"Always connected" stopped working with 8.0

"Always connected" stopped working with 8.0


We've got a new facelift Model S, and the "Always connected" function seems to have stopped working with the update to 8.0. - Anybody else seeing that?

Still under 7.1 I could reliably open up the car from my smartphone app within seconds, but since we're on 8.0 I regularly see the "waking up car, this may take a few minutes" screen.

Any fix? (I've already turned "Always connected" on and off, but no change.)

Thanks for your help,

fgaliegue | 2016年10月17日

I don't have that problem here...

Have you selected to save energy as well? The help text does say that if you do, it may take a little more time for the car to connect. Also, I've had a few times on the app the message that the MyTesla service was not available.

Well, the phone app definitely has rooms for improvements in any event.

cquail | 2016年10月17日

Before 8.0 I could check on the car while charging. Since 8.0 I have not been able to connect to the car with our IPad. I have not tried changing any car settings yet.

cquail | 2016年10月17日

Correction. I was just notified that charging was complete and I was able to connect to the car. I am iin a different location today. Car is in the open.

p.c.mcavoy | 2016年10月17日

I've not noticed any difference with v8.0. I have always connected on, energy saving on. I just unlocked my car using it on my phone, relocked it using my iPad, and monitored charging multiple times on my phone within the past week while using superchargers (and received text message alerts about charging status).

steve.roach | 2016年10月17日

+1 what p.c.mcavoy said. No change what so ever here. Can still watch the car charge from the app.

Maybe main panel reboot?

EVRider | 2016年10月17日

Make sure you're using the latest version of the app. It was updated recently. If you can't connect to the car after updating the app or the firmware, log out from the app and log back in; that always works for me.

larryh | 2016年10月17日

I just had trouble connecting (it just sat there spinning.) After killing the app and restarting, it then worked.

djmichaelmayhem | 2016年10月17日

mine is working fine. I might call Tech to see if it's a noted bug.

My only issue so far, other than AP, is if my wife drives the car and i get in and set it to my settings, my homelink doesn't seem to work. it will open but not close the garage. I sent tech an email but no response as yet.

alexl73 | 2016年10月18日

Doing the scroll button and the top button reset seems to have resolved the issue. - Thanks for all your input! :-)

(As a side note: The current version of the Android app sometimes takes minutes on the Tesla splash screen before showing the UI; seems like a bug in the app. Whereas the iOS app works smoothly.)