Spraying wiper fluid on new Model S

Spraying wiper fluid on new Model S

I had an issue spraying wiper fluid this morning. It was my first time doing it on my new Model S and I thought (wrongly) that the SC had not put any wiper fluid in the car before delivery. The issue was that I wasn't pressing the spray button deep enough. It is now resolved thanks to the kind folks on this board.

UPDATE: Thanks to the helpful tips of other forum members, I will say that the jury is still out on this. I will try their suggestions next time I get into my MS.

UPDATE 2: My apologies and mea culpa, Rockville SC. There was fluid inside. Thanks to everyone else for the tips!

croman | 2017年1月4日

Press button hard. It has two stages. Maybe you did get no fluid but maybe you are only getting the one wipe no fluid button press.

stringerbell | 2017年1月4日

Thanks, Croman. I will try that. If it works, I will take this down.

Silver2K | 2017年1月4日

It's possible they forgot the liquid. remember you're dealing with human beings, they forget stuff.

Silver2K | 2017年1月4日

your documents are online by the way, under my tesla. if they are not, they will be

PhillyGal | 2017年1月4日

Since I'm confidant you'll be taking this down I'm going to happily admit I thought the same thing and was equally annoyed.

Nope, just user error. D'oh!

barrykmd | 2017年1月4日

Which is better, no wiper fluid, or "California wiper fluid," which froze on contact with the windshield at 30 F? :-)

KP in NPT | 2017年1月4日

I didn't know about the 2 stages of the button the first time I used it. I wasn't pressing it all the way.

croman | 2017年1月4日

There is a lot to learn with this car. I'm still picking things up and its been over a week of normal routine driving (well, as routine as holidays get). This week is my first going to work and driving my daughter around and dealing with spilled milk and water and cheerios. The car is awesome. I hope your location didn't screw everything up too badly.

Run4Waffles | 2017年1月4日

I didn't realize the button on the end of the stock was a two stage device. I though there was no washer fluid in it. I came here and the wonderful owners helped me out. I felt like a dope.

Congratulations and welcome. Enjoy the grin.

Leaving the post up will help others that run into the same situation.


croman | 2017年1月4日

Anyone else's washer fluid shoot out and not spray in a wider area? Does the nozzle adjust? I think the pressure is too much for cleaning salt off entire windshield.

kollasrao | 2017年1月4日

I am trying to fill windshield washer fluid, i am not. Is there anything i need to do before filling?

croman | 2017年1月4日

Open frunk, open blue cap, pour fluid. I don't think its any different than a regular car but I've never done it.

lilbean | 2017年1月4日

Mine has the same behavior. I didn't want to test it again because I don't like running the wipers dry.

rasmussen305 | 2017年1月4日

From page 53 of my Model S Owner's Manual:

"Washers. Press the button on the end of the left steering column lever to spray washer fluid onto the windshield. You can press this button at two levels. Press partially for a single wipe, without any washer fluid. Press fully for both wipe and wash."

Doublelift | 2017年1月4日

Isn't there a "low washer fluid" warning? If so, and you have no warning message, either there is no fluid and the sensor is defective, or there is fluid and you're not pressing the button correctly for a wash.

Tropopause | 2017年1月4日

Someone owes the Rockville Showroom an apology!

reed_lewis | 2017年1月4日

Does anyone else shift the car into neutral when they want to do a single wipe of the wipers? All of my other cars have the wiper control on the right side of the steering wheel.

malcolm.hall1932 | 2017年1月4日

Tropopause: +1. OP: "no washer fluid" I know, let's tell the world! How to make friends and gain influence with your service center.! I strongly recommend you make the call. They'll forgive you and be your bestest friends down the road.

murphyS90D | 2017年1月4日

When I learned to drive, the car had a manual transmission and the gear shift was on the right. Tesla has gone back to the original design although the Tesla has no gears to shift.

ishaik | 2017年1月4日

The same thing happened to me and i actually took it in and they showed me you have to press hard to get the spray. I felt pretty stupid

docnukem | 2017年1月4日

I did this just the other day.

croman | 2017年1月4日

@reed_lewis -- I did that a couple of times since I picked up the car but now I'm adjusted. Luckily the cruise control stalk and the wiper/turn stalk are different lengths as well as positions.

Steve S | 2017年1月4日

I'm thankful for Tesla Highland Park. They've been great.

