Glass Roof --- Cold Weather Comfort

Glass Roof --- Cold Weather Comfort

I have a Model S and have reserved a Model 3. I have the cold weather package (I think that's what it's called) and I live in a cold winter area.

My Model S does not get warm enough on very cold days...EXCEPT when it's sunny. The sun through the glass roof makes all the difference.

I know it's sheer guesswork and no one has any insights, but any recommendations about the likelihood of the heat being better on a Model 3?

I am thinking of getting a glass roof as a hedge against marginal heating.

CraigW | 2017年5月29日

Get a glass roof because it is such an exceptional view. On long trips the glass roof makes the interior feel more open and aerie. There is no 'shadow' feeling, like in other cars.

Your reason is another in the list. Also know that the air conditioning/heating vent for the front of the car runs the entire length of the car, so you may get better air flow than in the S.

sabbia | 2017年5月29日

Thanks Craig. The info on the vent is encouraging. I wonder if I'll be able to see a Model 3 and test the air flow before ordering.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月29日

Sabbia: What constitutes 'warm enough' or 'very cold days'...? Do not the seat heaters help at all? Do you use the smartphone app to preheat the car?

I'm spoiled after three decades in Los Angeles. To me, anything below 75° Fahrenheit is ~*cold*~. If the temperature falls below 40° F, it feels like Ragnarok.

Model_D | 2017年5月29日

@Sabbia Is your car in range mode? If so, the mode restricts heating and cooling in that mode.

Frank99 | 2017年5月29日

>>> I would think that heating on an EV should be superior to an ICE vehicle
Well, due to the ineffeciences of an ICE, you have a nearly infinite supply of 195 degree water to heat the cabin, once the engine warms up. An EV might have an advantage when you first get in the car, as it can start heating immediately, Unfortunately, on a long trip, heating an EV is expensive in terms of range.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月29日

Yeah... The 'advantage' of being so wasteful of energy does help out ICE vehicles somewhat. They contain heat generators that use about 64% to 88% of the energy reserve. But at least they also provide that residual 12% to 36% of waste motion that they offer from that same energy source.

tstolz | 2017年5月29日

I'm in Alberta ... the glass roof isn't an issue on my MS at all IMHO .. if you are cold, just turn up the heat. Personally I find the instant heat feature of EVs amazing! It's rare that you need to conserve battery in my experience.

Azred50 | 2017年5月29日

Glass roof was a great addition to my pretend-I'm-really-really-rich-like-Donald Model S. But income reality will strike on my Model 3. I will start acting my income level and fluff like glass roof will go. Ditto leather seats. What, I'm too good for fabric? Add the larger battery and EAP and I can escape the Tesla boutique with a stripped down $45,000 car for the masses.

sabbia | 2017年5月29日

@ReD: You ask, "What constitutes 'warm enough' or 'very cold days?" and reference seat heaters and Tesla mobile app. "Warm enough" means getting the interior comfortable. I don't know what that temperature would be. I DO use the mobile app to preheat the car. I do set the seat heaters to "3." No joy.

@Eagles. I have not discussed the heating issue with Tesla. I should though.

@DWEPilot. YES! YES! The car IS in range mode. I will try changing that next winter (I'm am not wishing winter on myself).

@tstolz. Please give this lad a little more credit. Of course I turn the heat up. Again, no joy. I am not trying to conserve battery when it's cold. We would just like to feel comfortable in our car.

Thanks to all who are helping...DWEPilot, I will try to remember to communicate the results of your suggested experiment.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年5月29日

Sabbia: I know that I begin to get goosebumps at 68° in an air conditioned building. The last company I worked for, I felt like my feet were sitting in a bucket of ice for nine years at my desk. I have to wear long sleeves, a sweater, or a jacket. It sucks. Because I actually rather despise clothing. I would hate to live somewhere that wearing multiple layers of clothing was mandatory, not just for 'fashion', but also for survival.

If I could go the rest of my life never wearing more than a tanktop, shorts, and sandals, I'd be good. Especially if I could dump the tanktop and sandals. I know that the instant I begin to feel comfortable in a car, everyone else is about to start complaining about 'how hot' it is for them.

Best of luck to you in finding comfort, somewhere, somehow.