Tesla Staff seems to not know a lot

Tesla Staff seems to not know a lot

Got burned again. My Resale Value Guarantee was up on my Model S and was thinking about buying a Model X and wanted to wait some time to think about it. The staff tells me I can wait up to 90 days after the first day of my RSV guarrantee contract, so I should go ahead and take a few more days and not rush the car back on the first day. What they fail to tell me is they cannot take my car back without it being registered - DOH! That means I now have to register the car $641 down-the-drain just so I can take a few extra days to think about it. Of course, I knew my DMV registration was up, I just didn't know they were going to be requiring it to be fully paid before I turned the car in....had a I known...blah blah. The point is, I can't be the only Resale Value Guarrantee contract they have so they should have known and advised me of this downside of waiting "a few days" - - lame. Sorry, fans, it's just lame to pay the DMV one day and turn the car in the next day.

lilbean | 2016年9月7日

Wow. Why complain? What other car company lets you return the car. Sheesh!

dsvick | 2016年9月7日

I don't see how it is the job of the Tesla staff to inform you of the laws of your state.

On a related note - $641 to register your car!! holy crap, where do you live? I want to make sure I never move there.

Dramsey | 2016年9月7日

My registration in Nevada for my 2013 Mod S this year is $814. It's about the same in California.

Civilpe | 2016年9月7日

You could look into non-operational renewal and have the car towed when returned. That could save a few bucks, but may not be worth the headache.

houstonviper1 | 2016年9月7日

Honestly, that is still a bargain if you ask me. Just driving off the lot when you buy a new car you automatically lose 10k+

dsvick | 2016年9月7日

"My registration in Nevada for my 2013 Mod S this year is $814."

You have to pay that every year? What are you paying for? I pay about $60 a year when I register my car, here in Ohio. Maybe we have higher gas taxes or something ...

Bighorn | 2016年9月7日

There's a property tax on cars in WY, so all of you are paying less than I am annually.

GHammer | 2016年9月7日

Wow, you guys are getting stiffed. $43 a year no tax here.

UnshodBob | 2016年9月7日

In CA, we have a VLF or vehicle license fee component of the total cost, and it is a percentage of the value of the vehicle, I think. My total was about $800 on the Tesla. The counter person asked if it was a big truck. So, it was different enough to make her think it wasn't just a car. You have the option to pay or move somewhere else, I suppose. It goes down a little every year so there's that.

mtgagliano | 2016年9月8日

Check with your accountant, but if the registration cost is related to the value of the vehicle, it can be considered a personal property tax and may be deductible on your federal taxes.

Rwolf01 | 2016年9月8日

Cars need to be registered. Deal with it. If you return the car for the RVG, they will expect it to have 4 legal tires as well. Do you *really* expect them to spell out every detail like this for you?

Incidentally, I'd be stunned if you couldn't get more for the car on the open market than you can with the RVG. Check the asking prices for used Teslas on AutoTrader and compare that to what they are offering for a trade in.

As a Tesla Stockholder, I do NOT want Telsa to hire a team of crack engineers, with impeccable customer service/people skills and the ability to read the minds and anticipate the every need of high maintenance customers like you. That would be cost prohibitive.

A reality check is in order. You should expect the Tesla reps to be reasonably honest, free of communicable diseases and make a good faith effort to find factual answers to any reasonable and direct questions you pose, if they are not already busy helping another customer. Anything more is a pleasant bonus.

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