Silver2K | 2017年1月4日

Well we figured out how to fill wiper fluid.
Can someone tell me where I can add oil just in case my engine burns it?
Also, can a rock get past the gap (where the T is) at high speed and hit my radiator? If so, is there a cover for that gap to protect my radiator?

lilbean | 2017年1月4日

No, that's where you pour the oil into.

Silver2K | 2017年1月4日

There's no cap???

lilbean | 2017年1月4日

Just pour it in there and when you drive, it will work it's way inside.

croman | 2017年1月4日

Tesla highland park has been great for me as well. Haven't really needed anything yet...

Haggy | 2017年1月4日

The last time I went in for service, there was an exclamation point in a yellow triangle, and touching it showed the low wiper fluid warning. They fixed it, but that's not why I brought the car in. It would be a hard thing for them to miss, and I doubt it could pass QA without somebody testing the pump.

"Which is better, no wiper fluid, or "California wiper fluid," which froze on contact with the windshield at 30 F? :-)" Is there any other kind? I once went for an oil change in Fremont (not in my Tesla, incredibly) and the person went to top off my washer fluid. I told him to stop. I didn't want plain water. He told me he would add the concentrate and I told him I use the type with anti-freeze. He literally started yelling and saying that there's no such thing and you shouldn't put antifreeze in the washer fluid. I left without getting an oil change there. I take it he never went skiing.

AoneOne | 2017年1月4日

@Doublelift: The car does indeed have a low washer fluid warning. When I got it, I was pleased to discover that the reservoir is large enough to take an entire gallon bottle of washer fluid so I'm not left with a partially used bottle to store for next time.

barrykmd | 2017年1月4日

The side recesses in the trunk are perfect for storing an extra bottle.

Pungoteague_Dave | 2017年1月4日

@stringerbell (great name), so why is this still up?

tes-s | 2017年1月4日

And along with that extra bottle, you can put a jug of washerfluid.

Tropopause | 2017年1月4日


OP updated to reflect apology and correct usage of washer system.

Tropopause | 2017年1月4日

And to confirm what other have said here about the low washer fluid "light". Yes we have one. From the Owner's Manual:

Topping Up Washer Fluid
The only reservoir into which you can add fluid
is the washer fluid reservoir located under the
front trunk. When the level is low, a message
displays on the instrument panel.

stringerbell | 2017年1月4日

I had first promised to take it down - but then others said that I should leave it up as a tip to other new owners. Happy to do whatever the consensus wants. Leave it up or take it down?

stringerbell | 2017年1月4日

Sorry, Pungoteague_Dave... What Tropopause said...

Millionmilesorbust | 2017年1月4日

ohhhh take it down ;)

stringerbell | 2017年1月4日

Haha, Gabe.ritter!

steveg1701 | 2017年1月4日

I think the update you added was a better idea than taking it down

steveg1701 | 2017年1月4日

maybe also edit the title though...

Haggy | 2017年1月4日

I'd leave it up. After all, you didn't get swag. I got two hats. They are in my closet somewhere. Personally, I'm disappointed, given some of the elaborate deliveries that Tesla had years ago for others. But I did get a car out of it, so I can't complain.

stringerbell | 2017年1月4日

Steve G, good point. I will edit the title and post.

Tropopause | 2017年1月4日

Thanks, stringerbell. :)

ckcland2 | 2017年1月4日

Good as edited!

Haggy | 2017年1月5日

The edits went a bit too far. It will help others if they search and find a thread about getting the car with no wiper fluid and finding out that other owners had that issue and what to do about it. Currently it doesn't say what problem you had.

stringerbell | 2017年1月5日

Haggy: fixed

Run4Waffles | 2017年1月5日

Nice job @stringerbell.


Pungoteague_Dave | 2017年1月5日

Up is fine.

Davidb0229 | 2017年1月6日

As to getting used to the location of the wiper controls (left vs. right) and the two-position switch for washer activation, not to mention the location of the cruise control/autopilot lever, I will admit that it was a lot easier for people (like me) that came from a Mercedes Benz because the steering gear assembly, including all the stalks, is the same. In my years of driving Benzes, I could never figure out the wiper controls on (some) other people's cars! Glad my years of "training" in the Benz paid off for me now that I am old(er) when it is harder to learn new stuff! And to the noobies, be patient, it will be second nature before you know it.

Oh, and one more thing -- when in doubt, read the manual, it is pretty good!