18 or 20 inches rims

18 or 20 inches rims

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to get an idea of what you all are thinking about getting with regards to wheel sizes assuming the sizes are 18s or 20s. I was really leaning towards the 18s, but I also want black/dark rims and I have a feeling that those will only come in 20s so I think that may go that route. Wanted to see where everyone else stands when it comes to wheel size.


getsolarizednow | 2017年4月22日

I think in Wisconsin the only choice is 18" wheels given the condition of the roads.

Bighorn | 2017年4月22日

Depends on the aspect ratio of the tire.

Pkalhan | 2017年4月22日

@Bighorn, sorry for my ignorance, but can you tell me what you mean by "aspect ratio"? I am very inexperienced when it comes to general wheel lingo but would like to learn as much as possible. If getting black 20" rims from Tesla costs too much, I may be willing to get after market black rims for hopefully cheaper and I understand there are some things I have to take into consideration before buy any rims.

Bighorn | 2017年4月22日

Aspect ratio relates to how much rubber separates the rim from the road. As the rim gets bigger, there is less and less rubber to protect the rim from potholes and curbs. The aspect ratio is part of the tire's specs. For instance, on the Model S the aspect ratio on the 19s is 45 and it is 35 for the 21s i.e 245/35/21--the 245 is the width of the tire in mms. The aspect ratio means the sidewall height is 35% of the width or about 86mm. The stock 19s are also 245mm, so they are 110 mm tall. How big the overall diameter of the wheel would determine what the aspect ratio could be for a given width.

Pkalhan | 2017年4月22日

I understand now, thanks for the clarification. Also, isn't there something about bolt pattern or something like that that a person would also have to keep in mind if they were wanting to get after market rims to make sure they would fit the car? thanks!

Bighorn | 2017年4月22日

True--there are characteristics such as bolt pattern, offset and load capacity that you'd have to consider when buying aftermarket rims. Places like TireRack figure that stuff out for you.

Sandy’s 3 | 2017年4月22日

Stick with Tire Rack or a Tesla aftermarket supplier. They will ensure you get the right bolt pattern, offset etc.

The rest are on the right side of the second link.

noleaf4me | 2017年4月22日


Ehninger1212 | 2017年4月23日

I'm already planning on getting the cheapest rims and buying aftermarket, unless tesla has some sweet options!

jman | 2017年4月23日

Depends on your location. If snowy, I would go with 18. I have 19" on my Model S and anybody with 21" in New England is crazy....

jefjes | 2017年4月23日

Think potholes and tire chains/cables (if RWD) when deciding on low profile tires. They do look nice but there are other considerations besides looks when buying wheels and tires. Handling and ride comfort are in there also.