roof racks?

roof racks?

hello friends,
I'm sneaking over here from the model s forum.. i apologize if this has been gone over already, but I'm ready to put some coin down on a reservation for the 3, but i was hoping that the roof racks might be a possibility. our s has the full glass roof, so no roof rack option. we are replacing our "i have to stay at work late tonight" car. right now its the old outback. i just need to be able to throw the surfboards up on top of the car for short rides to the beach, basically. thats the only thing the outback does that the s doesn't. (i know i could get the soft racks and put them on the s and just throw the boards on top, but- call me crazy- its something id rather not do on such an expensive car)!
anyhow, thanks in advance for the input!

johnse | 2017年7月23日

How about something like this:
Suction cups should adhere really well to glass roofs. Wouldn't want permanent racks as that would cause lots of drag.

Ross1 | 2017年7月23日

The back bar sits so far forward, as it would for a liftback.

AJPHL | 2017年7月24日

Elon said at the M3 reveal that a 7' board will fit inside the cabin somehow, so that might be another option?

eeb9 | 2017年7月24日

My kayak is a backpack inflatable, which I hope will fit in the Frunk...

accentcreate | 2017年7月25日

My windsurfers, masts and sails will have difficulty fitting inside, even if I was willing to overlook the salt water dripping in the car, which I'm not. Fitting three bikes in the boot (trunk) is also not going to fly.
Roof racks are an essential option. Easy to fit and remove would be sensible or they'll stay up there causing drag. That said I have some aero-shaped bars on my current car and the difference in petrol consumption is so minimal I haven't felt the need to remove them when not carrying the family's toys.