Unique Autopilot Use

Unique Autopilot Use

Please share a unique use case for full autonomy in the comments section. I think it would be nice to see what potential uses others have considered that we may not have though of individually. Read comments to avoid duplicates.

I would like to use it to save on downtown parking. Where I work monthly parking is expensive and the wait list is several years for a spot. I would be able to drive to work and have my car park at home to charge, then pick me up when I'm done work. No parking fees required and it will be warm in the winter when I get in.

Excited to learn what other applications people may have to offer.

topher | 2016年12月3日

Instead of INCREASING the amount my car drives, and the harm caused thereby, I hope to use autopilot to reduce car usage. Instead of dropping someone off, and driving home, I can have them drive, and if I need the car summon it home. So it only makes the round trip when necessary.

Thank you kindly.

bernard.holbrook | 2016年12月3日

@Justin - I think this will be a common thing to do. If you make something easier, more people will do it.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年12月3日

It will make things pretty awesome for situations where the kid asks to 'borrow the car'. You can send them on their way, but they won't be able to drive at all. They, and their Friends, will be conveyed to and from their stated destination -- and nowhere else. Now that is the perfect 'Teenager Mode'.

Badbot | 2016年12月3日

++++ Red | 2016年12月5日

Would be great to send the car to the airport to pickup someone without actually having to drive it myself. Not quite sure how to make the car recognize the people to pick up, but I'm sure we can have an app for that!

andy.connor.e | 2016年12月5日

If possible, it could enable a household to own only 1 car instead of 1 per adult.

cquail | 2016年12月5日

I want to send the Model 3 to Tesla for service appointments.

SamO | 2016年12月5日

Send my Model S to Mulberry Street Pizza (I'm out of their delivery radius)

alphacompton | 2016年12月6日

Model S being used to pick up pizza is the best idea!
but on a serious note, I'm seriously looking forward to driving to work in the city and then either having the car drive home and then pick me up in the evening or having the car drive around for a while until it gets a park ( doesn't have to be near my work place, it could be uptown or something) and then at night I summon it and then drive home.

It's possible that could be a lot to ask for so I'd even accept driving to the subway station and then sending the car home when i get on the train. ( I live in New York City so working in the city is an inevitability)

SamO | 2016年12月6日


Have your car drop you at work in the city. And then it can go on it's own and pick up and drop off fares through the Tesla network. Then when it's time for you to leave the city, your car comes to pick you up at your doorstep. Then takes you home.

Simple, efficient and money making.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年12月6日

SamO: Correct! As long as the car makes more from fares than you would have spent on parking or bridge/tunnel toll fees, you would be ahead each day!

SamO | 2016年12月6日

So . . .

NYC is $300-$800/monthly parking.
Tolls/Bridges $200-400/month.
Train/Subway $100-$200/month


Cash flow positive on the Tesla Network?