Needs service, car may not restart next time

Needs service, car may not restart next time

My P90 has been driving fine for the past 10K+ miles after 10 months, until 2 days ago when this message, "Needs service, car may not restart next time" showed up when I was on a freeway. Didn't have a chance to drive it yesterday, but last night we saw the same message again while grabbing stuff in the car.

I have called service to report the log but just wondering if anyone have had similar issues?

Triggerplz | 2017年2月5日

I had that message once I did a reset it went away and has never came back

RealToast | 2017年2月5日

I've owned my 90D for about a week. In that time I've had a just couple of these messages pop up with the ! Triangle of Urgency notice about different parts/functions. In each instance, the message went away and nothing notable happened and there was no difference in the functionality of the indicated part or process. My assumption has been that I caused the message by some accidental sequence of random actions or steps that, if possible to repeat in the exact same manner, would cause the same [seeming] benign message and outcome.

DarthB | 2017年2月5日

Thanks trigger. Which reset did you do? Hold both scroll wheels 10 seconds one?

Bighorn | 2017年2月5日

What did service say? Seems they would want you in right away.

Triggerplz | 2017年2月5日

@DarthB Yes I held the scroll wheels down until the screen turned off

DarthB | 2017年2月5日

Update: car can no longer restart indeed. Tried the two-wheel reset to no avail. Car will be tolled to service tonight.

Got a bunch of additional notifications today:
- 12V battery low
- check air suspension - call service

My VIN is 22xx if anyone have similar problems in the future.

Bighorn | 2017年2月5日

Yeah, I'm not sure why they didn't have you drive it directly there before it failed.

Vawlkus | 2017年2月6日

Sounds like the 12v battery problem the S had initially.

DarthB | 2017年2月6日

Could be the 12V battery related, although Service is now working with Engineering to troubleshoot. So I hope it's nothing major.

The towing guy was able to restart the car by jump starting the 12V battery last night. I guess it could be the battery or some harness leading up to it?

In any case, if it's similar to the Model S issue, I am surprised that not more X owners have encountered this issue.

Triggerplz | 2017年2月6日

@DarthB By the tow truck driver being able to start it I doubt its a major problem and it should be an easy fix for you. Good Luck

Bighorn | 2017年2月6日

Probably the DC-DC connection that chargers the 12V from the traction battery.

Vawlkus | 2017年2月8日

Agreed Bighorn

PedanticOne | 2017年2月8日

I think it's a bad Flux Capacitor. | 2017年2月8日

I think Bighorn nailed it. When the DC-DC converter stops working, the 12v is no longer charged. Once the 12v gets too low, the main battery cannot be connected and no more driving. If caught (i.e. fixed) quickly it might be possible to save the 12v battery, but I guess in most cases the 12v battery becomes a gonner and is replaced as part of the service. In other words, the 12v is not the cause, but becomes the casualty.

Leli001 | 2017年2月9日

@TT, that is a sound explanation and makes sense. Those DC-DC converters sometimes have a short life. Wonder where it is and if it can be accessed from the frunk area for easy replacement?

It's amusing to watch peoples funny and bewildered reactions when I tell them that an electric car still has a starter battery.

Bighorn | 2017年2月9日

I think the DC-DC fix is a big hassle. | 2017年2月9日

It may have moved in the refresh, but in classic cars RWD it is behind the 12v battery. I think you remove the passenger tire, and then the liner to get to it. Not super easy, but not awful either. I do think it's a low failure rate module, but very noticeable when it does fail!

martha | 2017年2月9日

I asked Ewon about the battery in my vibrator which kept going flat.
He says that it might be because he used to be AC only but his converter stopped working and now he's not sure if he's AC/DC.
I think it might be a problem with his tranny.

martha | 2017年2月9日

I asked Ewon about the battery in my vibrator which kept going flat.
He says that it might be because he used to be AC only but his converter stopped working and now he's not sure if he's AC/DC.
I think it might be a problem with his tranny.

Civilpe | 2017年2月9日

Sounds to me like Martha may also be experiencing a half shaft issue...

Civilpe | 2017年2月9日

More precisely, a lower half shaft issue.

DarthB | 2017年2月10日

Update: there's no update. My SC is still trouble shooting as far as I can tell.

On a different note, is service quality going down? Since Monday I have not heard back from anyone until I call to follow up on Thursday. And today I called twice and both times lead to voicemail. No one has returned my morning voicemail as of this afternoon! Ridiculous!

Solarman004 | 2017年2月10日

DarthB, the SC experience is site specific. The Denver SC is fantastic. They provide daily calls with updates and are easy to contact. Don't think I've ever gone more than half a day without a response to my emails.

lilbean | 2017年2月10日

I think it's advisor specific too.

tamuccuser | 2019年5月29日

I had the same message popping up twice last week. I've a 2016 Model S 70. I called the service and they talled me about some water in the connector for the drive unit (somehow it got there) and they replaced it. Now, everything seems fine. Just in case anyone is searching for the info on other forums (drive unit issues) -

sonja.gallego | 2019年6月21日

I would still contact the service. It seems that tamuccuser is right, but is better not to risk - let the competent specialists see it. I rummaged in the official documentation but did not find an exact description of the problem - maybe you will find. Do not risk, call the official service.

jimglas | 2019年7月10日

porn flagged

Triggerplz | 2019年7月11日

Flag # 2

USCRXDR | 2019年7月13日

same thing happened to me-fixed it after 3 days, didn't tell me what they did, put in following parts (1031 106-00a),(1028034-00-B),(1025598-00-P)side Motor Mount?,among other items-why not tell me what they did?

sbeggs | 2019年7月26日

Helga helga helga! You've been flagged.

sunpwr | 2019年9月7日

So is it a glitch not to be worried about, or a sign to get it into service asap?

dkathrina323 | 2019年9月20日

I too had a similar experience with my P90 car. I was also too worried about it. I have called for service, but their response was not that much satisfactory. Now I understood the actual problem with my car.
Thanks for sharing this information.

USCRXDR | 2019年9月20日

I have a sig p90d and I had the same warning, I called service center and they offered tow it in but I said I will drive it over, they ended up replacing the rear drive unit.