No Key Fob...

No Key Fob...

The president of the Model 3 Owners Club (TrevP) is reporting that there will be NO Key Fob's with the Model 3 - Only Key Cards (Like the kind you can put in your wallet.

PhillyGal | 2017年7月21日

There was a picture of a Model 3 logo on a card sitting in the cup holder a while back.

I said no stinking way that's the key and there won't be a fob. I'm repeating it here to take full lap of shame if I end up being wrong.

eeb9 | 2017年7月21日

That's been discussed here, and the consensus view is that the key-card thing is likely a rumor based on an interpretation of a single photo.

If they have an active RFID chip with a battery, they can make it look like pretty much anything they want. Hard to make as thin as a prox card, but they could make a card-shaped version a couple mm thick, I guess. A prox card is also problematic in that you have to get it within *inches* of the reader for it to work.

Doesn't mean they won't do it, but a fob - even a thick-ish card-shaped fob - seems much more likely | 2017年7月21日

That would be cool, as long as there are proximity sensors that allows you to open the locked door and trunk.

Shock | 2017年7月21日

Key fobs are garbage anyway, just not as much garbage as keys. I have one car with keyed start and it's probably the worst thing since the beginning of mankind. My keyless start is better but from time to time I get into the car without the keys and wonder why the car isn't just identifying me by facial recognition. Eventually we'll get there: cars will know who you are and fobs will be a thing of the past.

Rocky_H | 2017年7月21日

The "Model 3 Owners' Club", which consists of zero members....

markr7 | 2017年7月21日

I would prefer not to have to carry around a Key Fob. We all have enough stuff to carry, without having to carry around a bulky fob in your pocket. As far as popping the Trunk / Frunk, most of those functions can be done with your smart phone, which you're carrying anyway.

noleaf4me | 2017年7月21日

Right - make these 100% smartphone activated....

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月21日

I had intended to wear my fob as a medallion around my neck, everywhere I went... There were some that kept requesting a credit card shaped replacement for a fob instead, because they wanted to keep it in their wallet all the time. I suppose that using a smartphone 'key' could be made to work, except then I'd always have to use a PIN on my phone (I hate that) and I'd have to actually pay attention to what I do with it at all times.

bj | 2017年7月21日

@ Rocky_H - The "Model 3 Owners' Club", which consists of zero members....

Elon might have joined :)

eeb9 | 2017年7月21日

I'd rather not have to fumble around for my phone when I'm carrying stuff.

An rfid fob fixes that problem, assuming the car can be set to lock/unlock based on distance.

Any time I have to fish around in my pocket, it's a pain - whether for phone, keys, fob-with-buttons, smart-card or a goldfish with a bar-code tattoo.

RSavage_92024 | 2017年7月21日

My 2004 Prius has keyless entry with a is an elegant solution to the key issue that works perfectly over time. The 'key card' idea only works for me if its a SMALL card that can attach to a key ring. I don't carry a wallet. I still have house keys and legacy cars that require keys. The idea of having to carry a card isn't my idea of progress.

Atlanta09 | 2017年7月21日

This would be sad. The car shaped fob is really cool IMO.

eric.whang | 2017年7月21日

that cuck...

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年7月21日

"The "Model 3 Owners' Club", which consists of zero members...."

Laughing outloud

jsanford | 2017年7月21日

No one here sits on their wallets? Really?

Foo on the card shaped, wallet fob. It would need to be rub- and wear proof.

jamilworm | 2017年7月21日

Do people really want phone activated stuff? I'd rather have an actual key that I can pull out of my pocket in 1 second and unlock the car than have to take out my phone, unlock it,open the tesla app, and find the function for unlock doors. A proximity thing is even better, but I feel like tying it to a phone app is going in the wrong direction.

gavinmcc | 2017年7月21日

Possible black key card in hand during this video

gavinmcc | 2017年7月21日

Hmmm...watched 4 times....could be his wallet...but seems too thin...could be key card, but seems too big....

