Model 3 options

Model 3 options

Elon and tesla company if you are reading this I just want to say thank you for all your hard work thus far and for the future, your fellow nerds salute you. I know the model 3 ramp up is on a tough schedule, here are some things if you could squeeze in there for your customers, we would love you more for it:

1. Matte black(or whatever that black at the first model 3 reveal was, it was awesome, I am sure people would pay an extra 1500 for it).
2. A premium package option without the glass roof, I think it is an awesome design, but some of us don't want a glass roof.(think meteors of ice falling down and watching that)
3. Enhanced auto pilot as a gift for the people who waited in line, maybe it would literally save someone's life as a thank you for waiting in line.
4. Model S type key fob(maybe as an option) not having it takes away from the tesla lure.
5. Maybe a slightly reduced price on Enhanced Autopilot, 5 k seems kinda steep for those of us that have a short commute to work, also it would promote tesla as being the safest car out there for accident statistics and data. I was expecting it to be around 2-3k, I guess the 5k mark up is to add to the gross margins to help future expansion.(maybe finance expensive options for customers over 10 years with customers at 0% to grab the lower base who could not afford it or justify the cost or offer a daily, week, monthly subscription with Enhanced Autopilot so people can try it and see how much it is worth it to them).
6. A software update to allow phone connectivity/mirroring on center display screen.

These are just my thoughts, feel free to use them, this car will cement Tesla's legacy in automotive history, let us not restrict the full safety capabilities to price people from getting it.

Good luck with your journey in production hell.

Morlandoemtp061383 | 2017年7月30日

What are your guys thoughts?

sosmerc | 2017年7月30日

"production hell" is most likely in full swing. So it may be awhile before we see much flexibility with options or tweaks.
The fewer the options the easier it is for them to ramp up. If people start cancelling their orders right and left due to lack of features or price concerns I'm sure that Tesla will respond as needed. I am prepared to wait for over a year if that is what it takes for Tesla to offer the features I want at a price I can afford. Early run bugs will hopefully be fixed by then as well. I am hoping the early days will not be fraught with issues. Good luck to all.

kallphin | 2017年7月30日

I was planning on adding enhanced autopilot and full autonomous feature to my 3 since I reserved, but am a little surprised that the option is the same price as it is on the model s. Maybe there could be a tweak in the pricing to make it more proportional to the base price of the car. My brother and his friend are thinking about cancelling their reservations because of this. Luckily I convinced them to hold off because tesla is always full of surprises.

CraigW | 2017年7月30日

Tesla is telling us they are in the midst of developing FSD and have active plans to make sure it works on existing hardware of cars produced since OCT 2016. This is a 'service' that Tesla is providing for their entire fleet and the costs, liabilities, and maintenance costs are the same, regardless the car Model you drive. Just because your car costs less doesn't mean this service is any cheaper to maintain. GM charges the same for their over-the-air service plan, regardless which of their cars it applies to.

If you want to support Tesla and gamble they will be successful - they have a pretty good track record - then Tesla will give you what they feel is a reduced cost of $3000 added to the price of your car (which you may or may not be financing).

If you don't want to do this, fine, then you will be charged $4000 (or the going market rate) at the time they succeed and the government(s) accept their success AND you choose to join this revolution. However, you won't have to get rid of your car - the big difference from other manufacturers.

Bighorn | 2017年7月30日

If it's the exact same FSD system and parts, why would it be cheaper in the Model 3? Can I get a cheaper Valentine One for my Yugo?