Reservation Deposit Refund

Reservation Deposit Refund

I cancelled my Model 3 reservation a few weeks ago. Does anyone know how long it takes for Tesla to refund my deposit? Thanks.

Carl Thompson | 2017年4月22日

But you were so close to it! ;-)

Sorry to hear you canceled. Not sure how long it will take but you could give them a call and ask.


Frank99 | 2017年4月22日

IMHO, it shouldn't take any longer than it took them to charge your card in the first place, but corporate finance departments don't see things my way.

Several others on here have reported their refund status, and they tend to stop posting after 2-3 weeks. My assumption is they stop posting once they receive their refund, so you're likely close.

avesraggiana | 2017年4月23日

@Carl Thompson. Thanks for the suggestion. At the very least I’ll email them or use their live chat line. No regrets cancelling. I DO regret taking a test drive in a Model S, “just to see what a Model 3 might be like.” Catastrophic mistake. I ended up buying one. If I’m ever able to afford another Tesla, it will have to be nothing less than another Model S.

@Frank 99. Thanks for the tip. It’s only been about three weeks, so, any day now.

KP in NPT | 2017年4月23日

Haha that's what happens all too often! Congrats @avesraggiana - what did you end up going with?

HockeyEV | 2017年4月23日

I can't blame you on that one! when I test drove the S, I said hands down best and coolest car I have ever driven. Did not think about buying one as that 80K price tag brought me to earth real quick. 6 months later now and the price drop of the S75 and rationalizing I am getting closer and closer. i think what it will be for me is in 6 months from now where will the 3 be in production and where is the tax credit. Maybe make the switch then.

avesraggiana | 2017年4月23日

@KP in NPT. Thank you very much! It IS the best car I’ve ever driven and by far, THE MOST expensive car I’ve ever purchased, setting me back over twice as much as what I’d ever paid for a car. I bought an S75D, in the blue, glass roof and ultra-white interior. It’s stunning, and I gifted it to my dad for his 86th birthday. He’s been over the moon ever since. Now, I want one for myself, but I’ll have to wait until I can afford one again.

avesraggiana | 2017年4月23日

@ HockeyEV. I’m being very partial of course, but I think you’re in the sweet spot to make the switch now...

KP in NPT | 2017年4月23日

Nice! That is exactly what I would get now if we were to ever trade our (old blue) 70D. :) Love the blue with white seats.

I want the look for our 3 but I'm not sure we need 2 blue cars. ha. And wow, what an amazing gift! I hope he lets you drive it all you want. ;-)

funcc | 2017年4月23日

avesraggiana - I did exactly the same thing. Amazing how driving a Model S just 1 time leads to spending so much money :)

lilbean | 2017年4月23日

Congrats! We bought our x without ever seeing a Tesla in person, never test drove one or sat in one. I think that's why the wait was bearable. I didn't know what I was in for.

sosmerc | 2017年4月23日

After my first Model S drive I knew it was time to give up the gasser. I also knew I could not (or simply would not) spend what they were asking for any new Tesla. But the Model 3 comes along and that I can justify and afford. But in the meantime, while I wait for the 3, I am getting "warmed up" by enjoying my new Volt. And I think I could have even taken a swing at the Bolt if I didn't travel so much. At least I am moving in the right direction and supporting the cause.

jefjes | 2017年4月23日

Almost did that in January but my better half was there to reel me in. Now I'm patiently waiting on my M3. Congrats to your dad! I still end up supporting my (in their 30s) kids so hoping for a gift like that is only fantasy for myself but he is one lucky guy.

Red Sage ca us | 2017年4月23日

Yes. The blue with white interior does look wonderful. That is what I'd like to get for my Mom, perhaps as a Model X. Then, maybe get it wrapped to the purplish-lavender that would send her over the moon. I know she'll love me forever anyway, but why not?

M3forMe | 2017年4月23日

@avesraggiana - Congrats. Your Dad is one lucky man.

accentcreate | 2017年4月23日

Yeah! Thanks to all those buying Ss and Xs. You are making the queue shorter for the rest of us. I too would love an S if it were just a bit smaller. Too large for my village and narrow mountain roads.

mntlvr23 | 2017年4月23日

@accentcreate - what town do you live near?

Haggy | 2017年4月24日

You can probably just have them put the money toward your Model S if that's what you are buying instead.

swingshiftworker | 2017年4月24日

I received my refund very promptly in a couple of weeks when I cancelled in Feb.

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年4月25日

The Model 3 FAQ says:

Can I cancel my Model 3 reservation?
Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Log in to your Tesla account and you will find a link to cancel. Refunds can take up to three weeks depending on your country of delivery.

biggestfan | 2017年4月28日

@avesraggiana - I cancelled my Model 3 reservation. Took a full month to get the deposit back. Glad to hear you like the Model S...

Tesla2018 | 2017年4月29日

Im surprised that people who cancel arent selling their their spots in line since there is a longer wait time for recent orders. When I bought my previous car their was a 2 year backlog but then the manufacturer said that they wouldnt allow it. Think they made it that the name on the order had to mstch the name that the car was titled too. Guess having to pay the taxes and registation on the ourchase and

Tesla2018 | 2017年4月29日

then having the person who wanted your spot pay them again wouldnt make it worthwhile.

