Tesla model s maintenance plans cost

Tesla model s maintenance plans cost

The cost of the prepaid maintenance plans for a tesla model s seems rather high for a vehicle that supposedly needs substantially less maintenance than an ICE car due to the electric drivetrain. Looking at Tesla's own website, the cost of a prepaid 4 year maintenance plan is $2325. However, if I look at Mercedes Benz website, the price for a prepaid 4-year maintenance plan on a Mercedes S550 sedan is $1875, and only if I bump it up to the AMG S63 sedan does it even match the tesla's cost at $2375. Granted, Tesla's prepaid plan comes with 50,000 miles where as Mercedes only comes with 40,000, but I would expect to see much more of a reduction here.

What are your personal experiences with the cost of maintenance?

reed_lewis | 2017年7月14日

Tesla charges the amounts listed for the 'yearly' maintenance. Many people do not do the maintenance every year, but others do.

ddrmadness | 2017年7月14日

Thanks reed, have you done the yearly maintenance?

pale_rider | 2017年7月14日

I just dropped mine off for its first year checkup. We'll see how it go s and what all they end up doing...


Boonedocks | 2017年7月14日

Also depends greatly on how many miles you drive. On newer models there is a drivetrain ooo change do at 12k miles. I’ll have that in the first 5 months of ownership. That’s probably all I’ll do and then do to 2 year service at 12 months ~ 28-30k Miles

rxlawdude | 2017年7月14日

The problem arises for owners who drive more than the nominal 12,500 miles/yr that Tesla bases the service schedule around. According to the written contract, a 25,000 mile a year owner would only get two annual service visits out of the prepaid agreement (that assumes mileage at four years is 50,000).

Reports from those who prepaid service and were high mileage drivers who skipped the 12,500 mile increment and at the one year anniversary get the "first" service with 25,000 miles or more on the odo have been all over the place. Tesla has the right to not refund unused 12,500 mile incremental services - some report they stick to this written policy, but most report they are verbally told they may still get four services even with higher mileage intervals.

Safest bet? Take the hit, hold on to your money, and pay for each service as you receive them.

diegoPasadena | 2017年7月14日

@Boonedocks - can you elaborate/explain "On newer models there is a drivetrain ooo change do at 12k miles."
What needs to happen at 12k miles on newer models?

rxlawdude | 2017年7月14日

@diego, from what I understand, starting sometime earlier this year, an amended service schedule was announced that included the drivetrain oil change at 12.5K miles. This is for newer cars only.

Oddly, Tesla does not recommend older cars get this oil changed at the next service interval.

Perhaps this is related to the new drive units that now will unlock faster 0-60 times.

avesraggiana | 2017年7月14日

@rxlawdude. I'm inclined to agree with you. Even though it might cost me appreciably more, I'd rather pay as I go, than wonder what I'm paying for in advance.

BigD0g | 2017年7月14日

It's not an oil change, it's a fluid flush / replacement, I don't think we have any oil to change.

rxlawdude | 2017年7月14日

@Bigdog, thanks for the clarification.

ddrmadness | 2017年7月14日

Thanks for all the replies. It's starting to sound like there is just as much maintenance involved with these cars. Not a major turn off, but good to know what you're getting into.

Bighorn | 2017年7月14日

I've spent $1200 on maintenance in 140k miles.

tes-s | 2017年7月14日

$2050 on maintenance in 4 years 100k miles. $400 for repairs (12v battery).

The $500 per year is below what I spend on insurance ($1200), taxes ($700), tires ($1000).

I also get well over $500 of electricity from Tesla every year....

p.c.mcavoy | 2017年7月14日

The first question for any new owner and whether you buy the prepaid maintenance plan is whether you are the type of owner that intends to follow the maintenance schedule as recommended by Tesla to the letter. If the answer is yes, then you can save money with the prepaid plan. However, if you are the type that tends to skip minor, recommended maintenance on any car (how many of you get your brake fluid flushed/replaced every 2 or 3 versus only worry about it maybe more like 5 or 6 years?), then pay is likely the best option.

