Please answer a number first and then write text

Please answer a number first and then write text


I'm in the process of taking a lease on for my company car until I receive my 2 Tesla Model 3. One will be bought as family car, the other will probably be a location as company car.

Please answer how many months of rent you would personnally go for a rent taking in consideration an estimation of the delivery period for a reservation made 31st of March 2016, 120th in line, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, non-owner, not employee, AWD option.

Since nobody knows for a fact, the average will popbably be a good estimate and I'll add 5 months over the average or the median coming out from your answers guys.

My accountant said I should go for a lease for the company car since it's 100% deductible, any other views on that? Anybody here has bought a car for his company and has found the deductions more advantageous if you use the car 100% for company use?


JeffreyR | 2017年3月8日

For those that do not know, Montreal is typical LHD like in US:
"...Canadians, even the Quebecois, drive on the right side of the road...."

Do we know what the delay between introduction/deliveries was for MS & MX? Is that where you get your 5 months or do you want us to take that into account?

We already have some guesses for first delivery going for a forum member:

Any other information on options you plan to get? Elon did say before the reveal on 3/31 that "highly optioned cars would get priority" but many here believe w/ The Great Ramp Up that may not be as critical.

I think I will get a larger or mid-sized battery + AWD + all-glass roof (or pano if it's not too expensive) so my "option bonus" will be around the $42K ASP. I live in San Jose, so I'll do factory pickup (10 miles away).

Do you know how long it typically takes to deliver a car to your Service Center? You can see what the difference is between estimated delivery dates in the Design Studio I guess.

I guess I'm trying to say there a few data points we can get "hard" numbers for that will help you:

#1 Delay from 1st deliveries of MS to Montreal
#2 Delay from 1st deliveries of MX to Montreal (not counting the gap between Founders and everyone else)
#3 Average delivery time from Fremont to Montreal after order is confirmed (going to need more than one or two samples on this since where you are in the quarter and delays caused by issues w/ the car)

@OP how long do you expect to take between opening of Design Studio and confirming your order? Are you willing to change your order if something goes wrong (think grey seats causing huge delays).

Rocky_H | 2017年3月8日

@EVolution, Quote: "My accountant said I should go for a lease for the company car since it's 100% deductible, any other views on that? Anybody here has bought a car for his company and has found the deductions more advantageous if you use the car 100% for company use?"

This seems to be a long-running tax accountant myth that you have to use a lease to make it deductible. With a purchase, you can use either straight line depreciation of the value, or mileage deductions, depending on whichever would be advantageous to your situation (drive a lot of miles or not). That is probably the much more economically sensible option if you want to actually keep a car for 7 or 8 years and not waste nearly as much money as keeping on the 2 or 3 year car leasing treadmill.

Maxxer | 2017年3月11日

how much time between config and confirmation? can we confirm the day after?

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年3月11日

Dear EV,

You are asking questions not easily answered. God bless you. I think if I really really cared about the delivery date of the 3, which I actually really sort of don't, I would have a session with my physic and ask my spirit guides, who can see a little further around the corner than those of us bound to the mortal coil.

Regarding lease v purchase, if Canadian tax laws or anything like US tax laws, your question should be posed to a tax specialist, given the complexity of the laws, and how the many variables of your personal situation factor into the equation.

Having said that, leasing as opposed to outright purchase, at least here in the states, may favor leasing in that the entire amount of the monthly lease payments may be deductible, whereas only the interest on the principal may be deductible with a purchase. That;s aside from the other deductions, which as rocky pointed out apply to both scenarios.

And having said *that* (those * are italics) one thing you have going for you on either a lease or a purchase when it comes to biz use, is that you will have a second car (another electric!) parked in the driveway, which means you will look more credible to the tax man if you try and claim 100% biz use of the biz car. Get it?

That of course doesn't mean that in reality you couldn't take the kids for ice cream now and then in the M3 tasked to the biz, say if the personal M3 is on the charger... just watch out for the tax man hiding in the bushes. You may have to get him a cone too.


Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年3月11日

JR, I drove through Quebec one time and can confirm they drive on the right. The only problem with those Quebecians however is that they have a different word for everything.

I finally had someone explain how to say "I don't speak French", in French. To a person, everyone I uttered the phrase to looked at me cockeyed, like I was from Mars. So much for impromptu language lessons.

SamO | 2017年3月11日


bj | 2017年3月11日

@Coastal Cruiser - haha. Similar thing happened to me in Montreal years ago. I was leaving the metro when a wizened bent over old lady came up to me and asked me something detailed in French. I replied "Je ne parle pas Français" and she looked at me disgustedly and went "harrumph" in true Gallic style and turned away!

A friend there told me that continental French speakers find traveling to Quebec incredibly amusing, because they speak a dialect of French that's like it's been frozen in a time capsule for hundreds of years. It would be like us speaking olde English.

root | 2017年3月11日

Can confirm. We kind of speak the "french of the boonies", and if you go deep in France's remote areas, you can encounter a language variation that's close to the Québécois french.

PaceyWhitter | 2017年3月12日



Maxxer | 2017年3月12日

Pacey, the only one who understood

gavinfaulkner | 2017年3月12日

Also a shame that a good attempt at humour also resulted in PaceyWhitter being a victim of a hack/exploit.

Maxxer | 2017年3月12日

so I have (15+17+18)/3 = 16,6 months


thank you everyone for this excellent participation in this arythmetical decision making

gavinfaulkner | 2017年3月12日

If hack/exploit then achieved

else superstition