Any Renters Out There?

Any Renters Out There?

I currently rent (my apartment) for multiple reasons, but the largest reason is because i'm a relatively young professional who doesn't want to commit to purchasing a home. I've preordered a Model 3, but my largest issue will be charging. I live about 25 minutes from a supercharger station, and do not want to rely on this as my main power source. Does anyone rent or live without a home charger? If so, what is your "work-around" to owning a Tesla.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月28日

Have you approached the apt management about installing a NEMA 14-50? Some have been successful at getting that or a charger installed. Anyone driving a BEV/PHEV would be able to use.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月28日

Or I should say, any tenant would be able to use.

dave.m.mcdonough | 2016年10月29日

Worst case you just run an extension cord, it's slower but if you aren't draining the whole battery every day it'll be fine.

macgyver45 | 2016年10月29日

My plan is to get a 300 mile range battery and just charge at a supercharger on the weekends. Closest one to me is about 15 miles which isn't that bad but by the time the Model 3 is released they should open some new ones closer to my house.

topher | 2016年10月29日

I don't think anyone should expect better that 15 miles for a Supercharger.

Thank you kindly.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月29日

If you have a SC 15 miles from your house it is extremely unlikely another will open closer. There is not a need to have SCs that close to each other - since their primary purpose is to enable long distance travel. | 2016年10月29日

If you are going to use supercharger as the main source of charging, why don't you consider a Model S? Since no one know exactly how Tesla will charge model 3 owners for the use of supercharger but with Model S it's life-time guarantee.

leskchan | 2016年10月30日

For those prospective Model 3 owners who will need regular public FAST (not slow L2) charging, you have 2 paid option.

1. Tesla SC
2. Public CHAdeMO Station. Need this adapter