Trump and state dealership restrictions

Trump and state dealership restrictions

Various states ban Tesla from selling directly to the public.
The FTC believes that Tesla should be able to do so.
Most of the vehicle purchasing public dislike the dealership experience.
Trump has record low approval ratings for this stage of his presidency.
I wonder if Trump will make an executive order to allow Tesla to sell directly to the public.

J.T. | 2017年5月1日

Me too.

SamO | 2017年5月1日

If Trump removes all restrictions, thereby accelerating the advent of sustainable transportation. . . Then will Musk have been correct to stay on the Chump Business Council OR more evidence for Elon's avarice?

Talk about damned if you do/don't.

J.T. | 2017年5月1日

@SamO Trump can pass all the executive orders he wants, but each state will still have something to say about it.

Goose | 2017年5月1日

@johndoe ... this is a potentially interesting thread - please don't screw it up by brow-beating posters

Just sit back and let folks say what they think

SamO | 2017年5月1日


Actually, no. I can't find the link but there is a report where the FTC can determine state Les to be conflicting with "interstate commerce" and take direct action. Will post if I can find.

Trump can do something.

J.T. | 2017年5月1日

@SamO Perhaps so, but it will be tested in the courts.

Silver2K | 2017年5月1日

has anything been passed that is not an executive order since trump took over?

J.T. | 2017年5月1日

@Silver Yes. Gorsuch.

RedShift | 2017年5月1日

And only because they held up equally qualified America Garland. Some win.

Should_I | 2017年5月1日

and the blind Trump haters would sue if Trump enacted an EO that so blatantly helps a single company............................

Don't get me wrong, I think the state laws need to change, I also think the President no matter who he is should not be bothered with this.

RedShift | 2017年5月1日

Merrick Garland, not America Garland

DTsea | 2017年5月2日

I doubt that the President can override state laws by executive order.

J.T. | 2017年5月2日

@RS >>>>And only because they held up equally qualified Merrick Garland. Some win.

McConnell gambled big and it paid off for him. He looks like a genius to his party. OTOH I was hoping that if Hillary won that she would replace Garland with Obama or Holder and really make the GOP pay for playing games like that.

Rocky_H | 2017年5月2日

@J.T., Yep, I was also hoping for that. It would have been the biggest "bite them in the ass" moment I could have ever imagined.