Trading in a Model S for a Model 3

Trading in a Model S for a Model 3

Has anyone yet asked Tesla about the following scenario? I'm one of those that normally cannot afford to buy a Model S and even if I could do not want to sink that much money into transportation. And it's really a larger car than I need or prefer. But I am coming into some money soon and wondering about buying a Model S now and trading it in on a Model 3 when my reservation (stood in line for 3 hours) comes up. I'm wondering if Tesla will give any guarantees on the trade in value (assuming no damage) and since the Model 3 will likely be significantly less expensive than that trade in value, if they'll pay that out in cash. What do y'all think?

lilbean | 2017年1月5日

No guarantees.

djharrington | 2017年1月5日

Some friendly advice: if you're not currently in a position to buy the MS, and are about to receive some money, consider investing it.

d.alan.stewart | 2017年1月5日

@djharrington, thanks I have investments, but I don't want to sell to buy a car. One reason to consider doing this is that Elon Mush says the fastest way to get a Model 3 is to buy a Model S or X. I could do the same, but buy a Chevy Bolt. But the Bolt also does not have Tesla supercharging capability. I'm tiring of driving an 80-mile range leased EV, which has be returned in a few months, but want to continue driving an EV.

kevin | 2017年1月5日

I'm interested in trading in my Model S for a Model 3 when available. I have a basic S 60 with only AP and Air suspension. The Model 3 I contemplate would have a bigger battery, FSD, and option rich. I'm thinking that the net cost will be positive.

d.alan.stewart | 2017年1月5日

If Tesla is no longer giving any guarantees on resale value of a Model S bought new, then maybe the cheapest used Model S I can find would be the answer. Does the right to supercharge transfer when a Tesla is sold to a new owner?

KP in NPT | 2017年1月5日

Yes, supercharging goes with the car.

I was going to suggest a CPO.