Front License Plate Holder

Front License Plate Holder

We've been ticketed for not having a license plate mounted to the front of our Model X. It doesn't appear to have pre-drilled holes for mounting the license plate. If anyone knows of options for a front license plate mounting system, please advise. Thank You!

PedanticOne | 2017年3月18日
mathwhiz | 2017年3月18日

This has been discussed quite a bit. Checkout the OWNERS MANUAL COMPANION / FAQ thread (link below) for search options, then search on your OP title:

RGH | 2017年3月18日

I saw the Evannex stuff and though everything was far over expensive. I mean really... over $100 for a license plate holder ?

lilbean | 2017年3月18日

I know! Must be the Tesla special price (gouging).

lilbean | 2017年3月18日
inconel | 2017年3月18日

I looked into the law bracket but was worried about damages to the slats in the front bumper that are used to support the bracket. If a car in front back up and push against the license plate will this break the slats?

lilbean | 2017年3月18日

I was thinking the same thing, inconel. The slats feel flimsy.

mathwhiz | 2017年3月18日

Well, the slats are probably fine, until they're used in this (wrong) way... I guess the only benefit is the part can be replaced if the law breaks it. (part delivery lead-time -- soon...)

PedanticOne | 2017年3月19日

There's always duct tape.

hundredmountains | 2017年3月19日

Does Tesla provide the front license plate holder?

lilbean | 2017年3月19日

Yes. I believe all the new California cars come with it installed.

PedanticOne | 2017年3月19日

I got one, but haven't looked at it since they showed it to me. Still in the frunk. It seemed to have wires on it.

Uncle Paul | 2017年3月19日

Got my California X last month. The front plate holder was in the trunk. They would have put it on if I asked, but I'm going to use "The Law" instead.

lilbean | 2017年3月19日

That's good to hear, phawker1. I wonder if some service centers are putting it on and others are not.

tommyalexandersb | 2017年3月19日

They showed me mine, and left it in the frunk. My plates just arrived, but I'm going to wait another month or two to put them on (my DS said you can usually get away with that). If I get more than one ticket for no front plate in a year, I'll take it to the service center and have them put it on for me.

inconel | 2017年3月19日

When I picked up my car last week (NJ) they have not installed the front license plate holder yet. I left with the holder still in the frunk, did some research this week and found two alternatives: the Law and ShowNGo. They both look like a temporary installation to me with the front plate being too low on the bumper and potentially obstructing airflow there. The Law also makes me worry about breaking the bumper slats. In the end I have decided to let Tesla drill and install the regular holder. It looks more like a finished installation to me and I won't have to worry about it anymore. Peace of mind.

Triggerplz | 2017年3月19日

When I picked mine up in May they put the front bracket and the wheel locks on

rrmacha | 2018年7月2日

@inconel .. Did Tesla service centre actually drill into the bumber and fit the front license plate? In CA it has become mandatory to have the front license plate.

Redmiata98 | 2018年7月2日

The Service Centers in VA/MD/DC have given the owner the option of having the front plate installed since at least 2014. Usually! If it does NOT get installed it is due to owner request. If your state requires a front plate be mounted! the Service Center does it free of charge.

liftsrock | 2018年7月3日

I decided that I'd rather purchase and install The Law (from Evannex) than pay the $125.00 ticket for not having a front plate on the car. I also decided not to drill holes or use two-sided tape on the front facia because most people seem to be so sensitive about any holes or paint damage and I don't want to create any issue with selling the car later if I want to upgrade to a newer model. The Law seems to mount nicely . . . I don't think that the grill work that it mount to will break . . . mounting instructions say not to over tighten the bolts . . . and I used white lithium grease on the screw threads so they won't "freeze" due to corrosion . . . I use this on the screws for the rear plate also and set a reminder to remove the screws and add new grease annually to keep everything in good shape. With the winters here in Ohio, screws can "freeze" and I had to replace the rear license plate bracket on my BMW X3 because of that before I traded it in.

anitha | 2018年7月6日

Another inexpensive option in ebay or etsy, look for "No-Hole Tesla Model X Front License Plate Installation kit "

chadcristi | 2018年10月22日

Most of these products block the air intakes and/or apply way too much stress on the plastic grille. The toggle bolt idea from Home Depot is cheap, but I'm not putting those on the front end of my Tesla. May want to check out for a better front license plate mounting solution.

plugzin | 2018年10月22日

Nice, but $160?

lilbean | 2018年10月23日

That price is outrageous! No thanks.

rick | 2018年10月24日

I am very familiar with "The Law" and I'm going to highly recommend you look at the Slipstream sold by After taking a road trip over the summer and using multiple Superchargers I was shocked how much air comes out of that opening. It is well worth the few extra dollars, in my opinion, to not deal with potential battery issues. Check it out: