Wrong color

Wrong color

My Tesla page shows my car is blue. I really don't want blue. How do I make sure my caris delivered in that beautiful silver color.

bmalloy0 | 2017年2月5日

That's just a sample picture, everyone's is the same (most likely). You'll be able to pick your color when you're invited to the design studio

Efontana | 2017年2月5日

Yeah, blue is the perfect color for destroying interest. You will see it in ads where they are trying to make you question whether your are still alive.

Don't know why Tesla chose it. Maybe to reduce demand and make the list shorter?

Keith909man | 2017年2月5日

You assumed thats a picture of your actual car when you haven't even placed an order for a car?... Thats just a promo picture of a model 3 that just happens to be placed on the reservation page. You haven't ordered a car yet and you would know if you did lol

Bighorn | 2017年2月5日

Order silver

cars | 2017年2月5日

Each to their own. I think silver is a boring colour, much prefer the deep blue metallic.

KP in NPT | 2017年2月5日

Oh lord.

sailor7lH | 2017年2月5日

It would be great marketing to allow us to customize our Model 3 now. But if it means I get it will do for now!

mikdot | 2017年2月5日

Blue is great for me. Why would you ever want a car that looks just like every one else's?

Larsar | 2017年2月23日

It's gotta be green for me. For the life of me, I cannot understand why most car companies do not offer their cars in green. Silver and grey (and their many many variations are so boring and common. Yeah, OK; I'm a girl. However, the classic MGB was offered in green; one of the nicest Jaguar models was offered in green; and I could go on. Just like any other color, the key in in the saturation and luminance. So, any color can be absolutely gorgeous, classy, captivating, and perfect. I want that. In green.

SoFlaModel3 | 2017年2月23日

Since we're picking colors :)

I love Midnight Silver with the dark gray rims. I also love that it always looks clean. Even though my car is garage kept at home, it sits out in the Florida rain all day while I'm at work and anything but silver or a dark silver constantly looks dirty.

I'm holding out hope that day 1 reservation holders get a special color that only they can order and then I would be hard pressed not to take that color...

jamilworm | 2017年2月23日

I'm kind of set on yellow or orange. Since I don't think Tesla is likely to offer either I am probably going to get my Model 3 wrapped.

Efontana | 2017年2月23日

How much does a plain white wrapper cost?

M3München | 2017年2月24日

When they deliver your blue Model 3, just get some Elmer's glue and glitter. Problem solved.

topher | 2017年2月24日

" I want that. In green."


Thank you kindly.

PaceyWhitter | 2017年2月24日

Yeah, Tesla just sends you a car with whatever options and color they choose and then bill you later. It is a very unique strategy, you didn't read the fine print?

dsvick | 2017年2月24日

The car on my myTesla page is facing left, what if I want to go the other way?

Quinten | 2017年2月24日

My show up blue as I think that is the default color. So what are the color we might get? Matte Black, Red, Sliver, and Blue?

Tcloutier5890 | 2017年2月24日

I have some land in the desert for sale, looks like there may be some takers here.

jdanielp_uk | 2017年2月24日

@dsvick good news! The world is spherical so if you keep driving left you will eventually end up to the right... ;)

dsvick | 2017年2月24日

Thanks @jdanielp, I solved it myself and turned my monitor over.... but then everyone fell out of the car, good thing it had autopilot :) | 2017年2月24日

Who knows what the other color choices are. Tesla could go bold and have Lime Green, Purple, Orange, and Magenta, but I doubt it. If Tesla doesn't offer the color you want, wrap it and get just about any color you want!

jvasser3 | 2017年2月24日

I'm so ready to get invited to the design studio. I know it's a long way away but I'm so ready for my car lol

Garyeop | 2017年2月27日

I did not see this posted

jon | 2017年2月28日

@garyeop that has been posted since I believe April last year shortly after the car was unveiled.

topher | 2017年3月1日


Thanks for the bump. Many people probably won't have seen that.

Thank you kindly.

JeffreyR | 2017年3月1日

@dsvick asked, "The car on my myTesla page is facing left, what if I want to go the other way?"

I can write you a Chrome plugin to fix that too.

JuJo0 | 2017年3月1日

@JeffreyR +100

soakes | 2017年3月1日

Rainbow colours please

JuJo0 | 2017年3月1日


You can get a rainbow wrap. :) I think I've seen a 4 tone wrap that was similar to oil spill rainbow. Can't remember where but it was actually very nice.

