Toronto delivery and Ontario credit

Toronto delivery and Ontario credit

I'm in Toronto and reserved a 3 on 3/31. What is a realistic delivery timeframe? Is the Ontario credit available on leased vehicles or only if I finance the model 3? Of course remains to be seen if it will still be available in 2018/2019.

firetree_99 | 2016年11月19日

Not sure about delivery time but regarding your other question. You will get incentive whether you lease or finance .You can check here to have an idea how much you will be getting
They don't have Model 3 of coz as we don't know price yet. I am pretty sure incentive will be over $10,000. Ontario government said they will scrap the hst and you will get 4 yrs of free charging as well. Just hope the Canadian dollar is a little higher by next year!

bernard.holbrook | 2016年11月19日

Here is the current Ontario BEV rebate for what the Model 3 would get if it was here now:
$10 000 Basic rebate for BEV with 16 kwh and up battery.
$3 000 Larger battery bonus for batteries above 16 kwh.
$1 000 for vehicles that carry 5 or more people.
Total = $14 000.
For details follow firetree's link above.

bernard.holbrook | 2016年11月19日

As for the Ontario EVIP rebate being available in 2018/19, the Conservatives (think Republicans) have said they were scrapping all green rebate if they won the 2018 provincial election. The election must happen on or before 2018 June 7th.
I am really hoping we can get our Model 3 before it's called as the Liberals (think Democrats) are not doing well in the polls these days.

firetree_99 | 2016年11月20日

@ Bernard Yes you are right. Doesn't look like Liberals will be hanging around come summer of 2018 but who knows, if Trump can be president, nothing will surprise me anymore. Even if conservatives win , most likely they will scrap the green rebate starting 2019. Having said that I will be disappointed if my car is not ready before June 2018.

sandraNmina | 2016年12月2日

Just want to clarify.
The rebate is $14K and on top of that you get the HST waived and 4 years of free charging?!

tedirelan | 2016年12月2日

I would give anything for my family to live in Ontario. (currently in Texas)

bernard.holbrook | 2016年12月3日

@sandraNmina - The current rebate maxes out at $14K, all in. The feds and some of the provinces are discussing waiving the GST/HST starting in 2018 or 2019 so that cost savings is not available now. As for the free charging, that Act is not written yet so not in law.

The MTO just had a call for comments on what the Ontario EV rebates should be in January 2018-

I asked Tesla in Montreal if Tesla had put in comments and they said no. Sad if Tesla missed the deadline.

Here is the discussion paper link (Clim Change Action Plan:$FILE/CCAP%20Discussion%20Paper%20EV%20Incentives%20and%20Awareness%2020161013%20Accessible%20v4.pdf

firetree_99 | 2016年12月3日

@sandraNmina Here is what the proposed CCAP looks like
Looks like the government is really pushing it. If they indeed follow thru on this, I think a lot of ppl will be tempted to try a EV!

JRKingston | 2016年12月4日

It's true you can't predict the future, but for the love of god @bernard.holbrook conservatives in Canada are not Republicans. They are Whigs, Tories and perhaps right wing Democrats but not Republicans. Facts matter, folks. At least north of the border.

bernard.holbrook | 2016年12月5日

@JRKingston - I was short handing it for the US readers, but I'm not far off when describing Harper. Let's see- He shut down the world's best science library, ordered a bunch of Environment Canada libraries closed, and ordered a nuke plant re-started without the internationally recognized number of back-up power sources in place...

Book on Harper (last Conservative PM). Great read, well researched, with footnotes and references to sources and court documents:

You are, of course, correct that on the whole Canada is more left-wing than the US but we are still brothers.