Either thin wallet or fat key card...


eeb9 | 2017年7月21日

On the phone-activated thing... for some things it works really well. Others, less so. I have some Phillips Hue lights, and the app is fabulous for doing sequenced actions, setting start/stop times and suchlike. But a light switch is still the easiest and fastest way to turn them on and off.

Having to find the phone, unlock it, start the app, select the particular bulb and turn it off... well, yeah, it works, but it's not what I'd call a step *forward*

Which is of course why Phillips *also* sells a Hue dimmer switch...

Based on that video, it seems that it's going to be a card-like rfid thing for the Model 3. If they expect it to be carried in wallets, they'll hopefully have planned for the gradual bends that accrue from sitting on them...

KP in NPT | 2017年7月22日

Jamilworm I have zero doubt that either with a fob or a card, you won't have to fumble to unlock the doors - they'll unlock as you approach. Same with the trunk. The S/X and my 10 year old Lexus have that capability. :)

I expect we will be getting into the habit of using our phones more with our cars - I already do this with our S to have the cabin temp where I want it before I get in the car, or to check charging status. Other manufacturers are already doing this, too. (Friend with new Lexus has all kinds of functions in her app and even gets emails from her car lol)

Xerogas | 2017年7月22日

Not sure why people assume you have to pull out your phone and unlock it. There are plenty of apps that merely require the close *proximity* of your phone to activate the feature. For instance, whenever I walk into my garage, my bicycle tire pressure gauges will send an alarm to my phone if the tire pressure is dangerously need to even remove it from my pocket. My Nest thermostat also turns on the A/C as soon as I pull into the driveway, no need to touch the phone.

A smartphone is merely a convenient proximity detector, with low-energy Bluetooth being the mechanism.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月22日

jsanford: I definitely do not sit on my wallet. I learned early on that I have a bottom that does not accommodate a wallet in a back pocket. Aside from being uncomfortable when I sit, it also would slip out and get lost in no time. So I carry my wallet in my front left pocket. All the better to foil would be pickpockets.

akgolf | 2017年7月22日

I haven't carried my wallet in my back pocket in ages.

Front left for me.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年7月22日

In a Heisenberg alternate quantum universe somewhere... Apple bought Tesla.

So naturally every iPhone can be programmed with an unlock-the-doors-on-approach code for your car.

And sticking strictly to that same quantum reality, one of YOU will be there doing it that way.

But as KP says, it will likely be easy in this universe too. ;)

PhillyGal | 2017年7月22日

I'd like all you men to stop bragging that your pants are made with actual pockets that will accommodate actual things. (Half kidding of course, but bet you never realized that most women's clothes either have no pockets or have half pockets that don't even fit a tiny wallet.)

hsuru4u | 2017年7月22日

the FOB is old technology and bulky.A thick card with inset buttons would be more streamlined.

eeb9 | 2017年7月22日

As long as it can either resist or accommodate being bent when sat on for long periods of time.

I know I could carry my wallet in a front pocket, but I use front pockets for other stuff - including those doors and such for which I still need to carry keys. Oh, yeah, and my phone. And a small Swiss Army knife.

And a robot.

Garyeop | 2017年7月22日

Restated idea.

Fobs and phones are 2007 technology. The model 3 has cameras and a computer. It should be able to recognize my face or gate or voice. I should be able to walk out of a lake dripping wet, walk up to my locked car and open the frunk, get my towel and dry clothes, walk to a fire pit knowing the car is locked behind me, then walk back to it, open the now unlocked door and drive home.

The Model 3 should be at least as smart as my dog. If I could only have the car bite strangers it would then be perfect.

cruisin | 2017年7月22日

Boy, fake news here too.

cruisin | 2017年7月22日

Boy, fake news here too.

kaffine | 2017年7月22日

@PhillyGal I normally wear work pants with utility pockets in addition to the normal pockets. The utility pockets are supposed to be used for small tools and parts like screws or connectors I generally have a half gallon jug of iced tea in one of the pockets. I never understood why women put up with no useful pockets in their pants.

