Official Model 3 VIN Tracker @mereikat 398xxx

Official Model 3 VIN Tracker @mereikat 398xxx

OK! I'll take your suggestion, and kick off the official tracking of Model 3 VINs, although it will likely be late fall until a forum member reports his or her VIN. As employees are not supposed to post on the forum.

My original prediction was delivery of VIN #114000 next June in the upper midwest. As of September 21, 2018, we reached that VIN range.

Or not! Canceled our April 22 config June 8 out of frustration to being delayed beyond the point we were comfortable with beginning the Great Lakes trip.

On June 14, 2018, Tesla emailed us VIN 34103. Unfortunately, they couldn't pin down when in July we would have to be sitting at a hotel in Chicago to await its arrival. So now, VIN 34103 will go to the next in line for a red, EAP, aero Model 3! Let us know how you are enjoying it, if you happen to get it.

Please post the last digits of your VIN so we can keep track of how fast Tesla is ramping up! Thank you everybody.

sbeggs | 2017年8月2日

Keep bumping!

PhillyGal | 2017年8月2日

I'm hoping for a VIN under 50,000 myself, but it'll be cutting it close. Probably not going to happen if I decide to wait for the base battery. Then maybe up to 80,000. Actually, I wouldn't mind 60xxx to match my MS :)

sbeggs | 2017年8月7日

Step right up, we've spied VIN 105 near Fremont, insert new VINs here!

gavinmcc | 2017年8月7日

https://lh3 .googleusercontent. com/qabLzozFgIVy35dBvZwr4yFLojbAx2LtWi4QVXzA0mlxT3e9B5osIL-G6Y2rLkz3OvC8NCVmx44u5PoYWI_4wDha-vbzycokS5JG4e85jzC8VbFawnXgi7CcAiNCEz6sf1cYsuNPjTljq9pDL3MuqyxnTERV7NpedvUHqzrq681QywaOCSolzW4chkaHXgBH9r-nMFggEUG-qBWXTeyHHWit5swrQsz9LdsNWEVatLCMgNR5BuKWG7rMT0cez4SGDSQs-ToOHgd1ywCjH7YCbjkIzVNxDIoASr-e1_hUzrwE95dAvVyzlwIgrEPcfiNlnd7Ix9kKkIINypFgCBdqPyLLgzAqIUNEdgw5nDzzQVFKLYKrFkdqB-QS7GweHAy5pcyWmMm3qz54vX77VuRtUkxQaKbW0Fl3CWe3Qvd7xvfFegVyMFVxxHiygXt8g4Vg4R47RZZgtmvLi5jmc5wUBOnHmJFJjg7bn1dpIB9p0Tml5Apl0VR0vJdgf73BsnCnAj0xOEhcAVsFJ71H2sO9Wvc-AAjbej0ufzzMFe9dTuxgP1cEEbZTX9mgkB7K5NJaojyj0iE0uPS5eWHOKOZxBs_vE0aE5ksYV3eOQVkiJMOKgFVyFE3dIPJMOBnzhnwFXy_G77Lmqh_vFnTd6taJry_263Y9X4NutWopN-uMaBX_fPk=w1024-h768-no


gavinmcc | 2017年8月7日

http://bit. ly/2uijeF8


rxlawdude | 2017年8月7日

If they are delivering Oct-Dec '17 for the initial production, MS owning Californians, the Design Studio needs to open much sooner than "Late Fall '17."

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月7日

sbeggs: I have never understood the popularity or utility of such threads... But, since you asked? Bumpity!

JAD | 2017年8月7日

Previously they had to open the design studio early so they could order the correct options. Really no option besides what color paint and which runs to book on. A week before production would be plenty early I would think, not want, but think.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月8日

le boost, le bamp, le biemp...

KP in NPT | 2017年8月8日

I believe the 313 was a SOP (start of production) car - more of a release candidate. :(

garyjtate | 2017年8月9日

313 was the blue model 3 Elon took to NYC for the junk bond sale

sbeggs | 2017年8月12日

313 lucky number?

KP in NPT | 2017年8月12日

I believe that 313 car is not a production car - it was referred to as "SOP" or "start of production" - I think closer to a RC.

noleaf4me | 2017年8月12日

I'd be happy with VIN number 33,333.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月12日

It takes a bump, bump, bump to make a family...

