Sales Rep call - M3 test drive error

Sales Rep call - M3 test drive error

(I hope this isn't old news...)
So last week I saw headlines that there was a test drive pop up on the Tesla Model 3 tab of the website, so naturally I jumped at it. I could not find anything, so I clicked around looking for it.
Fast forward to earlier today - I get a call from a Tesla sales rep saying he saw I started to set up a test drive and if I'd be interested. I told him about the internet hype about M3 test drives and if it was for real. He said that it was an error on Tesla's part and there was a temporary pop up on the website luring people to test drive Ss or Xs on the M3 page.
He apologized for the error and asked if I've test driven a MS yet (heck yeah I have and it was awesome). I said I wasn't interested until a M3 was ready which he did not have a timeline for.

TLDR: Tesla does not yet have reservations for M3 test drives...

Rutrow | 2017年6月19日

I'm going to be in Charlotte in late July so I signed up to schedule a test drive. The scheduler told me there wouldn't be any M3s to test drive then (as I imagined), but when I called the Charlotte "Gallery" directly to change my reservation time, the agent said she "hoped" to have a 3 for test drives by then. She didn't convey that it was likely at all (and I have even less optimism) but it made me wonder if she's heard something???

IHaveArrived | 2017年6月27日

I had a similar experience a month ago -- I was looking around on the site, and shortly after a sales rep message landed in my inbox saying he noticed I was trying to schedule a test drive, and asked if he could help. Sneaky. Anyway, I did drive a Model S 75D. Very nice, but the car is sooooo big, and I've always owned smaller cars.