Any pictures of the seats?

Any pictures of the seats?

Looking to see the seats, how similiar they are to the Model S seats. Thanks

KP in NPT | 2017年5月27日

Not yet. I'm not expecting to see them or anything else about the interior until the reveal.

Iwantmy3 | 2017年5月27日

Does anyone else think that we are being given exactly what they want us to see and nothing more? Items like seats could be switched last minute without affecting the road testing that they are doing. Even the steering wheel is exactly as shown in the first reveal without so much as volume controls added I get the feeling that we are being played.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月27日

I think it would be foolish to assume the interior we are seeing (which hasn't been a lot to this point) is the final design. Like I've said in other threads - Tesla has not allowed any media photos of the interior, and Elon tweeted "you won't care" about the single screen. I still believe they have something up their sleeve.

KP in NPT | 2017年5月27日

And today Electrek included this in their latest article on release candidates in the wild:

"Before anyone asks about interior pictures since the vehicles were parked and easily accessible, the Tesla engineers respectfully asked people not to take pictures of the interior of the vehicle."

cascadiadesign | 2017年5月27日

"... I still believe they have something up their sleeve."

I agree. After watching the M3 reveal on YouTube again, I'm reminded that Elon said nothing about the interior. No pictures of it shown on the projection screen behind him. No reason to feature something that's going to change.

I hope in July he pulls a Steve Jobs and says, "... there is one more thing".

Frank99 | 2017年5月27日

I think you're all going to be disappointed. I think we're gonna get what we've seen - and I'm good with that.

Mr.Tesla | 2017年5月27日

I just had an idea about the dash. They will have a module on the ceiling that projects the info and graphics down onto the blank dash surface.

PhillyGal | 2017年5月27日

@Mr.Tesla - I've also been trying to brainstorm about the ability to see standard driving information like speedometer without an actual dash screen like the MS/MX. My mind went to the low tech original kindle type display but that would still be considered a "digital display" right? That is the exact working used on that comparison graphic at

PhillyGal | 2017年5月27日


LA-Fohlen | 2017年5月27日

I feel like years ago going I to an Apple community the months before an iPhone release. Everybody is speculating and at the end we all get what was clear all along.

Tesla is the new Apple. For years I didn't care about cars. It was a tool to bring me from point A to B. Well, with Tesla my mind seems to change.

Frank99 | 2017年5月27日

>>> at the end we all get what was clear all along

Couldn't agree more, LA.

cascadiadesign | 2017年5月27日

I think we all can agree the dash is unique. So why does Tesla not have any clear photos of the dash and interior on their Model 3 page? The only glimpse you have on the Tesla site is some darkened interior features within a full shot of the entire car.

It seems to me that something so unique would be visually promoted and featured with no ambiguity. For that reason, I have to believe either there is something more, or Tesla feels it's just not a strong selling point of the car.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月27日

Tesla will bide their time. Until the time is right. Be water, my Friend.

"You will be nice. You will be nice until it is time to not be nice." -- Patrick Swayze, 'Roadhouse' (1989)

Mr.Tesla | 2017年5月28日

I'm all in on my projected dash guess. For the record, I will be completely fine with the single screen, if that's the case. I was just trying to logically piece together the evidence we have so far. (all quotes are composite paraphrasing of statements to my best recollection)

1) "The unveil interior is not final, but is representative of the intent."
2) "No HUD, but you won't care."
3) "It will look like a spaceship."
4) Blank spaces on the dash that could potentially be used as projection screen surfaces.

If this is true, it will add a lot of flash at a ridiculously low expense of equipment and complexity. A single projector module would be very easy to install/repair/swap/upgrade.

Even if it's not true, it should be, someday. :)