Model S for Kids (referral prize)

Model S for Kids (referral prize)


Has anyone claimed their Model S for Kids coupon code at the Radio Flyer website? The code I used did not work at the RAdio Flyer Tesla checkout. It says invalid.


I emailed Tesla referral but I don't know if it's just a bot receiving it. :(

koresily | 2017年4月14日

After reading the whole post, I have learned more about this topic. Thank you so much.

steven | 2017年4月14日

Ordering tonight. Will see how it goes... Need to get it delivered before May 25th as the ultimate gift for my youngest's communion :-) Hope the code works or I'll be in a lot of trouble.

By the way, did you just order the car? Or a whole bunch of batteries and accessories as well? Maybe the code is just for the car?

drklain | 2017年4月14日

The code appears to be just for the car. I got my email from Tesla for the last referral period. One of the pages had a code and a link to the radio flyer website. Apply the code at checkout and it turns the "balance due" to zero....

dpena23 | 2017年4月14日

Ya, I selected all the default options on their website so that there's no additional costs. The total was $499 but after I type in my coupon code it says the code is invalid. :-(

steven | 2017年4月14日

Same here: invalid code. Tesla should get their act together :-(

dpena23 | 2017年4月15日

Oh, nooo! You too? :-(

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 2017年4月15日

Are people giving away or selling unwanted codes for these? If anyone is, let me know as my daughter would die for one!

fholley | 2017年4月15日

If like to jump in line behind Melania for any unwanted codes.

acegreat1 | 2017年4月15日

Me too. I made a thread about this in the past

dpena23 | 2017年4月15日

i emailed the Referral email and the Tesla support (non emergency) email. No reply yet :( Gee I hope they give me a new code and not just brush us off.

drklain | 2017年4月15日

What is the referral email? I got the prize notification for the period ending March 15th (allowed me to order my radio flyer) but never got one from the period ending 15 Jan (earned a carry-on bag and jacket, really want the jacket)

steven | 2017年4月19日

Got it to work after contacting RadioFlyer. You need to order via a custom order page for Tesla. The normal order procedure is not applicable. For European people it seems to be Not sure what the US page would be.

Also, they have a 12 business day delivery to Europe standard, but the Tesla order page says they will send in 5-6 weeks (+12 business days). But it would be the first actual referral prize I would really get. Waiting on a few others for quite some time now...

omega | 2017年7月12日

Anyone knows the link for US? I lost the original web link...Thanks.

rsigman | 2017年7月12日

This should work for US referrals:

omega | 2017年7月12日

@rsigman Thanks a lot!

reed_lewis | 2017年7月12日

But you need to have your specific code to finish the order.

Steinwand | 2017年11月10日

FYI big delays on these. I ordered mine in April and still haven't received it. They have kept me up to date however and say I should be getting it in early December. They also updated me to the new look facia plus will give me the more powerful battery. I guess worth waiting for as i was in no hurry.

murraypetera | 2017年11月10日

I have one in box to sell
Westchester NY pickup. Will ship at cost.

DRFLGD | 2017年11月11日

On a related note, when I purchased my Tesla, I used a referral code from a friend. Weeks passed and he heard nothing about his gift. He checked into it and they didn't have a record of him getting my referral code. I then got involved and found that they had used a referral code from some guy in Boston. Thankfully I got it changed but WTF?

cauccnguyen | 2017年11月30日

How long from the delivery until you receive the code.

Silver2K | 2017年11月30日

With a month, if not contact Teala

Silver2K | 2017年11月30日


Silver2K | 2017年11月30日


PS: I hate you Samsung!

steven | 2017年11月30日

@DRFLGD: I've had the same, when someone gave my code to the sales person and for some reason my code wasn't used. They acknowledged it, but the car was already delivered by the time I found out. So, they promised to use my code on another car to compensate, but that was in February and I'm still waiting for that referral :-(

SCCRENDO | 2017年12月16日

I just got my code yesterday for the radio Flyer. I used the link and when I apply it it tells me code is cancelled. Anyone else still having issues.

SCCRENDO | 2017年12月16日

Update. The code would not work on the ipad or iphone. But worked first time on my wife’s desktop Mac.

murraypetera | 2017年12月16日

I have a red one in box unopened
Westchester NY
OR Newark NJ area

SCCRENDO | 2017年12月16日

How much??

GEMs | 2017年12月17日

I have a red one in unopened box. Houston Texas available for immediate pickup

allen.naseri | 2018年3月22日

Hi There,

I have a Tesla MODEL S for Kids REFERAL CODE for sale. By using this code, you can choose color and destination for free shipping. if interested contact me at

Thank you.


jpac | 2018年5月16日

Would like to swap the Tesla Kids car in blue (new / unopened) for a Tesla Wall Charger (2nd Gen type that can do load sharing). Any takers? If so, please write Thanks.

spatters805 | 2018年5月17日

About what size is max for this prize. My kid is 10 but she is still south of 60 lbs. Just wondering if it's even worth ordering.

lilbean | 2018年5月17日

Yes. It’s worth it. My son fits. He’s 65 pounds. Even I fit but I’m lil.

apaley5 | 2018年7月7日

anyone else having trouble with these codes. I was given one last month that did not work and Radio Flyer says it is because it was used by another customer in February and Tesla is giving out "used codes."

Not cool...Still waiting to hear back

Silver2K | 2018年7月8日

No problem here. I used a code emailed to me and worked fine.

jordanrichard | 2018年7月8日

Apaley5, yes I recently ran into this. Radio Flyer said that the redemption code Is as given had already been used and that they have seen this happen before. I reached out to Tesla and they said that they are aware of the problem. The system had apparently send out random previously used codes. They are working on correcting the problem. I keep checking my app to see if a new code has been given, but so far nothing has changed. This transpired last week, just for a point of reference.

Silver2K, when did you use your code?

Silver2K | 2018年7月8日

2 months ago and got the kid's car in 7 days

rsurf90232 | 2018年7月10日

Hi, I've received the reward opportunity but have not redeemed it yet. Will sell. Text me at 310-430-5700.

delfik87 | 2019年4月12日

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