$1000 Off New Tesla Model S or X Order or Inventory Purchase - Jump Ahead of Non-Owners in Model 3 line!

$1000 Off New Tesla Model S or X Order or Inventory Purchase - Jump Ahead of Non-Owners in Model 3 line!

One third of Model S or X buyers are recruited from the Model 3 waiting list.  Don't delay the future and buy a Tesla now.  Especially since the 60KWh version is about the same price as a top end M3 in my estimation.  Plus, you get to jump ahead of the non-Tesla owners, which is crucial for US buyers as only those near the beginning of the line are sure to get the full Federal $7500 tax break.

Tesla is offering for a limited time a $1000 discount off your new Model S or Model X purchase prior to January 15, 2017 (localized programs for about the same amount are offered overseas).  All current owners have a link that they will readily provide you--just reach out to a friend or a contributor to the community for theirs.  Elon Musk has done these word-of-mouth referral programs before and one of the big reasons his first business success, PayPal, received broad adoption in the marketplace.  Plus, this gives Tesla a "salesforce" of influencers in every state (and around the globe) regardless of whether Tesla's direct salesmodel is outlawed by the crony-capitalist auto dealers lobbying groups.

I have created a site cataloging tips for the referral program at that explains this program and 10 more ways to save and engage with the Tesla community.  It has photos and tips for making sure you qualify for the most savings possible.  Should I have missed anything, let me know and I will update things.

Although you will see many posts pimping their referral link, one of Tesla community has setup a web site that will randomly provide a referral link: Should you not know anyone that helped you with your purchase, I encourage use of the randomizer site (even though I have no affiliation with it) to divide up the referral flow fairly amongst current owners. Should you just need a link, here are some: @CRose: or @KTMG:

Please register your referral link with the randomizer site.  I will bump this thread to keep it on the first page of this forum until the program ends.  Some owners were clamoring for listing individual referral links for forum members like I started doing before anyone else on this forum months ago, and it seems folks like that format so post your link below and I will add it to the OP at the top in the order they appear below. In full disclosure, the owners get rewards for referring purchasers with full details here: if anyone is curious about how the program works.  Good luck to all helping move more EVs for Tesla!

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hellmutriebold | 2016年12月28日

I live in Germany andI have reserved my Model 3 on Nov. 21, 2016 only. I understand that it is different for the time being to give exact delivery dates. However, I have heard that a lot of US people have reserved their Model 3 hoping to get a prime of 7500 Dollar from US government. If I am not misinformed, already 196 000 customers have secured this prime already for them and according to European media, a lot of potential customers in the US might cancel their reservations for Model 3 because they won't have the chance to get the 7500 Dollar prime because it is strictly limited to 200 000 cars. In Germany, we can get 2000 EUROS from Tesla and 2000 Euros from the German government as an incentive to accelerate electric mobility. This prime, however, is limited until June 2019 and will most probably not be extended. If really a lot of people in the US cancelled their reservations because they don't see a chance to get the 7500 Dollar prime, this could contribute to much shorter delivery times for European customers.
Do you think this scenario is realistic and can we hope to get Model 3 by 2018 in Europe for people who reserved at the end of 2016?

dsvick | 2016年12月28日

Keep in mind that Tesla has already said the first year of production has already been sold/reserved, so that puts you in the second half of 2018 right away.

The tax credit is based on US sales. I'm not sure where they got their numbers but the number of US Tesla sales is estimated to be less than half of what you quoted - maybe your source is quoting total worldwide sales?

Also, the US tax credit is not limited to 200,000, but begins to phase out after that number is reached. Current estimates, which are all pretty much guesswork, suggest that that will happen in late 2017 or early 2018. Whether or not there are a significant number or cancellations remains to be seen, however, there would need to be tens of thousands of them to make a real difference. Consider however that if Tesla can reach their production goal of 500,000 in 2018, there is a very good chance you'll get yours in late 2018 or early 2019.

Realure | 2016年12月28日

I think there will be a fair bit of cancellations, but I don't know if that will change much. You might find a Model S/X owner that would put in a reservation and list you as the back-up contact. You can take title jointly and remove the other.

Realure | 2016年12月31日

Last day to buy with free supercharging for the life of the car

Realure | 2017年1月2日

Just a couple weeks left.

Realure | 2017年1月4日

Only 12 days now till the end of the referral program.

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Final countdown: 11 days.

Realure | 2017年1月6日

10 days

Realure | 2017年1月7日

Only 9 days now

Realure | 2017年1月10日

Last week for a discount!

Realure | 2017年1月11日

Just 5 days remain. Finalize your order no later than Sunday

Realure | 2017年1月15日

Final day to order and confirm while still getting the $1000 discount.