Tesla LTE network is down

Tesla LTE network is down

I got no LTE signal since early this morning in Hamilton Ontario. Anyone else having the same problem or know of a possible fix?

atong | 2017年7月13日

Tesla service agent says the outage is Canada wide.

rxlawdude | 2017年7月13日

Definitely not affecting California.

SO | 2017年7月13日

Works fine in Michigan.

erlanning | 2017年7月13日

Also experiencing the same since 11:30 am 'ish. Service Agent states "entire network" is down. I didn't ask for details just presumed that Tesla is on it. Was working fine up until 10:45 when I had last left the vehicle.
I'm sure it will be repaired expeditiously. :)

SO | 2017年7月13日

Could be the carrier too. Still working fine here in MI. | 2017年7月13日

Fine today in California. Tesla doesn't own or manage the LTE network, so if that is the problem, the carrier is at fault. It could be Tesla's servers are down, but then I'd expect a system wide outage, which is not the case.

atong | 2017年7月13日

Here in Canada Tesla uses Rogers network. My rogers phone works fine. Reading on some past outages, leads me to think that it's a Tesla problem. Still out of service as we speak. I hope it gets resolved soon. Meanwhile I'm tethering off my phone.

tracylacey | 2017年7月13日

still down any updates from tesla?

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年7月13日

Tesla used Jasper as the MVNO to provision and manage their cellular connectivity. Cisco bought Jasper and I don't know if Tesla still uses them. But an issue at the Jasper MVNO level would explain how Tesla's cellular connectivity could be affected on a broad scale even if the underlying cellular network is up (eg Rogers) and Tesla's servers were also up.

michelcub | 2017年7月13日

LTE is back in Canada 9:30hr pm est.

TE51A | 2019年10月28日

LTE went down earlier today. Don't know what's going on but the app connection is not impacted | 2019年10月29日

Any chance you're in Northern CA? Hundreds of cell locations are down due to fires and power outages.

xojeb54331 | 2019年11月10日

Personally i went with the Google on hub but i hope the Orbi work well for you :)