EPA Pruitt defrocked

EPA Pruitt defrocked

Tesla-David | 2017年6月9日

Thanks @Mike83, it is hard to express how disgusting Pruit/Drumpf are in letting the Koch brothers call the shots on environmental regulations. I have many friends who work at EPA here in Seattle, and my brother's wife works for EPA headquarters in Washington D.C. It is difficult for them to go to work in this Orwellian-like anti-science environment, where the regulated corporations are calling the shots, and the public health and interests are screwed.

Mike83 | 2017年6月10日

I just read that Mitch McConnell is getting the affordable health Care repeal through while everyone is diverted on Trump's Russiangate. If your over 50 your health insurance might bump an additional $13,000 per year and diabetes might not be able to even get insurance. This will damage the economy while the very very wealthy get tax cuts.
People get what they voted for and didn't vote for. The Evangelicals​ still believe he is going to help them in spite of the Pope.

Mike83 | 2017年6月10日

diabetes, meant diabetics.

Some random thoughts.

I should add that right wingers might just be helping prevent GW as more Americans die off emissions should also decrease. Maybe greed does work but not the way they expect it to.

Remnant | 2017年6月16日

@SCCRENDO (April 3, 2017)

<< The Talmud would be tougher for Remnant than the constitution. >>

Your pompous and offensive posts are toxic to the traces of civility left on these boards.

El Mirio | 2017年6月16日


SCCRENDO | 2017年6月16日

@Remnant. I would suggest that your presence here is toxic to any state of civility.

Mike83 | 2017年6月19日

Trying to screw up the EPA that has worked very well. Who benefits? Take a wild guess.

Tesla-David | 2017年6月19日

Scott Pruitt and his minions continue to show their disgusting lack of support for science and worthwhile research. His goal is to dismantle the EPA and make it a totally dysfunctional agency. I absolutely despise him and everything he stands for, propping up the fossil fuel energy sector.

Mike83 | 2017年6月19日

Some bad environmental news.

Mike83 | 2017年6月28日

If people don't get this their brains may already be damaged.

SamO | 2017年7月4日

The Environmental Protection Agency cannot freeze the implementation of a rule requiring oil and gas companies to fix methane leaks in their equipment, a federal appeals court ruled on Monday in a setback for Donald Trump’s push to cut environmental regulations.

The EPA on 5 June announced a stay in the rule, which would have required drillers and transporters to start reporting and fixing any methane leaks they found in wells and transfer stations, after the agency’s administrator, Scott Pruitt, wrote in an 18 April letter that the agency intended to reconsider imposing it. But the US circuit court of appeals for the District of Columbia said the agency did not have the authority to halt the rule during those deliberations.

The EPA’s stay “is essentially an order delaying the rule’s effective date, and this court has held that such orders are tantamount to amending or revoking a rule”, judges David Tatel and Robert Wilkins wrote.

SamO | 2017年7月4日

Welcome fossil fuel company bankruptcies!

Tesla-David | 2017年7月4日

@SamO, I second that! | 2017年7月4日

@SamO - unless the current administration bails them out with our tax dollars. :-(

SamO | 2017年7月4日

Not capable of bailout. Nobody wants their products. Only a matter of time before substitutes destroy their business.

Can't wait for Model3 :-)

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月4日

Impeach these clowns already. It was fun while it lasted. But we cannot go on much longer without a leader

Remnant | 2017年7月4日

@SCCRENDO (July 4, 2017)

<< Impeach these clowns already. It was fun while it lasted. But we cannot go on much longer without a leader >>

Apparently, you think you are a leader for the future, perhaps ready to replace our Pres.

Since you're a supporter of the alleged right to "health care", do you have a comment on the Charlie Gard baby's being offered the right to die as an application the UK right to health care? By the hospital and by the Courts, no less! Some right ... !

It was Trump who offered a no-restriction help to the poor baby, in response to the parents, the Pope, and the global opinion.

Conversely, those who, like you, advocate for an alleged right to "health-care" are mere hypocrites, because they do not admit that they, implicitly, advocate for rationing and denial of care.

lilbean | 2017年7月4日

Happy 4th, Remnant! Happy 4th, all!

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月4日

@Remnant. I am an absolute supporter. Why would you waste millions of dollars of taxpayers money on someone who will not be able to survive on their own and even with all the money spent will never have any degree of quality of life. Oops I sound like a Republican.

Yes Trump is a clown. He has no comprehension of the severity and the state of disease but steps in anyway to prove some dumbass pseudo-religious belief

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月4日

@Remnant. Absolutely. Why would you waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money to keep alive someone with zero quality of life and no possibility of living a normal life?
Trump is clown. He does not understand the condition yet he weighs in for some pseudo religious reason.
Please explain why you think this would be a good thing. Why don't you offer to pay the medical costs????

