illegal is physically texting on your phone, but there is no law about hands-free auditory phone interaction if over 18 years fact that is allowed everywhere.

Studies have show that significant distraction from just talking on the phone, even hands-free.

@lilbean Yikes...lighten up. Did I not say "You are entitled to your opinion"? Not sure what trauma center has "puddles of blood", nor why you would stand in it...and yes, I have taken care of those victims, as well as the drunk drivers, and fully agree with your emotional reaction....but drunk driving is another topic entirely. In my Tesla where the phone is designed to sit and charge, it is a distraction to just read a text, therefore I mount mine in direct line of sight...but if it the message were to pop up on the big screen or even better read aloud, with the option to voice command a call back or even a series of preset responses, that would be can you not agree with that?

@Vawlkus I respectfully disagree with your statement. As you may know, most car manufacturers lock out the nav system interface while the car is in motion, not because of legal liability but because of compliance with a request by some governmental or think-tank entity to do so. Yet Tesla does no such thing, because they DO NOT have that liability nor would they if they added a safety-minded hand-free even look-free SMS feature. In fact, a distraction-fee SMS interface is actually the best solution and being supported by the industry. Talk about potential liability "can of worms"... Auto Pilot available in beta-test worries by Tesla legal even in Ca.

As I mentioned, IMO it is just a matter of time until Tesla updates the system with an enhanced texting interface perhaps the best would be actual Apple Carplay or Android Auto, if the hardware was capable of doing so.

Do a little research...

Triggerplz | 2016年9月13日

Texting while driving O HELL NAW, it's even about to be against the law to text while walking.....
It May Soon Be Illegal To Text And Walk In This State
“There should be a law in place to dissuade and penalize risky behavior.”
Mar 21, 2016
Casey Williams Editorial Fellow, The Huffington Post

If you walk around New Jersey with your nose buried in your smartphone, you could end up in jail — if a new bill becomes law, that is.

A measure introduced last week in the New Jersey Legislature would outlaw texting while walking. If it passes, the penalty could be a $50 fine, 15 days in jail or both.

“If a person on the road — whether walking or driving — presents a risk to others on the road, there should be a law in place to dissuade and penalize risky behavior,” Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt, who sponsored the bill, told New York’s CBS2 news station last week.

lilbean | 2016年9月13日

Thank you, @triggerplz :-)

Remnant | 2016年9月14日

@ Triggerplz (September 13, 2016)

<< It May Soon Be Illegal To Text And Walk In This State ...Casey Williams Editorial Fellow, The Huffington Post ... Mar 21, 2016. >>

Talking or texting or watching your private screens while stepping into the personal, or professional, or safe space of another person is uncouth, stupid, and dangerous.

I've been exposed too much to this idiotic mini-aggression to tolerate it any longer.

I'm at the point where I feel like slapping the darn gadget out of the perp's hands, but what I'll likely do is just ask them to quit their cell phone actions or leave my company or space.

An alternate solution would be to provide a cell phone locker for those who try to gain entry into my space.

Triggerplz | 2016年9月14日

@Remnant + 1

Vawlkus | 2016年9月14日

@Remnant: my employer already has that in place. It is in no way successful -.-