10 China EVs - the real future Tesla competitors?

10 China EVs - the real future Tesla competitors?

Might you consider moving to Chine to own?
Will they ever be imported to US?

https://youtu. be/rz8FiFa8SrA

brando | 2017年5月8日

This may be easier to search for

rz8FiFa8SrA | 2017年5月8日

Here's the quick rundown:

AT96 - 20 kW battery + hybrid (turbine recharging) 1044 hp, 2 seats
Ren - 25 kW battery + hybrid (turbine recharging) 1305 hp, 1 seat
K50 - 41.1 kW battery, 400 hp, 2 seats
Neo EP9 - Unknown battery, 265 miles range 1341 hp, 2 seats
Eve - Unknown battery, 5 seat minivan (looks like a 3D design, no concept yet)
Titan - 72 kWh battery, 500 hp, 2 seats
Arcfox-7 - Unknown battery, 600 hp, 2 seats
TPEV - 125 kW battery, 429 hp, 5 seat sedan
Singulato - Unknown battery, 5 seat SUV
LeSee - 6.5 kW battery, likely a hybrid, 4 seats

All look like early prototypes, and based on the prior lack of success of Chinese vehicles meeting US standards (safety, quality, style and reliability), these seem to be slated mainly for the Chinese market. It will be interesting to see if any of these actually make it to the China market in volume.

RedShift | 2017年5月8日

Take poll of how many would be willing to buy a Chinese made car, let alone an EV. Then you'd get your answer.

lilbean | 2017年5月8日


Al1 | 2017年5月9日

I remember people being skeptical about suitcases made in China. Chinese are moving to consolidate their electric car making businesses and they seem to be willing to try and to learn. | 2017年5月9日

I would never count the Chinese out. Currently the government is giving away a ton of money to EV makers, and it seems many of these are taking the money, making a one-off prototype and collecting a ton of cash. Lot of new millionaires, not so many real car companies.

Then there is the perspective of making something as cheap as possible, ignoring safety or reliability. There are exceptions that may go on to make an exportable product, but the pressure to make the lowest cost means using cheaply built batteries, shoddy software and shortcuts that greatly reduce safety. This may be acceptable in China, but is not likely to win many sales elsewhere.

RedShift | 2017年5月9日


We were supposed to be fearful of Chinese cars a decade ago. Not happened yet.

As a reference: Hyundai took 3 decades to become acceptable.

EVs might be a different field. If they bring a solid state battery that can do 400 miles for sub 4000 lbs curb weight, they'd have a chance. Until then I'd definitely be very skeptical, there is just no value otherwise.

RedPillSucks | 2017年5月9日

Chinese cars are in the same position as Japanese cars were in the early '70s

alnrench2 | 2017年5月9日

My girlfriend was in Shanghai yesterday and she texted that she saw 3 Teslas....two Model S and one X in the 24 hours she is there while going to and from the airport. Tesla must be doing ok there, well see how the others fare.

brando | 2017年5月9日

TeslaTap - US standards in "style" - still trying to get my head around that one. I of course get the safety angle.

reminder many US companies are transferring technologies to China such as Boeing, Jet Engines now made in China, Buick and now exported to US, Apple products, IBM intel based computers Lenovo, Dell, etc... well you get the idea.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月9日

I agree with TT. I wouldn't discount Chinese cars. And they are doing more than just about any other country regarding BEVs.

Remnant | 2017年5月16日

@brando (May 8, 2017)

<< This may be easier to search for ... rz8FiFa8SrA >>

It opened only with

carlk | 2017年5月16日

Chinese government is promoting EV hard, Everyone wants to come in to make a fast buck. In order to do so one has to make as much short cuts as one could. If you don't others will. That's just how it works there. There is nothing for Tesla to worry about from that side of the ocean.

brando | 2017年5月16日

Thanks Remnant - seems I can never post a straight youtube URL. I try all the time.
I think it worked once, back in 07? | 2017年5月17日

As for style - many countries have unique styles and colors. Some work well in other countries, and often they do not. For example, those early Japanese cars often came in odd colors that were popular in Japan, like light mint green and pastel yellow with plaid interiors - not popular in the USA. While colors are easy to deal with, styling is far more difficult to make a worldwide acceptable style.

Most of the Chinese penned vehicle styles seem almost bizarre and I expect would not be successful in Europe or the USA. Not to say that USA hasn't had it's styling blunders, but I do see styling that is successful in China that I can't see working in the USA or Europe. The Koreans had similar issues in the early days and then brought in outside designers who dramatically shaped vehicle styles to be very competitive today.

Not to say China can't fix this, but they seem to be many years away from discovering what is needed for a worldwide vehicle success. With a huge native market, there really is little pressure to fix it.

carlk | 2017年5月17日

Some things can be learned albeit slowly and some things you just never can. That Germans and Japanese are good at machines and craftsmanship and Italians and Frenches are good at designs. Those are abilities pretty much built into their cultures if not genes. The US with all its great minds and resources still could not easily replace those countries as ultimate providers of products in many of those areas (yes car is one of them). There is still a lot that Chinese need to learn if they ever will. It's not just let's take a look of what Tesla and Ferrari do and make something equally cool or better. The devil is always in the details. Or in those samples I mentioned the "touch" that you can't even put your finger on.

carlk | 2017年5月17日

(yes car is one of them) until now of course.