Washington State BEV/Hybrid Tax Incentives?

Washington State BEV/Hybrid Tax Incentives?

So I called the Tesla store in Bellevue and asked if there are any State tax incentives and they said no. I have been getting the run around from local licensing agent and have done some online checking and whatever info I have found has been very confusing. I thought that the governor had recently modified the rules and that they were still in effect? I was under the impression that the first $32,000 of the purchase price was tax exempt and you would be taxed on the difference between the final purchase price and that 32,000.
Also, in order to qualify for the tax break, the base price of the vehicle cannot exceed $42,500. (RCW 82.08.809 and RCW 82.12.809)
I am also under the assumption that BEV vehicles in WA pay an extra $100 annual registration fee. Vehicles like the Volt and Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid don't have to pay this fee because they use some gas and therefore pay gas tax....but they don't have to pay the extra annual $100. The purpose of the tax exemption plan is to encourage more use of BEV and Hybrid vehicles which is great. But the execution of the plan sure sucks.

Captain_Zap | 2017年3月9日

Yes. The dealership lobby got a hold on our incentives and they are going away one by one. You can find more detail here:
There are a few more threads on the topic there.

DTsea | 2017年3月9日

You only get sales tax waiver if car PRICE is below that value.

sosmerc | 2017年3月9日

The real issue is: when does the current WA State program end? And how does one find out? Dealers appear to be well as our local license agency near where I live.

Captain_Zap | 2017年3月10日

It is all in the link provided above.

sosmerc | 2017年3月10日

I read the link above and didn't find anything in that saying whether or not the Wa. State program is still available. I have heard is was supposed to be in affect until 2019, but could end much sooner once 7500 qualifying cars have been sold. Still don't know where we are at. It's a big deal in that no sales tax for the first $32,000 is a pretty significant savings. While I wait for the Model 3, I may spring for a Pacifica Hybrid as it does qualify for both the Fed and WA State program.

DTsea | 2017年3月11日


It isnt for the first $32k. I know because when i bought model s #2 i got nothing. That vale applies to total price ie only for low price cars.

sosmerc | 2017年3月11日

The Specific RCW is 82.08.809 and 82.12.809

I also found a link to the current list of vehicles that qualify for the sales tax exemption, and the Model S is on the list.
I will try to attach the link to the list:

sosmerc | 2017年3月11日

What I still haven't found out is whether or not the program has reached it's goal of 7,500 vehicles, at which point the tax program ends. Otherwise, it is supposed to be in effect until 2019.

sosmerc | 2017年3月11日

Sorry, I meant to say the Model 3 is on the list, not the S. The base price was recently raised to accommodate more vehicles. The first $32,000 is tax exempt and that would be a great incentive IF the RCW is still in place.

95dawg | 2017年7月14日

Since July 15, 2015 when the Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids Sales/
Use Tax Exemptions kicked in (and the 7500 limit), let's ASSUME in state of WA:

Assume 150 qualifying EVs and plug-ins are registered every month in WA. That's 3600* as of today 7/14.
Assume M3 will be delivered to WA buyers starting in Nov. That's another 600* registrations.
So, there will be ~3300 remaining when M3 deliveries start in WA in Nov 2017.

* According to WA DOL, from 2011 to 2016, about 18K EVs have been registered in WA state. Assuming half of that is non-qualifying EVs like Tesla S, Tesla Roadster, BMW i8 and other high end EVs, about 150 EV registrations per month would have qualified for sub $42,000 tax exemption.

95dawg | 2019年7月29日

Reminder to Washington state residents who are thinking about buying an EV, sales tax exemption will be reinstated August 1, 2019.

Clean alternative fuel and plug-in hybrid vehicles - sales/use tax exemptions

Washington State EV Tax Credit Reinstated