I would prefer a small fob preferably that does not use bluetooth but allows the car to be unlocked as I approach and that I don't need to remove from my pocket.

Another option use an implantable RFID tag like they use in pets and then you just have to wave your hand over the door handle and it will unlock. Not sure how to let someone else borrow your car with that setup but it would be very difficult to lock your key in the car.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2017年7月22日

@cruisin: You can say that twice.

California85D | 2017年7月22日

I carry a lot of stuff in my pockets. Probably too much. But a half gallon jug of iced team? That is impressive.

noleaf4me | 2017年7月22日

Iced team?

jamilworm | 2017年7月22日

@Garyeop: That might be convenient for the owner of the car, but the problem with that is how do you let someone borrow your car? Do you have to "introduce" every new driver to your car?

jordanrichard | 2017年7月23日

Besides that one picture of this mysterious card in the center counsel, there is the most recent video of the VP of engineering getting into a production Model 3 and he too had a card in his hand that he put into the center counsel. Looked to be about 3 credit cards thick.

If you took a Model S or X fob apart, or any car's FOB apart, you will see that it is really just a thin circuit board. So a card size FOB is easily done.

SamO | 2017年7月23日

+1 jordanrichard

With the Model S/X, the issue is actuation of doors, frunk and trunk. Without that functionality, Model 3 would not need the fob.

Then you can expect an industrial card key that can go anywhere, waterproof, easy/cheap to replace. Purse, wallet, pocket, fanny-pack . . . but I digress.

I'm hopeful, but not certain.

eeb9 | 2017年7月23日

So a question for the Model S and X owners out there - can you set your security options such that only the driver-side front door is the only thing that unlocks automatically as you approach?

I would prefer to have to make a deliberate action (press a button somewhere) to unlock the other doors.

The trunk/Frunk are less of an issue - they can unlock when I get close (which is handy when I have my hands full).

But keeping the other doors locked is a good basic safety/security option.

Rutrow | 2017年7月23日

Give us options. If I want a Model 3 shaped key FOB that can unlock the driver's door from 30 feet away, make it a reasonably priced option. Provide a card key that needs to be placed a few inches from a reader in the door, trunk, frunk, and console as standard equipment. Have an app that can control those from the lock screen, or hands free proximity bluetooth and other functions from your phone or watch. Camera facial recognition for those of us who aren't paranoid about privacy can choose to enable that from the privacy settings menu.

That way if you want to lend your car to someone they have to friend your car on Facebook, allow access to their photo album so they'll be recognized by your car. Your car could do a background check of public government records to warn you if they have too many speeding tickets or frequent accidents. If their names were included in the Ashley Madison cheater's website leak your Model 3 could prevent them from getting into the back seat with another person. The possibilities are endless!!!

andy.connor.e | 2017年7月23日

As much as i may agree that this is not the most ideal thing to do, its not really a big deal. Typically, i dont get in my car without my wallet, since that contains methods of payment, and my license. Being that im never really driving around without that stuff on my person, i can just put the card in that wallet.

So im guessing the car will have some sort of RFID or proximity detector in which when you touch the handles with the card in your pocket it will unlock. Then wheres the panic button to set off your alarm? How do you get in the trunk, will the trunk have a button on it as well? Im sure they will do a good job with whatever they decide to do. We'll know at the end of this week?

Xerogas | 2017年7月23日

Has no one considered that maybe the VP of engineering might have a special device (a master key, as it were) that lets him into any car Tesla makes? In order to make it easier for him to test out any car coming off the line?

And furthermore, maybe this special card-shaped key has nothing to do with the final product that customers will enjoy?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月23日

PhillyGal: I have indeed commented for more than three decades that Women's clothing sucks. And not just in cross dressing threads either. One of the main reasons I am very happy to be Male is that I don't have to deal with the shoddy quality of overpriced Female clothing. Not that I'm into actual fashion trends in the slightest, I just happen to notice things in passing from time-to-time. ;-)