Trip report from Nashville to Destin

Trip report from Nashville to Destin

So I bought this MX used last week and had it delivered the day before we left for a road trip to Destin, FL. I currently have a late 2014 MS with AP1 and have been driving it for about 2 years. This is
2016 MX 75D with AP2, metallix blue non-PUP, and 5 seat config. Storage space is unreal, all these cars on the way down there packed with beach stuff and we had room to spare for the 4 of us. That was really nice.

On way there we went through Atlanta to pick up my son from an event he was attending, so went through Chattanooga, TN, to Atlanta, to Auburn, AL, to Greenville, AL, the destination charging 16Kwh at "The Gulf" near Destin, FL. Never been to the SC in Auburn but it's by an old Mall so something to do but it felt like it took forever off the Interstate. Charging went well, no problems with too many ppl charging or anything. All chargers worked fine.

Driving impressions with AP2 though really differ from my MS significantly. There is almost a constant "wobble" in the lane with AP2 and at times it would get so bad it would jerk out of AP mode if I held the wheel tight. I ended up just using TACC most of the time. Also not having auto wipers was a change, not sure I care but in light rain its a pain when you are used to not having to turn them on and off etc. Ride felt smoother then in the MS though, this has 20" wheels, the MS has 21s. I also really like driving with the large windshield. I never felt too hot and it was nice having so much visibility. Also even with no dual AC in rear, the kids never complained about the heat and it was over 100 in FL. They really liked how the bench seat in the back leans back.

On the trip back we went straight up through Greenville, AL, to Birmingham, AL, then to the new one in Athens, AL, then home to Nashville. Birmingham charges parking in the lot if you don't go somewhere and validate it at a local restaurant. While it was inexpensive, I thought all the SC stations were free for Teslas. The Tesla sign even said the lot was paid unless validated at a local place.

Anyway, that's the report, we really like the MX and now are both driving Tesla's as the family cars.