I do find it somewhat hard to quantify personally how to put value on the odd-year maintenance events with Tesla. Part of this is how do I put a value on the deep level diagnostic check say of the battery? While I may not have noticed an issue, would they? Similarly, while my prepaid plan does not officially include alignment, my SvC did a full realignment as part of my 12.5k mile maintenance check because their view is if they are going to put it on the alignment rack to check it, their going to reset for any deviation they spot. I know just because they did this for me at my SvC does not mean that a different SvC would without the additional charge which the plan would allow.

Personally, I don't see that there is a major fundamental maintenance advantage versus most new ICE vehicles. Then again, I don't see any of my justification for buying a my MS 90D has anything to do with cost savings. It's all about the other aspects of the car. No way can I justify spending 2.5 times more than I've spent on any other vehicle in my life just because it may save a few dollars in operating costs. It's all about a want, not a justified cost savings economic decision.

Just my two cents.

reed_lewis | 2017年7月14日

I did my 1st year maintenance at 12,500 miles when the car was 6 months old. I will probably do all the recommended maintenance because I am a stickler for keeping up with maintenance on all my stuff.

So the pre-paid would have saved me a few bucks, but I would rather just pay as I go. Although I wish I had bought the 8 year prepaid when it was cheaper. That would have been 'worth it' But alas it is no longer available.

sahaight | 2017年7月15日

When I had my annual service done last year they only charged me $400 instead of the $600 I was told it would be. They said the 2nd year would be $600 because they do more then. Given that, why would you bother to pre-pay for it?

Also, the San Rafael service center took over a week to finish, most of it sitting in the parking lot there. Given that Tesla was paying for the Mercedes loaner they gave me, they probably spent a big part of the $400 for the loaner.

Rocky_H | 2017年7月17日

@sahaight, Quote: "When I had my annual service done last year they only charged me $400 instead of the $600 I was told it would be. They said the 2nd year would be $600 because they do more then."

Yes and no.

The maintenance visit costs for years 1 through 4 are now: $400, $700, $400, $900. They used to all be $600 each, but they adjusted the pricing upward and downward from that for the years that have more or less things done.

PatientFool | 2017年7月17日

I'm planning on doing the 12.5k maintenance mostly due to the drive fluid replacement. I also figure that it doesn't hurt to have it checked again since manufacturing and the initial road wear. But after that I probably won't do another service until 50-60k given that they're mostly just checkups at that point anyways and maybe another at around 100k. So i'll pay as i go..

btw, does the car nag you when it's time for service like ICE vehicles? Is there a way to reset that if you're skipping or what are the logistics around that?

Bighorn | 2017年7月17日

No nagging.

shay | 2019年4月12日

here is a new problem. I have an 8 year service plan on my model S. Tesla would NOT schedule the annual service as I was informed they no longer did annual service. I kept saying I wanted them to honor the contract. They have offered to "buy out" my contract? I had to replace my dashboard screen system for a malfunction. I kept getting stranded because I could not get the car out of park. The service center informed me that I could wait 2 months for service because they were "busy." they did finally send a Tesla repair person to my house. Cost $1,600. The service plan covers normal wear and tear. There have been no accidents or mishaps. So is this not "normal wear and tear." They also informed me I need new brakes for $900. Do I?

Mathew98 | 2019年4月12日

The 8 years service plan never covered brakes or tires. Battery coolant, air filter, and bumper to bumper inspection were included.

You would need the extended warranty (for 50-100K miles) to have the MCU replaced under warranty. Then again, it would have cost you $4K for it and a $200 deductible for each visit. Seems like you are still ahead paying per item replacement.

Mathew98 | 2019年4月12日

BTW, take the refund for the service plan and apply to your repair bill. Annual service is no longer recommended. It's done on as needed base now.

Bighorn | 2019年4月12日

You are confusing a maintenance contract with a warranty. You are out of warranty quite apparently. Nice that they’re offering a refund on your maintenance plan. What is your mileage and did you opt out of the extended warranty?

kerryglittle | 2019年4月15日

Soooo if you pay upfront for the 4 year maintenance plan and you sell the car before that, or it gets in an accident and is a write off , or it gets stolen and never found what happens then to your maintenance cost? Do you get a refund for the whole cost or are you SOL? Just asking but I will pay as I go if it needs anything.

Bighorn | 2019年4月15日

They were refunding unused maintenance to the best of my knowledge.

kerryglittle | 2019年4月15日

Seems only fair Bighorn.