OT Political Thread. Not for Tender Sensibilities. You've Been Warned.

OT Political Thread. Not for Tender Sensibilities. You've Been Warned.

Pity the Sad Legacy of Barak Obama

If TL;dr, here is the condensed version:

The age of Barack Obama may have been our last chance to break from our neoliberal soulcraft. We are rooted in market-driven brands that shun integrity and profit-driven policies that trump public goods. Our “post-integrity” and “post-truth” world is suffocated by entertaining brands and money-making activities that have little or nothing to do with truth, integrity or the long-term survival of the planet. We are witnessing the postmodern version of the full-scale gangsterization of the world.

The reign of Obama did not produce the nightmare of Donald Trump – but it did contribute to it. And those Obama cheerleaders who refused to make him accountable bear some responsibility.

In March 2009, Obama met with Wall Street leaders. He proclaimed: I stand between you and the pitchforks. I am on your side and I will protect you, he promised them. And not one Wall Street criminal prosecution.

US drone killings continue with no accountability.

Lack of support for BLM or Palestinians.

2/3 wealth growth to the top 1%

Support for Bloomberg stop and frisk and Rahm Emanuel's everything, with zero accountability

Demonizing dissidents like Snowden, Sterling and Manning

Obamacare is a Heritage Foundation, pork laden, corporate giveaway with 20M still uninsured.

A record 2.5 million deportations.

Bernie was punk'd by the DNC

The DNC is corrupt and doesn't fight for regular people


I'm in agreement. After the last election the RNC at least went through the motions of trying to figure out why they were losing elections. Now, it's Russian hackers and Bernie, who subverted democracy instead of odious policies that demand corporate fealty.

Get a clue DNC and democratic politicians who ignore the will of the people at their peril. Go watch idiocracy to see our future when good men and women see wrong, and do nothing.

And lest you think I support our Orangutan-in-Chief, he will be covered in another post.


Update 9/9 The Best Case For Bernie.

RedShift | 2017年1月9日


No president has been perfect. You try to choose the least problematic leader. I agree Bernie was shafted and DNC has a lot of learning to do. My predict is they won't learn it in time. We are looking at 8 years of crap being created for another democrat to clean it all up, rinse and repeat.

What do you think about that?

SamO | 2017年1月9日


Yours sounds like a best-case scenario.

Oh wait, that's extra helping of French fries for PEOTUS.

Dofpic | 2017年1月9日

I always felt the last thing we needed was another Bush or Clinton in the white house. It is always the lesser of two evils so I voted for Trump I might have voted for Bernie but of course the corrupt DNC screwed him royally. Just listened to MRS Sanders on CNN she made a lot of sense and said the voters wanted change and that He is willing to work with Trump on issues of Agreement and oppose on the ones they do not. That is more I can say for the Democrats.

While the popular media and hollywood dis him the financial markets are applauding him(market is up the most in history in the first 5 weeks following an election), consumers are applauding him with consumer confidence went up the most in 10 years in november and hit a 15 year high in december and finally the world is applauding him with the Dollar hitting a 15 year high against every major world currency. That is a vote by the world in confidence in our sovereignty and our economy.

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年1月9日

Donald Trump is the epitome of the loud ugly American... the world does NOT respect him, they just laugh at us for being so gullible to be fooled into voting for him.

SamO | 2017年1月9日


I'd only disagree that the short term markers = vote of confidence

It could be a vote for tax cuts they see coming adding to short term profits. That's equally consistent and much more logical.

RedShift | 2017年1月9日


Translating the second paragraph:

"Many who predicted a catastrophe in the stock market / economy seem to be wrong * so far *. Thanks to a stronger economy under Obama. Trump doesn't have the same shit to d al with as back in 2008. For this, we (balanced conservatives, not sure whether that describes dofpic) must at least give credit to Obama instead of pairing everything he did as wrong. "

SamO | 2017年1月9日

"The capacity of the human mind for swallowing nonsense and spewing it forth in violent and repressive action has never yet been plumbed" - Robert Heinlein

hcwhy | 2017年1月10日

What's that I hear? Oh. It's the hammer hitting the nail on the head.

hcwhy | 2017年1月10日

Sam.... The quote from Robert Heinlein is spot-on. Here's a few more. Some are off topic, but I hope people will enjoy them.

SamO | 2017年1月10日

Big fan @hchwy!

joemar10 | 2017年1月10日

From CLASS to ASS in one election.

