Model 3 Trunk Revealed

Model 3 Trunk Revealed

The model 3 trunk was revealed by Tesla Geeks on youtube if you want to look at that go to their channel it is their. I tried to post link but saying I am spamming.

drbob | 2017年7月29日
jordanrichard | 2017年7月29日

I heard that Tesla employee ask them to not film the trunk just before closing it on them. Wonder why?

wcolton | 2017年7月29日

No way my kick drum is going to fit in the trunk. Holding out hope I can get it in a back door.

Bighorn | 2017年7月29日

I noticed that of the many photos at Motor Trend, none showed a comprehensive picture of the trunk with lid. They showed the opening, which they'd described as "yawning." Odd.

Octagondd | 2017年7月29日

@jordan - I think he was asking them not to mess with the car cover inside the trunk.

jordanrichard | 2017年7月29日

I just played it again what the guy actually said was ".......don't record"

cauccnguyen | 2017年7月29日

People shouldn't expect the model 3 to be as good as the model S with half the price. It makes no economic sense. Tesla doesn't make much profit with model S and X, how can they make money with model 3 which is half the price and the car is closely as good. The current model 3 will kill the resale value of model S. So if the trunk of model 3 is worse than model S, it's natural

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月29日

Unless I'm missing something, only the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Infiniti Q50 among the direct competitors to Tesla Model 3 are officially in the 'Midsize' EPA Size Qualification. MOTOR TREND listed the trunk size for Model 3 as being 15 ft³, but didn't include the Passenger volume. If those, combined, total between 110 ft³ and 119 ft³, then a car is Midsize, per the EPA. So leaving out the Passenger volume was an interesting omission, leaving this 'up in the air' until the EPA's website is updated. Here is a list of some cars that are called 'compact' in marketing materials, but are Midsize per the EPA:

Model 3 _____ ??? ft³ ________ 15 ft³ _______ ??? ft³
Corolla _______ 98 ft³ ________ 13 ft³ _______ 111 ft³
Giulia _______ 100 ft³ ________ 12 ft³ _______ 112 ft³
Civic _________ 98 ft³ ________ 15 ft³ _______ 113 ft³
Q50 ________ 102 ft³ ________ 13 ft³ _______ 115 ft³

Notice the Model 3 has a trunk at least as large as the Civic, so anything over 95 ft³ in Passenger volume would make the Model 3 Midsize too.

Haggy | 2017年7月29日

I don't see how it will kill the resale value of a Model S, which is already incredibly high. Don't forget to factor in tax credits to compare the effective new cost to the resale price. Now more than ever, people are looking at a used Model S instead of a Model 3 since it's a better car.

It's not as if mileage or age does a lot to degrade a Model S. There simply aren't many parts subject to mileage wear compared to an ICE. | 2017年7月29日

Looks like the trunk will be comparable to that in a new Corolla which is fine for most purposes. The Tesla will actually have a little more storage capacity in the rear as, unlike the Corolla, there is no spare tire or jack.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年7月29日

wcolton noted, "No way my kick drum is going to fit in the trunk. Holding out hope I can get it in a back door."

Are you sure? I used to be a 'Personal Roadie' of sorts for my Cousin, who is a professional musician. I became very good at finding ways to get his equipment in and out of his car... To my eye, it should be very easy to fit a bass drum into the trunk of the Model 3.

"In a drum kit, the bass drum is much smaller than in the traditional orchestral use, most commonly 20 or 22 inches (51 or 56 cm) in diameter. Sizes range from 16 to 28 inches (41 to 71 cm) in diameter while depths range for 12 to 22 inches (30 to 56 cm), with 14 to 18 in (36 to 46 cm) being normal." -- Wikipedia

Presuming the maximum at 28" diameter, and 22" deep, I can't think of a trunk on any modern car the size of a Civic, Corolla, Sentra, Elantra, or larger that wouldn't fit into... It isn't as if it is an NSX or Miata... Do you think the Model 3 trunk is smaller than on something like a 1988 Pulsar NX (7 ft³) or 1999 Toyota Paseo (8 ft³)...?

