Bubbles in main screen

Bubbles in main screen

2012 model s, 70k miles and no extended warranty. I recently noticed bubbles in my screen which at this time doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the screen. I've seen others have had this problem. Tesla does not want to cover this under "goodwill" and wants $1100.00 to replace
the screen.
Does anyone have any idea if this will eventually cause the screen to fail? I don't want to fix it at this time but am worried the screen will stop working. Emails from tesla say they "don't know how to predict the affects of the bubbles", which I don't believe as they have changed screens for others who are under warranty. Since this isn't a "wear and tear" item, and clearly some defect in screen design. The screen is only 4 years old. I think it should be covered but tesla won't cover the cost of the screen , per my local service manager.

NKYTA | 2016年9月6日

Which Service Center?

Blind aardvark | 2016年9月6日

Rocklin California

Made in CA | 2016年9月6日

Aren't you about 20,000 miles out of warranty? You are 40% beyond the end of the warranty and you expect Tesla to cover this? Really?

NKYTA | 2016年9月6日

From everything I've heard that is a good shop. Met the service mgr their on our X-country trip to Key West and back. The back part.

I've not seen any bubbles on my 2012 Classic yet. Plenty of fingerprints tho...

Blind aardvark | 2016年9月6日

Imo yes, screen has nothing to do with mileage the car is driven does it? I understand not covering items that move or wear due to use but a leaking screen? And if I buy a new one, will I need to replace this in another 3.5 years?

mike_f | 2016年9月6日

2012 model s, 70k miles and no extended warranty: what am I missing? OP took the risk of not buying the extended warranty and now that the bet went south he wants TM to pony up? LOL. Suggest that you deal with the bubbles.

JAD | 2016年9月6日

I am thrilled to hear that screen is only $1,100. I would have expected significantly more. I guess Porsche and BMW has over prepared me for out of warranty costs.

Blind aardvark | 2016年9月6日

Wow, first time posting and original post just wanted advice if anyone knew if the screen will eventually fail and was hopeful someone else could give some advice about it. But I guess trolls will troll....thanks for being so helpful...

DLebryk | 2016年9月6日

@rdong3129 Fortunately, I'm not having the bubble problem. I put on my, it is just a computer LCD screen, hat and tried to figure out if that was a common problem, or there was a fix.

If you do a Google search of "LCD Screen Bubbles", you'll see it is a fairly common problem with LCD screens - from computers to televisions.

From what I can tell, the screen won't fail. It is purely cosmetic. There seems to be two reasons for the bubbles - the plastic face of the screen touching the glass of the actual LCD. Or a release of adhesive around the edge that allows air to enter the gap between the glass and the plastic. Both are ugly, but the screen still works.

This is probably the best long description of the leaking edge:

The answer also seems to be, there is no DIY fix for the bubbles. Screen replacement is the only way to fix the problem. Some people tried local heating of the screen, but that requires the panel be outside the computer or television.

You'll have to decide when the bubbles become so annoying you want them fixed.

Blind aardvark | 2016年9月6日

Thanks for the info...

Blind aardvark | 2016年9月6日

@JAD yes , service manger , who has been pretty helpful overall, originally said the whole unit would have to be replaced for about $5k but he was able to find out that just the screen could be replaced and would be only $1100. I will probably replace it eventually but don't want to do it right now.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2016年9月7日

See if Tesla will install a screen from a wrecked Tesla and for how much. If so then search the net for one. Good luck.

njelectric | 2016年9月7日

I have had the bubbles for about four or five months. No functional issues yet. I am still under warranty for 5,500 miles so I plan to get it looked at before that runs out. So far for me it is just cosmetic.

hari | 2017年8月15日

Bubbles in main screen
2013 model s, 44k miles and no extended warranty. 3 months ago noticed bubbles in my screen(on both sides longitudinal) which at this time doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the screen. My car just came out of warranty in Feb. this year and these bubbles happened in april. I took in my car in june this year and i was refused to cover this under warranty. I was given an estimate of $1400.00 to replace screen and upgrade internet to g4 from g3. I feel like that Tesla should have covered this under warranty specially when technician mentioned that earlier Tesla did not had a good sealant applied and did not consider that car will stay in 100-105 degree temp., however new cars have much better sealant etc to withstand high heats. I feel like there should be a recall for this, but it was not.

since it happened just 2 months out of warranty period, i feel like Tesla should cover it as good will gesture. I own 2017 model X and i have 2 Model 3 on the order as well. If tesla can have a kinder viewpoint and if it is true what tesla technician told me, i think this defect should be covered by Tesla. Hari Agrawal

Polybius | 2019年8月21日


garlene007 | 2019年8月21日

My 2015 S85D developed the same problem yesterday, and is leaking this sticky, gel type liquid. This is clearly a design flaw especially since so many of us have the same issue. This should be elevated to management level.

dj-tesla | 2019年8月21日

mine showed up today on top of my MCU screen / 2015 S85