When Will I Know If THIS Bike Fits?

When Will I Know If THIS Bike Fits?

Right now the bikes I ride have 20mm front axles with pinch bolts - don't like the front end getting squirrelly when loaded. Getting the front wheel off is not fast.

In anticipation of the Model 3, I am considering getting a Scott Scale 730 Plus (27.5+). It uses some sort of Boost axle attachment for the 27.5 x 3 inch diameter tires on the front. The goal is a not squirrelly, but easy off front wheel.

So if the front wheel comes off, will the rest of the bike fit?

I know a road bike will fit, as Elon mentioned. I don't see something like a Sunday fitting, but a Scale 730 Plus... you would think it would fit.

I know Elon does not want to disclose the design,...

..How much would be disclosed if someone made a list of bikes that fit? Sort of a bring your bike to work day for Tesla employees.

The outcome would be a list, something like this:

Giant STP = Fit
Scott Scale 730 Plus = Fit
Specialized Allez = Fit (all sizes)
Trek Stasche (29+) = ?
Iron Horse Sunday = NOT Fit

I would expect there are at least 30 bikes owned by Tesla employees with trunk access. Maybe one of them is a Scale 730 Plus?

dd.micsol | 2017年2月26日

It will fit-just take the front wheel off. It takes just 15 seconds to do. Put a protector on your floor after you put the rear seats level down.

Efontana | 2017年2月26日

Are you sure?

I tried it front wheel off today in a 2012 FIT and the large size rear tire stacked up against the drivers seat so that the hatch would not close.

I think the slack head tube angle ~66 degrees, 120 mm travel fork with wheel/tire space for the 3" diameter tire make it harder to pack than an XC 29er with short travel and steep head angles. The 740 mm wide handlebar does not help either.

ColoDriver | 2017年2月27日

Will my bike fit is one of my biggest concerns too.

My reservation is somewhere between 65k and 115k, depending on where the numbering starts, so there should be plenty of M3s available to test with before it's my turn. If Tesla does a Model 3 road show like they did with the S and X I plan on attending with both my road bike and 29er.

I was able to fit two road bikes in the trunk of a Volvo 244 sedan so I'm hopeful two will fit in the much wider Model 3. (both wheels off)

ps. Quick release through axles are your friend! :-)

dd.micsol | 2017年2月27日

yup... if you need more room just put the front fire up against the front passenger seat after pushing it all the way forward. You'll have about 8" extra.

Efontana | 2017年2月27日

Will put the axle back in and use a compression strap to compress the fork.

Spoiled by a car that lets you toss the whole thing in wheels on.

Efontana | 2017年3月13日

I got the bike. It controllably two wheel drifts on loose over and climbs really well. Tried a 1x10 at Camron Park and that worked great for California 56, but for Highlander and tired riding will need to go back to 2x10 - which somehow makes sense because with all the traction and balance assist from the 2.8 inch tires one could likely still climb at the fatigue limit.

Yes, boost front forks are great! At least the SR Suntour version is great.

....But I still don't see sit fitting. It is too long for rollers - at least the ones I have... Is the idea wheel off front first and the bar goes in the gap between the front and rear seats?