Does living close to Tesla factory have an advantage when it comes to Model3 delivery?

Does living close to Tesla factory have an advantage when it comes to Model3 delivery?

I live 12 miles from Tesla, Fremont factory. I read in this forum, whoever lives within 150 miles radius from the factory gets their Model3 delivered first. Is it true?

hoffmannjames | 2017年5月28日

I doubt it.

Efontana | 2017年5月28日


rossh | 2017年5月28日

Combination of reservation sequence, distance and what's being manufactured at the time

eeb9 | 2017年5月28日

@ Hospffmanjames

Utterly unrelated side question - is Fat Fanny's still there in Fremont? It's been a *looooong* time since I visited out there, but still have fond memories of the place

Iwantmy3 | 2017年5月28日

I think it will be a disadvantage. Seeing all those cars being tested and then being driven by the employees in the area will make the wait even more torturous and feel like forever | 2017年5月28日

Yes. It is definitely an advantage unless you don't have an early reservation. It might be helpful if you moved into the factory, however.

Haggy | 2017年5月28日

It will be an advantage for service, but won't get you the car faster than if you pick up in Fremont and live anywhere else. I doubt it would put you ahead of somebody who lives elsewhere in the state. Once cars start flowing out of the factory, there's a limit to how many pickups they will be able to schedule in a day in Fremont. They'd be better off trucking things to other places in California so they can keep more people busy.

chienfangchen1688 | 2017年5月28日

I hope that is true , it only takes 20 minutes drive from home.

gavinmcc | 2017年5月28日

If you ordered day one and live close to the factory, yes it could mean you get bumped up ahead of some people who ordered ahead of you....Tesla will likely want to keep the first month or so of Model 3 cars to be close to the the first 5k...maybe 10k Model 3s will be in Nor Cal.

but if you order now (or after the first month or so), you will get yours in mid 2018 or later.

FISHEV | 2017年5月29日

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