FWD window tint level?

FWD window tint level?

Does anyone know the tint level/light transmission allowed for the FWD windows?
Thank you.

Triggerplz | 2017年4月29日

I always thought there was no limit on the rear doors and back window tint, only the front windows and windshield

PedanticOne | 2017年4月29日

I believe the question is just asking what the factory tint level is.

ScooterJim | 2017年4月29日

I had my front window done with 30% and the FWD are darker than the front. I am guessing it is about 20%, in addition, my tint installer added a 40% (I did not request it but did not charge extra) onto the FWD and rear window, which made them even darker. The film has more UV and infrared blocking ability so the car should stay cooler. I even added a film (70%) on the front windshield. Can't tell there is a film from the outside, but I can tell there is less heat from the windshield.

jsabucciarelli | 2017年4月30日

Yes, PedanticOne is correct. I was wondering what the factory tint level is. I live up in WI and am allowed 50% on front windows. I am sure the FWD windows are much darker. I don't really want to go that dark on the front as it can be difficult at times to see out at night in a poorly lit area. I just don't know how it'll look with different tint levels on the front and back windows. What do you all think? And sorry for any confusion on the original inquiry. This was my first post. I'll do better next time :)

ScooterJim | 2017年4月30日

In GA, the front side window limit is 32%. On my Kia I have 35% and on the X I have 30%. I can tell the difference between the Kia and X. For 50% it is pretty light so it should not be a problem at night. I can see out both of my cars at night, Kia being a little easier. I installed 70% on the windshield and can't harder tell a film has been installed.

Triggerplz | 2017年4月30日

@jsabucc Here's a picture of my window tint it's not as dark as the fwd windows I'm not sure of the % of the front windows tint, I do have a window tint waiver from the Dept Of Motors vehicle . Good Luck

ScooterJim | 2017年4月30日

Mine looks very similar which at 30% which is below the legal GA limit of 32%, but hard to tell the difference from the GA legal limit of 32%

dalexander1 | 2017年4月30日

My understanding on tint levels is that the % is the amount of light passing through. A 40% lets 40% of the light through and 80% lets 80% through. I had my 2 front doors done at 40% . the windshield at 78% up to the top of the camera mounting and 40% from the top of the camera mounting to the top of the windshield. The rest of the windows (read doors and hatch) done in 78% so as not to go to dark for night driving. All tint was ceramic film which does cut down on the heat from the sun and hopefully reflects some heat back inside in the winter as well. As a side note, the installer could not do thr top of the FWD's because he said they were Lexan and not glass and the film would not adhere properly. Also the choices they had weere 78%, 40% and 20%. Other installers may differ. Another carried 80% 50% and 20%. YMMV

MXBlack | 2017年5月1日

@Triggerplz, the tint you got on your front windows look good. What level of tint did you get? I'm assuming you also tinted the 2 small triangular windows at the front too? How much did you pay total? Thanks.

Mel. | 2017年5月2日

Were you able to do the windshield with one piece? I have been told it takes 2 pieces to do the windshield

Triggerplz | 2017年5月2日

@MXBLACK Im not sure of the % of my tint, yes they did the small windows too, I forgot exactly what I paid I think I only paid like $100, sorry I couldnt be more helpful

carlk | 2017年5月2日

I actually asked my tint shop to measure it when they were doing my front windows and windshield, It came back close to 10%. Limousine tint is 5%. It's pretty close to that.

carlk | 2017年5月2日

Mel Mine was done in one piece. Not everyone could do that though.

Mel. | 2017年5月3日

carik, what material did they use? Was it a special order? One shop I went to , wanted to use 2 different types. Crystalline for bottom 36 inches and ceramic for the rest with a darker tint.

MXBlack | 2017年5月3日

@Triggerplz, what is a tint waiver and how did you able to get one from the DMV? In CA, the allowable tint for the front windows is only 70% and that is likely too bright if the FWD are 10% tinted per @carlk. I'm currently driving a loaner and it has tint on the front windows as dark as the FWD. I got pulled over by law enforcement yesterday for accidentally having my high beam on (I thought for sure that he was pulling me over because of the tint). I did rolled down both of my windows all the way the moment I stopped to lessen the chance that he'll see the tint.

Triggerplz | 2017年5月4日

@MXBlack you will need to get a doctor to fill out the form from the DMV, if the sun effects your vision or if you have a skin allergy which the sun effects are a few reasons you can get a window tint waiver, it's good for 4 years then you have to submit another application, I've had my MX for a year and only once was I stopped for it the officer asked about my tint as I was about to show him my waiver he asked if I had a prescription for the tint I said yes he said ok and didn't even look at it

Triggerplz | 2017年5月4日

Oops "affects"

MXBlack | 2017年5月4日

@Triggerplz, thanks, good to know :)

MyXinTx | 2017年5月11日

I realize this does not address the OP question, but more important for me than light transmission is thermal transmission unless security is the priority.

I added Huper Optik everywhere, including the upper windshield above the level of the visor, and a legal ceramic below it.

It made a huge difference last summer living in Texas, where even with the A/C blasting, radiant heat on my chest and arms was uncomfortable.

And adding the "sunglass" to the upper windshield is essential when that bright sun is glaring in, but I do have an eye issue, aniridia, having lost my native iris from an injury, which makes the bright sun intolerable at times.

Mel. | 2017年5月12日

Does Tesla Ave a sun shade like they do for the model S?

Leli001 | 2017年5月14日
Chris365 | 2017年7月5日

What is tint level of the Model S out of the factory? Specifically, the front driver/passenger and rear passenger windows of a 2017 MS. Thanks.

Triggerplz | 2017年7月5日

@chris365 Someone on the MS side should be able to answer question

NHKIM | 2018年3月2日

Getting my front windows tinted now. Factory tint in the rear (FWD and trunk) was at 11% by light meter. Getting Suntek carbon at 15% per my installers recommendation (pretty carbon neutral in hue). Hope that helps.

Jazer | 2018年9月5日

This Tesla Model 3: had MOTOSHIELD PRO NANO-CERAMIC TINT installed on it.

Blocks up to 99% of UV and IRR rays (heat) and has better performance ratings than 3M crystalline. They are based out of the Los Angeles area. Check their Tesla packages out here:

Just need to find a good installer and you can save yourself a lot of $$$. You are welcome Tesla Family :)