Options Post Production

Options Post Production

In order to get the bigger battery I prefer, I might need to skip out on other options, Is it possible to add options post production, I understand I will be paying more by adding post production. but if it means getting the bigger performance package battery. I will be willing to do that.

SoFlaModel3 | 2017年3月9日

The answer is It depends...

Things like enhanced auto pilot we already know for sure that you can and you just pay a premium / cannot roll that into a lease or financing since it's after initial purchase.

Everything else depends on what it is.

For instance rims. Well of course you can add rims at any time. Bigger and better Tesla rims or third party aftermarket rims. You will pay a premium again in this case because you already bought a set of rims and tires included in the price of the car.

You can't change the roof aftermarket.

You are unlikely to change seats aftermarket.

It really all just depends on what the item you want to add is.

dsvick | 2017年3月9日

Also, you may be able to go the other way as well. If the base model is a larger battery that locked to a smaller usable size you might be able to get some other options that can't be added later and then unlock the larger battery in the future.

Itrnhds | 2017年3月9日

@dsvick, that sounds like a good plan too