What's new in 2.50.180

What's new in 2.50.180

I got the model S with AP2. Yesterday, I got the 2.50.180 update. release notes talks about the enhancements but I also see there was one more enhancement on the instrument panel which I didn't see before. It now shows the speed limit of the road that i am going in. Also, I see these white circles beneath the car icon while traveling.
Does it mean the new set of sensors (12 in my case as I got the enhanced autopilot) is working and it is looking for obstacles ? I also see the white circles change to slight yellow sometimes. What does that mean ?

WATTGAS | 2016年12月25日

I don't know about the white circles beneath the car, I don't remember those. However, the white circles changing to yellow is the sensors as you drive past obstacles (other cars, sidewalk/curbs, etc).

On AP 2 cars, Enhanced Auto Pilot (EAP) is not working yet. However, my understanding from Elon's tweets is that AP 2 cars are taking in video and sensor data working in "shadow" mode to compare how the computer would drive versus how the actual human driver reacted. This data is being compiled by Tesla and is the "neural net learning" that Tesla said would be needed for a certain period of time to refine AP 2 before they release auto pilot functionality to AP 2 cars. Certain functionality around AP will start to appear on AP 2 cars when v8.1 is released, which may be as soon as next week. Musk also said AP 2 cars would start to receive updates monthly going forward, although I'm not sure if that starts the month after v8.1 is released.

Congrats on your new S - I'm 10 days into ownership and I'm absolutely in love with this car!

ashbal | 2016年12月25日

Thank Wattgas. yeah i picked up mine last week and I so love it. I was told during the delivery that AP2 wont work and though it was disappointing I am fine with it as Tesla folks are working crazily on it. Better to have a good solid AP2 than with bugs. the white circles only appeared yesterday after the software and the moment I started driving, I see the white circles (it is persistent all the time). I will drive today to figure out if it comes and try to figure out why it is coming.

StatsApp | 2016年12月25日

The sensors pick up obstacles as you drive and they are shown as white or yellow shades on the instrument panel around the car icon. Yellow means closer than white and red means closer than yellow.

A2Mark | 2016年12月25日

With 2.50.180 I also notice that there is a Speed Limit "sign" displayed. In today's drive around town the speed limit was not always correct. It was sometimes +5 or -5 off (eg. it said 40 in a 45 zone and 30 in a 25 zone).. I guess it is getting this over the net from the maps database? Will the autopilot try to set the car's speed according to this speed limit in some cases?

p.c.mcavoy | 2016年12月26日

@A2Mark - I do not have an AP2 car, but with my AP1 car the speed limit sign displayed is a combination of what it has from reference maps and what the vision system is picking up for posted road signs. In cases where signs are clearly posted, I've seen it reflect temporary changes in limits due to construction zones.

Bill_75D | 2016年12月26日

@A2Mark - The little speed limit sign was there before this update. It was on my car at the 248.**.***

sschlief | 2016年12月26日

In addition to the speed limit sign, my auto headlights work on the new version of SW. Prior to this version on my AP2 Model S I did not have the option to set the headlights to auto. Are the rain sensing windshield wipers working with 2.50.180?

Bill_75D | 2016年12月26日

2.50.180 did not activate the auto headlights either. That was the previous version 248.**.***

ashbal | 2016年12月26日

Rain sensing windshield dont seem to work. I got the 2.50.180 few days back and it was not working before nor now.

KP in NPT | 2016年12月26日

If you are seeing the halos and you weren't before the update then it looks like your sensors might be activated.

Bill_75D | 2016年12月26日

My sensors were working before the update. Aside from the radio equalizer and the key fob linking, which aren't that big of a deal, the main reason for this last update was to get ready for the $.40 a minute idle fee by adding the notification in the supercharger info.