Remnant | 2017年7月5日

@SCCRENDO (July 4, 2017)

<< Please explain why you think this would be a good thing. >>

The best medical "system" is the kind of medical care that maximizes choice and privacy and minimizes government regulation, that is, the kind that is not designed by legislators and bureaucrats, that is as little a "system" as possible, but evolves on the open market.

Medical insurance should be fully portable, available across the State lines, and structured following the auto insurance model, in that it should have a required catastrophic portion, but actual coverage should be decided by the insured, rather than by government mandates.

Naturally, medical insurance reimbursements should not be reserved to "networked" medical professionals, but available to any licensed professional chosen by the patient or her family.

<< Why don't you offer to pay the medical costs???? >>

I would if I were Trump and I'm proud he did, but in a medical market of the kind described above, charity would play a secondary, much less prominent role, because the government would not be able to deny medical care to anyone.

Mike83 | 2017年7月5日

You Climate disruption deniers are so transparent. It sounds like you are trying to convince yourselves that you must be right even without any facts. Pretty funny.

Remnant | 2017年7月5日

@Mike83 (July 5, 2017)

<< It sounds like you are trying to convince yourselves that you must be right even without any facts. >>

Not at all. What you need first is some basics of Economics.

Here is something you can start with:

Mike83 | 2017年7月5日

Someone who can't even understand science. OK economic teacher. Explain the difference between M1 and M2.
How does the middle class population affect economic GNP. Compare with China.

Mike83 | 2017年7月27日

Can't answer after this long a time? No surprise.

More data DELETED.

bigd | 2017年7月29日

Did they "delete" the data by wiping it with a cloth, as your hero did?

bigd | 2017年7月29日

Did they "delete" the data by wiping it with a cloth, as your hero did?

Mike83 | 2017年7月29日

I have a hero? Could never understand this old troll.

SO | 2017年7月30日

Hillary is a godawful person and candidate. I think most of us can agree on that. She sure better not run again.

But so fricken what?!?!?! She is NOT in office. And this also does NOT give the Trump administration a free pass.

Why do so many of you Trump supporters blindly support this administration? It baffles me.

rxlawdude | 2017年7月30日

@SO, because he is anti-Obama and anti-Clinton. Their hatred for those two know no bounds of rationality.

Mike83 | 2017年8月9日
Mike83 | 2017年8月11日

It seems the Feds work for the fossil fuel companies. I wonder if they will be liable.

Mike83 | 2017年8月15日

Combating anti-science pundits. Another approach.

Mike83 | 2017年8月21日

Do Americans want separation of religions and government? I wonder.

Tesla-David | 2017年8月21日

Yes, pretty disgusting to see how the Christian fundamentalist are holding up/resisting any action on AGW/Climate disruption. I worry about Pence if he were to take over for Drumpf, that he would be even worse given his strict religious background.

SCCRENDO | 2017年8月21日

The trumps were watching the eclipse from the White House. Do these guys realize science predicted this or is this God blessing his presidency??

rxlawdude | 2017年8月21日

Did you see the President looking DIRECTLY AT THE SUN without glasses? Talk about the blind leading the nation...

Mike83 | 2017年8月21日

Trump is costing lots of money for the US tax payers. Paying for golf and skiing trips as well. Unbelievable.

Remnant | 2017年8月23日

@rxlawdude (August 21, 2017)

<< Did you see the President looking DIRECTLY AT THE SUN without glasses? Talk about the blind leading the nation ... >>

How about those who have no idea of what they are talking about?

Your attempt to proselytize for ignorance, hate, pomposity, and mendacity is certainly no substitute for the President's agenda, crawler.

Mike83 | 2017年8月23日
SCCRENDO | 2017年8月23日

Hey Remnant. Did you also look straight into the sun during the eclipse? You have to be careful about those ophthalmologists who proselytize for their profession causing blindness panic. I agree that the President knows better. I think there is a giant conspiracy among ophthalmologists to disturb the President's agenda.

rxlawdude | 2017年8月23日

Well, it seems the sun burned out far more neuronal tissue than just the retina of the carpet scrap.

SCCRENDO | 2017年8月23日

@rxlawdude. To be scientifically accurate we would need to know the original size of his brain remnant and compare the post solar eclipse remnant. I'm guessing he started off with a small remnant so it may be difficult to detect a difference.

Mike83 | 2017年8月23日

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The carpet bagger does seem enthralled with his own information.

Mike83 | 2017年8月28日

Volcanoes are insignificant compared to man's fossil fuel burning. Before the feds delete it.

Mike83 | 2017年8月29日
Mike83 | 2017年10月2日
Mike83 | 2017年10月2日

I read Rick Perry wants to subsidize coal and nuclear. Welcome to higher rates for consumers along with dirty air and water. But you can count on tax breaks for the very rich and no more Estate taxes. Russian oligarchy comes to the US.