3M protective adhesive

3M protective adhesive

Speaking with a local dealer of paint protective adhesive he says it will cost me about $800 for a full front end treatment including mirrors for my Model 3. Does anyone have experience with this stuff? Apparently the newest adhesive is less visible than previous applications but if so why doesn't Tesla put it on as a factory option? Or does Tesla paint even need it?

Frank99 | 2017年2月15日

There are a lot of knowledgeable people on here - but you've gotta help out. Which one of the roughly 1 billion products that 3M makes are you discussing?

lilbean | 2017年2月15日

XPel is what many Tesla owners go with.

reynolds5677 | 2017年2月15日

If you go to a shop like Zebart, they have a product that protects the front finish from rocks etc. Sparky is wondering if Tesla paint could benefit from the product.

Red Sage ca us | 2017年2月15日

Tesla doesn't apply either clear protective film (XPel) or ceramic coatings (OptiCoat) because it takes too long. (They did offer a partial front film for a while on Model S, but I think that option is gone now.) For it to be done 'right' the job may take several man-hours over the course of days. There is color correction, cleaning, buffing, detailing, and more to be done prior to the beginning of the application process itself. If Tesla were truly a 'boutique manufacturer', sending out 300 cars or less per year, it would probably be rather easy to include this as an extremely expensive option for the sake of convenience to the end user. But at 30,000 to 300,000 units per year or more for worldwide distribution it is simply not practical. That's why third party firms are available to take care of it. They definitely earn their money.

YouTube Resources
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Sparky | 2017年2月15日

Thanks Red Sage! Most appreciated.

ir | 2017年2月16日

Don't do partial hood / door as the exposed seam collects dust / dirt and forms a visible line over time. Always cover entire panels so they can tuck the edges where they cannot be seen.

The films do a great job protecting your paint by taking the chips and dings for you. They do not protect against dents and bad hits will leave loose flaps in the plastic. Gouges cannot be repaired, entire panels would have to be peeled off and replaced when your ego cannot take it anymore.

jefjes | 2017年2月16日

@Red Sage ca us
Thanks for the links. Very interesting to watch but wish they would mention something about price for such service. I know it could be a broad range depending on the vehicle and if various graphics were involved but any numbers that would give us an idea would be nice.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年2月16日

Thanx RS. Bookmarking....

Red Sage ca us | 2017年2月16日

jefjes: OC Detailing has posted in the Model S forum here as well as at TMC. I think there are lots of threads about do-it-yourself ceramic coating applications, but the best of those are professionally done. Clear film applications are reportedly between $800 to $3,000 dependent upon location, vehicle, and quality of application. Custom wraps in different colors not offered by Tesla may well cost $5,000 to $8,000 dependent upon difficulty of application. As noted in the videos, some prefer to do a ceramic coating, then put clear film over that.

Badbot | 2017年2月17日

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tedirelan | 2017年2月18日

On XPel's website, the cost of just the material totals $7,190. I haven't looked into installation, but I could see it running into the $10,000 range. That's a lot of Tesla T-shirts.

lilbean | 2017年2月19日

Installers pay much less. The cost to have it installed could be less than the cost on the website.

melinda.v | 2017年2月19日

most detail shop's websites will list a range of fees for their various film installs. See what shops are in your area and check their website or give them a call.