flwrman | 2017年7月29日

In Fremont, I was out shopping this am and in drives one of the M 3's that was turned over to an employee last night. He was kind enough to open the trunk for me to see, as I was concerned as this model was not a hatchback, It seemed larger than I expected and the main flooring was only a couple of inches lower than the bumper so it looked as tho one could load a lot of item init, especially when the seats are flat. He lifted up the flooring there is a spacious area underneath that will hold either a spare tire (if you buy one) or other items. It definitely is not as large as my Prius that I can load a lot of stuff in it !! Tried to look inside at the front seating area, but a lot of glare so could not see details. Could see the flat screen and of course there is nothing else except the steering wheel which seemed unremarkable.
Quality over all was very good on the outside and was a white color. He did have to fiddle with the key card to get it locked and had fished it out of his pants pocket !! Think this could be a disaster waiting to happen. What if you take something out of your pocket and the key card falls out? Will taking it in and out reduce the ability to lock it or unlock it? If you carry it in your wallet, not every one carries a wallet !
Still want mine as I live only 5 miles from the factory and registered on the 31st at 10:17 am. But unofficially they tell me not until Nov of this year :(

Alvin27 | 2017年7月30日

Many moons ago, I believe Elon said a bike would fit in the trunk with the rear seats down. I assumed he meant an adult size bike. I need to store a road bike. Access did not look that great, but it is difficult to tell based on the angle of the one video. The trunk deserves closer inspection. I will be looking for videos with a better view of the trunk.

Bighorn | 2017年7月30日

I read Franz is a cyclist and that a bike would fit.

JayInJapan | 2017年7月30日

@bh, that would explain why he's in such great shape.

JK_PA | 2017年7月30日

Wish i was Franz... but then i would have to get out of my chair, and be somebody.

Bighorn | 2017年7月30日

Super nice guy--he called me over to talk when i charged at Hawthorne. Not sure about the skinny jeans though:)

SarafRaj | 2017年7月31日

I am simply curious if one (or 2 or 3, for that matter) standard size suitcase would fit into the trunk should I have to bring a guest from airport. And, can a smaller (or maybe the standard size, for that matter) suitcase fit into the front trunk? Thanks for your response.

SarafRaj | 2017年7月31日

And 15ft trunk space, as Tesla mentioned, is solely for rear trunk or rear & front trunks combined?

AJPHL | 2017年7月31日

The frunk will take a carry-on but nothing larger in terms of suitcase size.

CraigW | 2017年7月31日

Tesla makes more profit from their cars than any other manufacturer. Just eliminating the dealer network saves them a bundle. However, they have been investing everything + in 1) the Model 3, 2) the Gigafactory, 3) the supercharger network, and 4) their service/gallery stores. They are a new car company and everyone else is trying to 'eat their lunch'. Of course I suspect the opposite will happen and we will see the demise of several auto companies in the next 10 years - too much legacy overhead, too little ability to adjust to the massive shift Tesla is introducing, and their legacy dealership network is a concrete boot legally tied around their neck in the U.S.

As Haggy mentioned, the success of the Model 3 is likely to raise the value of used Model Ss and Xs. When people decide they simply have to go EV, they will find the used Tesla market a better value than more limited competitor EVs.

The Bolt is the only really viable competitor right now and they want to limit their production to 30,000 yearly - this will shortly test GMs plans, if the Model 3 becomes the EV sea-change it appears is beginning to roll. Perhaps the new Leaf 2 or the Hyundai Ionic will be available the help out, but lots of people are going to want a Tesla and the production of the Model 3 is just starting. This all spells good news for the used Tesla market.

CraigW | 2017年7月31日

People are seeing what they want to see in the short video above. IMO, the trunk is fine. It won't handle what you can fit in a Model S, but that was never the question.

It looks like the redesign got the trunk lid totally out of the way and they widened the opening as much as humanly possible. This car is wider than most others in its class, so I suspect the trunk will be as wide or wider than competitor's SUVs. The only issue is the space between the bottom of the back window and the trunk lid - which they apparently lowered - also as much as possible. They appear to have put insulation entirely around the opening and this will make loading the car less stressful for most of us.

KP in NPT | 2017年7月31日

It looks bigger than the trunk of my Lexus IS250 which is soon being replaced. ;)

eeb9 | 2017年7月31日

It's not a squareback hatch, but for being a Sedan, it's not bad. For me, the rear seats are just an extension of the trunk, so as long as I can fit something through the back doors, the trunk opening size isn't that big a deal.

giskard | 2017年7月31日

I just wish someone with a Model 3 (or Tesla itself for that matter) would get out a tape measure and get us the width and height of the final opening. It also appeared from one pic I came across over the weekend (can't find it now) that there is a deep well just inside the trunk lip and I'd be interested in how deep that is. Most pics look like they have a parcel shelf that covers this "well" to make a flat loading floor when the seats are folded down (much like my MINI).

As far as I can tell, the trunk and frunk look fine to me and will likely swallow the types of things I want to put in it. But, I'm an engineer dammit and want some specs! :)