Remnant | 2017年1月11日

@hcwhy (January 10, 2017)

<< The quote from Robert Heinlein is spot-on. Here's a few more. >>

Delightful ... !

Thoughtful ... !

Most quotable ... !

Thank you.

hcwhy | 2017年1月11日

@Remnant My pleasure...I enjoyed them too

Remnant | 2017年1月11日

@ joemar10 | January 10, 2017

<< From CLASS to ASS in one election. >>

From ASS to CLASS in one election, rather!

Why don't Hillary's admirers confess they have been deluded for decades?

About her, about him, about themselves ... ?

It's bizarre to claim victory from the bottom of the pit you dove in!


SamO | 2017年1月11日

“A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”

Bighorn | 2017年1月11日

What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil?

Donald wouldn't pay $1000 to have a lentil on his face.

KP in NPT | 2017年1月11日


SamO | 2017年1月11日

ha ha ha cough ha ha ha

didn't see that one coming

RedShift | 2017年1月11日


Gawd! My green tea spilled out of my nostrils.

Silver2K | 2017年1月11日

Good one Bh!!

Silver2K | 2017年1月11日
Captain_Zap | 2017年1月11日

Holy Garbanzo Beans, Batman.

brando | 2017年1月11日

Respected Presidents?

FDR, Ike, JFK and perhaps Carter.

As for the rest, I suspect our foreign friends just consider them typical politicians.
(typical as in you know when they are lying - their lips move)

And how can ANYONE explain the madness of these endless bombing and killing wars since WWII.
Why? cause you are afraid of a political philosophy? really?

Dr. Pete | 2017年1月11日

Tender sensibilities or not. What has this political crap to do with Tesla?

bigd | 2017年1月11日

brando |
"Respected Presidents? FDR, Ike, JFK and perhaps Carter". Now that was so funny of a list. Thanks for the laugh.

Silver2K | 2017年1月12日

Actually Carter is still the record holder in laws passed. He was the best in getting the parties to work together

eandmjep | 2017年1月12日

Still trying to figure out what the 'B'ureau of 'L'and 'M'anagement has to do with any of this ;)

Bighorn | 2017年1月12日

Try substituting 'B'lack 'L'ives 'M'atter?

J.T. | 2017年1月12日

@Dr. Pete >>>>What has this political crap to do with Tesla?

I call your attention to the top of the page and the title of the thread. >>>>OT Political Thread.

The "OT" stands for Off Topic which is the OP's way of announcing that his post has nothing to do with Tesla. So kudos to you for realzing that the thread was entitled properly.

J.T. | 2017年1月12日

@bigd I, too, got a chuckle out of that list.

hcwhy | 2017年1月12日

A nomination for "the list"......and it's for a president I didn't even vote for. Time has led me to believe that he was right and I was wrong......that would be Gerald Ford. I wanted my pound of flesh from Nixon and was infuriated not to get it, but trying and probably jailing a president would have taken this country down a path that wouldn't have been in any of our interests. He lost the presidency for the pardon, as he knew he would, but did it anyway. It was a wise and selfless call, IMHO.

Captain_Zap | 2017年1月13日

At least this thread is marked OT. That means that this post is on topic.

El Mirio | 2017年2月9日

@SamO, i start to wonder whether the DNC actually wants to win elections.

SamO | 2017年2月9日

@El Mario,

"A failed, collapsed party cannot form an effective resistance. Trump did not become President and the Republicans do not dominate virtually all levels of government because there is some sort of massive surge in enthusiasm for right-wing extremism. Quite the contrary: this all happened because the Democrats are perceived – with good reason – to be out-of-touch, artificial, talking-points-spouting automatons who serve Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the agenda of endless war, led by millionaires and funded by oligarchs to do the least amount possible for ordinary, powerless citizens while still keeping their votes."


carlk | 2017年2月9日

Democratic party has becoming center right. That trend started from Clinton if not Carter era. It just does not generate enthusiasm from the left as Trump could from the right. It should not pretend to appease everyone anymore if it still want to be of any significance in the future. Let's see if Sanders/Warren faction could set the future direction of the party. To be fair to Obama he's got so many obstacles and things to worry about as the first African-American president he's really powerless to move the country to the direction even if that's what he wanted.

rxlawdude | 2017年2月9日

"agenda of endless war, led by millionaires and funded by oligarchs to do the least amount possible for ordinary, powerless citizens while still keeping their votes"
Substitute "endless acts of authoritarianism" for "war" in the passage, and you have described the current political situation to a "T" as in Trump.