Frank99 | 2017年4月29日

Tesla has said that reservations aren't transferable, which kinda puts a damper on the market for selling places in line. I'm sure they'll be a bit flexible - perhaps your kids will be permitted to purchase a Model 3 that you reserved - but it's unlikely that your neighbor will be.

ebmcs03 | 2017年4月29日

How do they refund you? Back to the initial Credit Card you used to pay or mail you a physical check?

cchouston | 2017年4月29日

Cancelled one reservation and kept another. With the refund going toward a deposit on an S100D. It took exactly three weeks to get the refund, which was credited back to my credit card.

swingshiftworker | 2017年5月3日

emchang | April 29, 2017 asked:

"How do they refund you? Back to the initial Credit Card you used to pay or mail you a physical check?"

They just post a refund to the credit card you used, like any other vendor would.

mahantelman | 2017年6月22日

At this point, I just hit 7 weeks since submitting for a refund. An email and 2 calls over the last several weeks didn't get much information except that they are behind, and it sounds like I shouldn't even be looking for a check (they said they mail paper checks since it had been over a year) until early July. Nine weeks seems a bit excessive, especially for a US refund...

Frank99 | 2017年6月22日

I've said it on other threads, and I'll say it here: This is a completely unacceptable way to deal with customers.

eeb9 | 2017年6月22日

Every second they can hang onto that deposit is a bit of interest income.

Their bean-counters are likely looking at every possible way to keep the $$$ in their hands to the vestry last possible instant.

They are a for-profit company, after all.

Though I do agree that I *expect* different/better from them, just because, well, they're *Tesla* FFS

me | 2017年6月22日

@mahantelman I'm in the exact same boat. 7 weeks since I cancelled and no word. Not cool.

david.jones24 | 2017年6月22日

7 weeks?! Ouch. Well, even more reason to wait for the final reveal. ;)

I.moo | 2017年6月26日

9 weeks here, absolutely unacceptable.

swingshiftworker | 2017年6月28日

Could the current delays in receiving refunds reported in this thread and in others be due to a backlog of cancellation requests?

Just 10-15k cancellations out of 300k reservations (3-5%) would certainly back things up "big league" (or is it "bigly?). LOL!

Just wondering . . .

Frank99 | 2017年6月28日

Someone said that, because the reservations were more than a year ago, Tesla was mailing checks rather than crediting cards. Perhaps the relatively constant rate of refunds hit a big wall in terms of how long it took Tesla to process them right around April 1 of this year, and our friends here are seeing the results of that. Let's hope Tesla figures out how to solve the problem....

jefjes | 2017年6月29日

Maybe they are hoping that people will change their mind about cancelling after the final reveal so they are dragging their feet on the refunds.

dsvick | 2017年6月29日

I'm not sure you can read much into how long it is taking people to get their deposits back. IIRC they had issues with slow refunds even relatively early after the first reveal.

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年6月29日

jefjes: That's an interesting idea... After the next reveal there may be people who cancelled begging Tesla to reinstate their place in line.

Owner2015 | 2017年6月29日

Yes the tesla is fun for a few months but when you have to live with it on the long journies and the regular trips to the service centre to have all the faulty parts replaced to ask for tyres that they don't stock and have range issues every week due to chargers always being full and missing meeting due to extended waiting times. Yes they look ok but it's the biggest motering regret I have had yet. Getting out of tesla before they sink underneath the debt bubble.

Mr.Tesla | 2017年6月29日

LOL @ ferretguy

Drama time!

KP in NPT | 2017年6月29日

ferranteguy is a troll. :eyeroll:

Frank99 | 2017年6月29日

Oh, man, ferret. We've seen trolls here that were 10 times the troll you are. You're so bad it it that it's almost funny - like watching the Gong Show.

It's been a bit tense around here as everyone is getting antsy for the final reveal and the Design Studio to open. Please hang around to help break the tension and give us something to laugh over.

SamO | 2017年6月30日

Dearest Ferret-face,

Please try more derp. But don't just try the same thing and expect a different result. That's the definition of insanity.

+1 Frank99

dsvick | 2017年6月30日

If you're going to troll you should at least be original and come up with something on your own. Did you just google "Tesla complaints" and pick the top ones?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年6月30日

~*sigh*~ Highlight. Right click. Select 'Hide Posts from User'. ~*ahhh*~

tesla | 2017年7月2日

Cancelled reservation on April 29, still waiting on July 3. Based in New Zealand.

keithaspiro | 2017年7月2日

Hope all these 3 reservationists are ahead of me in line....!!..????

Sarjanlong | 2017年7月3日

Requested my refund on June 6, was told I'd have it within 10 days. Nothing yet.

me | 2017年7月5日

Quick update from my previous post... I received my refunded deposit by check on July 3. 2 months after I first requested to cancel my reservation.

Frank99 | 2017年7月5日

Thanks, me. Glad to hear that you got yours, still disappointed in the delay.

JD in STL | 2017年7月5日

Request: 5 May. Check: 26 June