4fishtankz | 2017年3月1日

I agree that since this is a smaller car, brighter colors would look great. I like blue, but when I went to the show room, the blue available is so dark! Would like a brighter blue (think Ford or Honda blue, a nice bright cobalt!). Green sounds good too. They had at one time a nice brownish color, don't see that any more as an option. What about champagne gold? Well, if picking what color they have means getting it sooner, will go with it, as long as not black (watch it be black, LOL)

Rocky_H | 2017年3月1日

@4fishtankz, Quote: " I like blue, but when I went to the show room, the blue available is so dark!"

Oh jeez, you think that about the blue now? You should have seen the off-black version of blue they had before.

KP in NPT | 2017年3月1日

haha I have the old blue, @Rocky. it's the best color. ;-)

JeffreyR | 2017年3月1日

@KP in NPT wrote, "haha I have the old blue, @Rocky. it's the best color. ;-)"

You know @KP is usually right, and here she goes being all right again!

Have you seen the "stealth" version of her car? It's my personal favorite:

Imagine that w/o a nosecone.

Red Sage ca us | 2017年3月1日

The best wrap I ever saw was in the movie 'Johnny Dangerously' (1984).

emptimind | 2017年3月2日

If we're stuck to the standard colors, I'll probably go red. But I'd honestly love some candy apple green. So sick of boring silver cars.

dsvick | 2017年3月2日

@JeffreyR - "Have you seen the "stealth" version of her car? It's my personal favorite:"

I'd love to know what that cost. I'm pretty sure I can't afford it but I want to know ..

bmalloy0 | 2017年3月2日

Red Sage: +5 for Johnny Dangerously

4fishtankz | 2017年3月2日

"If we're stuck to the standard colors, I'll probably go red. But I'd honestly love some candy apple green. So sick of boring silver cars."

Yes, need colors to set this car apart from the pack and boring iterations of grey!

Though the silver S with chrome wheels I saw was pretty, I'd like some bright options :).

Rocky_H | 2017年3月2日

*yawn* black, white, grey, dolphin grey, pearl white, obsidian black, silver, metallic silver, off-grey, greyscale, ivory, copier paper, ......

Dang, yes, I would love a bright green!

djharrington | 2017年3月2日

I thought everyone was getting flat black

HockeyEV | 2017年3月2日

I was under the same impression djharrington. I didnt even think there would be other colors in the configuration tool when it comes out.

joris.lamers5 | 2017年3月2日

silver is so lame ... so standart ... so classic ... so ... lack of imagination.
I like it when the dark roof is in contrast with the car color, dark roof-red car or dark roof-white car etc ...
Mate black is passé ... this color you will get tired off after just a few weeks

djharrington | 2017年3月2日

Any other color facts, Joris? ;)

Carl Thompson | 2017年3月2日

Silver may lack imagination but it looks really, really good on Teslas. I'm not sure I'd want to get another color that doesn't look as good just to be different. (Or would I?)


JeffreyR | 2017年3月2日

@dsvick I know, right?!

There are dozens of threads about wrapping options. Find someone that is highly recommended in your area, then show them the pics. There's your answer.

I'm thinking:
tint all the glass (yes, even on windshield just no darker there) + "free" color paint + semi-clear matte wrap for protection

I'm in San José so lots of options for me. Once the Design Studio opens, and I have an idea about my actual budget, I'll get a quote.

KP in NPT | 2017年3月2日

Oooh Jeffrey that was nice! I hadn't seen a matte navy blue. I have a thing for Navy. And white. I'm usually wearing one or the other or both. haha. But I could never deal with matte - too much work. Model 3 will be white/white - at least that's what I say today. ;-)

Carl Thompson | 2017年3月2日

Matte paint requires more maintenance and care than regular paint, but I'd guess a matte wrap wouldn't require any more care than a regular wrap. What are the maintenance considerations for wraps?

KP in NPT | 2017年3月2日

Matte shows fingerprints terribly, from pictures I've seen. The matte black Model 3 prototype looked like hell after a few test drives. You have to be pretty anal about it and that's not me. ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 2017年3月2日

bmalloy0: +21 for reminding me inadvertently of 'Short Circuit' (1986)!

Johnny 5 is alive!

Red Sage ca us | 2017年3月2日

RED is the onliest color there will ever be...
BLACK is not at bright as RED,
It's the finest shade since the color RED, though...