Captain_Zap | 2017年2月9日

Isn't this an old post?

SamO | 2017年2月9日

It's an old post but Democrats still haven't learned their lesson.

Perez admits DNC was "rigged"

Perez apologizes for accidentally telling the truth

More triangulating Democrats = 8 years of Trump.

SamO | 2017年2月10日

Great article on the failure of Democrats.

"But if the Democrats are to mount an angry populist assault on President Trump and the Republican Party, they can't have a leader whose leash is attached to the hands of the people who got them into this mess in the first place. The party downballot is a smoking crater, in the worst shape since 1928. The Obama presidency has been a slow-motion collapse of the party at all levels."

Cannon Fodder | 2017年2月10日

“I've found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much . . . because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

At least SNL provides some relief to the disaster that we have inflicted upon ourselves and, worse, our children in electing a person who mocks people with disabilities and openly advocates for sexually assisting women.

skymaster | 2017年2月10日

@Cannon. ...completely disagree with you. We have two teenage girls and I feel much better for their future with Trump in charge. The mainstream media puts a spin on everything. Trump was making fun of the reporter "changing his mind" and not on his disability.

All of you liberals are completely brainwashed by the makes me sick.

Trump will turn this country around, and he will do it pronto. After reading your sour grapes BS for 3 months straight, I want to post mine.

RedShift | 2017年2月10日


When someone reports verbatim what Trump says, it isn't 'spin'. Though gullible, ignorant electorate that went for Trump wouldn't hear it any other way. Facts too hard to swallow? "They MUST be fake! , cooked up by the lame stream media!"

Liberals make you sick? Feelings are mutual. More than half the country voted for the other candidate, and a little over 25% eligible electorate voted for Trump. Those are not fake, made up numbers. You will of course disagree with them, since they are too hard to swallow for you folks.

Lastly, looking at how the first two weeks have gone, yeah, Trump is going to make this country great again. Greatest in incompetence.

RedShift | 2017年2月10日

*more than half the votes cast, I should say. Or rather, around 3 million more votes. Must be illegal, of course. Why? Just because!

SCCRENDO | 2017年2月10日

@skymaster. When your daughters get raped. Oops abortion not allowed. When one travels and meets a Muslim or a Mexican while traveling, guess they won't get to live here. When one of them develop a chronic disease and lose their job. Oops no health insurance. Watch the economy thrive in our new war economy. That weird neurotically disease was the lead in the water that the EPA ignored. Out of funding to check that stuff. Pity about that new condo in Miami. Underwater. Those sea levels rose due to natural variation in climate. Guess more frequent hurricanes aren't that bad. I agree Trump will turn this country around so your daughters and granddaughters will have a great future

SCCRENDO | 2017年2月10日

Neuroligical not neurotically.

lilbean | 2017年2月10日

When? Smh.

RedShift | 2017年2月10日


Don't often disagree but that was a little too low and harsh buddy.

SCCRENDO | 2017年2月10日

@redshift. Yes it is low and harsh. But these are the planned policies of Trump. His supporters have endorsed these policies. Takes on a different flavor when it gets personal and someone or their family becomes the victim. Am I wrong about Trump's policies?
@skymaster thinks Trump is going to Make America Great again.

Remnant | 2017年2月11日

@RedShift (February 10, 2017)

<< When someone reports verbatim what Trump says, it isn't 'spin'. >>

Traditionally, the extreme Left has been an equal mix of scoundrels and morons. You, evidently, belong on the scoundrel team, and possibly on the moron team, and have specialized in shameless lying.

The relevant part of the @Cannon Fodder' s post @skymaster was addressing was, "At least SNL provides some relief to the disaster that we have inflicted upon ourselves and, worse, our children in electing a person who mocks people with disabilities and openly advocates for sexually assisting women."

None of it contains "verbatim" Trump utterances. (Confess, if you are illiterate!)

<< More than half the country voted for the other candidate, ... Those are not fake, made up numbers. >>

As Trump attentioned us, the registration data contradict your biased assumptions. They contain evidence of dead people and alien registration, as well as double registration.

<< Trump is going to make this country great again. Greatest in incompetence. >>

Perfect example of a "substitution" fallacy, where the dishonest renderer substitutes their own meaning for the original one.