Using Spotify instead of Tesla Media

Using Spotify instead of Tesla Media

I've read that you can use spotify as the media player and replace the Tesla option (or so that's what it sounds like). Has anyone done this? I like spotify more than the tesla music services but since I can use spotify via bluetooth I'm trying to figure out if there's any advantage to installing it or if it just makes more sense to use it via bluetooth.

Gary an Rachel | 2017年4月3日

+1 | 2017年4月3日

In North America, the streaming service is Slacker. Outside of North America, Tesla uses Spotify. There is no option to replace one with the other. It's entirely based on the region the car is made for.

You can use bluetooth and have any streaming service you want from your phone. If you're in the USA, the only way to get Spotify is through your phone.

Tâm | 2017年4月3日

Currently, North America Tesla owners who want to use Spotify will have to move to Europe or Australia and get a European/Australia Tesla.

There's a petition to install Spotify for North America Tesla:

I like Spotify because it has more music collection (including Vietnamese).

Using via bluetooth is fine but the bit rate (quality) of music via bluetooth is much slower than if you can get it from the built-in application of the car.

By its nature, bluetooth is not able to support the transmission of lossless music but your built-in application of your car can.

billchase2 | 2017年4月17日

Can you use the web player in the web browser?

mbirnie51 | 2017年4月17日

Thanks for asking the question. I got Spotify for a gift and wondered about importing it into the Tesla.....tried to get it with my limited knowledge of the web browser and got frustrated. It does just fine via bluetooth, though. | 2017年4月17日

@billchase2 - Nope. The browser does not support audio or video.

billchase2 | 2017年4月18日 - Dang, that's too bad. Is it a hardware limitation? Or do you think it could be possible with a future software update? I'd really like Spotify on my Model 3.

Vawlkus | 2017年4月18日

it's a deliberate block. Tesla does NOT want distracted drivers

bbird | 2017年5月4日

There must be more to this than just the cost of the US-based licensing arrangement with Spotify. Else they could easily just provide the app, and require a login for individuals that are already Spotify premium subscribers.

Perhaps there is some zero-rating arrangement between the LTE provider and slacker streaming service, that keeps data usage charge lower for Tesla, or allows them to get a sweeter deal.

There is also the consideration of high compression and low bitrate with Slacker stream, which is non-configurable. Of course this produces abysmal audio quality from the Slacker streaming service. Spotify application provides for adjustable quality settings, that can increase quality and bitrate, and in-turn increase LTE data usage. Perhaps Tesla wants to avoid this, too.

All in all, it does come down to cost. My $137k wasn't enough? I find that hard to believe. But, if you really need to be that greedy, then just charge me an extra $500 bucks next time, and give me a Spotify App, ok?

andres | 2017年6月4日

I'm dying to use my Spotify Premium in the car. I tried the Slacker premium service to see if it was comparable and its not comparable at all. For now I'm using bluetooth but it really sucks to not be able to just pick Spotify. So stupid considering they already have the app on other markets.

kevin | 2017年6月15日

I'm all for Spotify

mlebrass | 2017年7月7日

If SpaceX is planning a Mars trip...certainly Tesla can allow Tesla lovers to use Spotify. I think they have too many balls in the air and have lost interest in providing more control over your music. Slacker is not worth the effort...

mlebrass | 2017年7月7日

Oops..I hit send before adding this homily: dance with the one who brought you to the dance.

Jkennebeck | 2017年7月12日

the only explanation HAS to be the data that tesla is still footing the bill for.

Dohicks | 2018年2月17日

So, you can use Spotify off you phone via BT but the Spotify web player does not work on the Tesla browser.

I have an issue with Spotify not producing much volume via BT.

Coldfire73 | 2018年2月17日

Also worth noting that if you do have Spotify in your car (ie you don’t have a US one) then you can also login with your own Spotify account details as an alternative to the built in (and non-transferable/usable outside the car) premium account. ...and yes.. it works lovely (sorry to rub it in!) :)

Annie_Yazbeck | 2018年9月12日

I also would like to use Spotify music streaming service, since it offers free access to listen to over 33 million music library with no cost. Although I can't listen to Spotify music offline on my device on Spotify app, I get AudFree Spotify Converter for me to achieve this goal. So Spotify is the first choice.

davidahn | 2018年9月13日

It's a couple extra steps, but I use the Tidal app with my hifi subscription for full CD quality audio through BT.

evd303 | 2018年10月17日

I just got my Model 3 and the first thing I did was hook up my phone via Bluetooth. I turned on Spotify on my phone and it works just fine. At first the volume was a bit low and then I discovered if I turn up the volume on my phone I get all the volume I need.

800.3kyhpefbcgb | 2018年10月31日

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jamesguan117 | 2018年11月7日

I am guessing this might be a licensing issue. Slacker must have cut a deal with Tesla. You can still use your phone but it is highly inconvenient... Spotify is just better and hopefully we can get spotify integration in the future.

jdobbins4 | 2018年12月17日

I agree, Spotify is much better and I have the premium service as well. Give us a Spotify app or ability to denote what our main music service is, Slacker/Tunein, Apple Music or Spotify. If spotify can be done outside of the US, Tesla needs to be flexible for Spotify subscribers and allow this. We pay a premium for the car and the innovation it brings to the vehicle and UI and should be able to have this functionality.

Guanadigital | 2018年12月22日

If you take a USA model Tesla to a country that Tesla allows Spotify can you get a firmware fix to have Spotify or is it built in the car?

gzerk | 2019年1月5日

I would love to have my playlists natively in the media player. Using it through my phone is horrid. The volume has to be leveled on both my phone and the car (why not one?).
I imagine it's a licensing meets data limits issue / conundrum. Perhaps 5G and this will all change.
Either way, slacker is just so 2009...

andnewsindia82 | 2019年3月19日

I also like to use Spotify music streaming service, since Spotify offers free access to listen music library with no cost. and also we can convert Spotify music to mp3. so Spotify is better option...
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samrtto | 2019年7月21日

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info | 2019年10月12日

I have a premium Spotify account which I've signed into on my Model S. Everything works well, but I'd like to have the playlists synced with my Tesla account so the order is the same ( playlist order) . Tips?

Sam | 2019年10月13日

When I login to my account on my bottle ask my phone tells me that I need to use the navigation app like Waze or Google maps. I don’t understand why you just can’t pick it up. Google already knows enough about me LOL anybody have any ideas here

Sam | 2019年10月13日

When I login to my account on my bottle ask my phone tells me that I need to use the navigation app like Waze or Google maps. I don’t understand why you just can’t pick it up. Google already knows enough about me LOL anybody have any ideas here

ezrondavid95 | 2020年1月23日

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shariqali074 | 2020年2月23日

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n7142701886 | 2020年2月23日

I have ATT unlimited and they give me Spotify Premium for free.
I can use Spotify with my Tesla.
For voice command, you need to say song name on Spotify.

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