Standard vs Long Range

Standard vs Long Range

Does anybody know if the long range battery will charge faster than a standard one when they’re plugged into a regular 110v? Even if it’s 1mph better, such as 4mph on the long range Compared to 3mph on standard.

Bighorn | 2017年7月30日

No such luck. kWs are kWs.

rdovale | 2017年7月31日

Was hopeful and trying to use it as an excuse to get the first one, but doesn’t pay for me to get long range then. Oh well thanks for the quick response.

Xerogas | 2017年7月31日

Specs say it will charge a little faster on 240V though. But your question was about 110

CraigW | 2017年7月31日

The difference in charge rates for the 1st one-half hour is mostly the result of battery size.

Say you run the car down to 20 RM left - I have done this more times than I can count over the last 5+ years. When you hook up to the supercharger you will get a maximum rate of charge until the battery is about 1/2 full, then the rate will slowly decline until - at about 90% - it will start to feel like it is crawling. If you have a 220 RM battery, then this means max charge will occur between 20RM-110RM and 90% is 198RM (this is roughly what happens). If you have a 310 RM battery you are looking at 20RM-155RM at maximum rate and then the curve starts to decrease, but not as much until you get to 90%, or 279RM.

Since you will normally reach the 110RM well before the 1/2 hour mark at the supercharger, your shorter range car charging will start to slow down. The larger battery will also probably reach the 155RM mark near the 1/2 hr mark so you can see the bigger battery will take more charge in that first 1/2 hr. This is the primary basis of saying the smaller battery will charge 130RM and the larger battery will charge 170RM in the same amount of time.

rdovale | 2017年7月31日

This question was strictly for 110v. I don’t have access to a supercharger, and work and home would get me 110 for the best option I have (don’t ask). It would have been a nice surprise if I received 1-2 more mph with the long range battery.