Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights

Does the Model X have DRL, I like the way they look so I keep turning on the parking lights. Is it different for the PUP package, because I didn't get that. Also does any know if any of the 12v outlets are hot all the time even when the car is off? I have a few in my other vehicles that stay hot for charging phones when the car is off.

PedanticOne | 2017年3月2日

All the answers you seek are in your owners manual. A quick search of the PDF will answer both questions.

TeslaNinno | 2017年3月2日

@PedanticOne what fun is that? Its always fun to hear from the people.....seriously though is the the 12v outlet answer in there??

PedanticOne | 2017年3月2日

Yup! p125: "Power is available whenever the instrument panel and touchscreen are on"

So no, it will not be hot if the car is off.

TeslaNinno | 2017年3月2日

@PedanticOne, it seems to keep the "Signature Lights" on during the day I have to take the car out of Range Mode or keep turning on the parking lights.....

PedanticOne | 2017年3月2日
Triggerplz | 2017年3月3日

I don't mean to contradict PedanticOne but on my P90DL my 12v is hot all the time, matter of fact I just plugged my phone charger into the 12v outlet I walked away for about 5 minutes I came back without the key to make sure the car wouldn't wake up I looked in the car the phone was charging and the red light from the charger was still lit

MasterT | 2017年3月3日

I dont remember where I read it (manual or forums) but IIRC there is a slight delay in turning 12v outlets off. Try checking in 10-15 minutes

Leli001 | 2017年3月3日

@MasterT, I was thinking the same thing

TeslaNinno | 2017年3月3日

I shut off range mode and the DLR's or "Signature Lights" did not come on this AM (at least they are not displayed on the lights screen). I will check the 12V again but I know @PedanticOne is right about the USB's that go off when the screen shuts down

PedanticOne | 2017年3月3日

It's not me being right or wrong, I'm just parroting from the manual! :-)

jwh8000 | 2017年3月3日

I'm with Triggerplz, my 12 volt jacks are hot all the time. I have a duel apple USB hub plugged into my console 12 volt jack and the charger works when the power is off. The 12 volt in the cargo area is also hot at all times also.

I have the PUP package and it has DRL's, they come on when the car starts up. I normally don't run in range mode, but what I've read in the manual it says it turns off the DLR's, not sure if that is true since I've never checked. Also during the daylight hours the headlights turn on and off with the wipers.

PedanticOne | 2017年3月3日

So, for my benefit, define "hot all the time". The manual says the 12V power is only on any time the touchscreen and instrument panel is on. You are saying this is not the case?

lilbean | 2017年3月3日

Me or my car? ;)

bigd | 2017年3月3日

LOL +42 lilbean

lilbean | 2017年3月3日


PedanticOne | 2017年3月3日

Oh boy.

bigd | 2017年3月3日

PedanticOne should that not have been oh girl :-)

Lubdub | 2017年3月4日

Cigar lighter is on all the time
My radar detector is on when car is off

MyXinTx | 2017年3月4日

I am powering a wireless car charger with an OBD port plug source, and the 12v is always hot.

MyXinTx | 2017年3月4日

Oops, meant wireless phone charger

wang5150 | 2017年3月4日

I have a non-PUP (premium upgrade package) and the 12v cigarette adapter is energized all the time, but the USB ports will power-off when the car is off.

rossRallen | 2017年3月6日

Daytime running lights are ON when Range Mode is OFF and OFF when Range Mode is ON. I like the added visibility of the DRL. so I never use Range Mode. I haven't detected any other effect of RM except it is **supposed to** affect the partition of drive energy between front and rear motors for maximum economy and limit cabin heating and cooling.

Some, in earlier threads, have said they feel a performance difference with RM on or off, I haven't. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who can tell the difference either in range or performance.

TeslaNinno | 2017年3月7日

I think it also affects the climate control and limits how quick it will heat/cool the cabin.

teslamodelx | 2017年3月7日

This is what I had to change on my settings to turn on the led light strips on the bottom of my headlight assemblies, as a day time running light feature would do. I think it is a must have as far as looks and safety are concerned! You will find this on your page 59 of you MX manual. Good luck.

Note: Model X has a series of lights along the lower rim of the headlights, also referred to as
"signature" lights. These lights automatically turn on whenever Model X is powered on and a
driving gear is engaged. In the U.S. only, these lights turn
to conserve energy when you
turn the Range mode setting on (see
on page 106 or
Driving Tips to Maximize Range
on page 64).

rdmdrd | 2017年3月8日

Range Mode turned OFF and Lights set to AUTO will keep the DRL on during the day and headlights at night without any user intervention.