Frank99 | 2017年8月12日

Over here:
TeslaTap reports VINs 102 and 120. No pictures, but I've been told they're someone you can trust ;)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月13日

Have you ever found a post on the second page that need a bump to prominence on page one? I have...

sbeggs | 2017年8月13日

Thanks, @Red!

12Brent | 2017年8月14日

What was this doing on page three?! Bump.

sbeggs | 2017年8月15日

@Whity whiteman,

You have been on here much longer, so if everyone wants to have just one Model 3 VIN tracker, it's ok with me if it's one you started.

You are right, we do not have any non employee VINs reported yet.

This thread is just a place holder.

Whity Whiteman | 2017年8月16日

@sbeggs, you put it on the road and I did not see it, before I was posting mine. If I find anything, I'll post it here.
Can't wait for new VIN-infos.

Have a nice day!

AlMc | 2017年8月16日


sbeggs | 2017年8月16日

@Whity Whiteman,
You are a gentleman, so i will continue to bump your ongoing Model S thread, and hopefully soon we can have an actual owner post the first official VIN here!

sbeggs | 2017年8月17日

Thanks, @AIMc, for bumping snd keeping thread up!

sbeggs | 2017年8月20日


sbeggs | 2017年8月20日

Nashville bump

Whity Whiteman | 2017年8月21日

I've seen and posted VIN107... I know, that's lame, but I do my best. You can find it via Facebook on my "S3XY-News" site. Have a nice day!

justinmk3 | 2017年8月23日

Has anyone had access to the Design Studio yet? Oh and Bah-Bah-Bump. :D

tripplett | 2017年8月23日

it's been rumored that up to 10,000 employees may have pre-ordered a Model 3 (if you count all the service centers and such). However lets say it is less at 8,000. Tweets from Elon say production was 30 cars in July (we know it was 50 but meh), 100 in Aug, 1,500 in Sep, and 20,000 by Dec - no mention of Oct or Nov but let's say we guess 5,000 in Oct and 10,000 in Nov. These are best case numbers. By that I don't think we would see the employee's orders fulfilled until mid november. This is assuming all employees want the long range and premium upgrade package. Even at 5,000 we are looking at late Oct.
Cars total per month:
July 50
Aug 150
Sep 1,650
Oct 6,650.
Nov 16,650.

By the way this is a good thing. We all want our cars but if they can hold off on delivering the 200,000th Tesla till 1st quarter 2018 the US tax incentive will last (at least in some amount) until mid 2019 and most of us will get the full $7,500.

tripplett | 2017年8月23日

I'm reading an article on Electrek that confirms the number to be over 10,000 and maybe even as high as 13,000. It included SpaceX employees too. So look for us normal Joes to get cars in mid Nov at the earliest.
https://electrek. co/2016/06/09/tesla-model-3-data-spacex-employees-reservations/

sbeggs | 2017年8月23日

Thanks, @tripplett!

noleaf4me | 2017年8月23日

I unfortunately Tesla page still says mine will be available between Dec-Feb 18 -- I'd love to have it by the end of January as we are having a global sales meeting and so many of my colleagues want to see my Model 3!!!

sbeggs | 2017年8月24日

Here's hoping your wish will be fulfilled!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月24日

Wait... Did something just go BUMP in the night?

sbeggs | 2017年8月25日

Thanks, @Whity Whiteman and @Red!

sbeggs | 2017年8月27日

Thanks, @noleaf4me...

KP in NPT | 2017年8月27日

I think 301 is a release candidate. :(

AlMc | 2017年8月27日

@KP: Correct. My understanding is 300s are RCs. There is also some suggestion that the EPA has to give final mileage figures before more than 100 can be delivered. I need to research this more.

AlMc | 2017年8月27日
ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月28日

What do you do when you need a BUMP?

sbeggs | 2017年8月28日

You see Red!

AlMc | 2017年8月28日

Bump from late night east coast

sbeggs | 2017年8月29日

Thanks, @AIMc!

sbeggs | 2017年8月30日

Each month brings us closer to a posted owner VIN!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年8月31日

The highest Model 3 VIN I have seen in photos was #000313, so -- BUMP!

Al Cantara | 2017年8月31日

I had my Model S in for annual service recently, and I was told that only the first 2,000 Model 3's were reserved for employees.

KP in NPT | 2017年9月2日
sbeggs | 2017年9月3日

@Al Cantara,
Nice forum name!
Now that is a very interesting piece of intelligence, only 2000 cars reserved for employees. That means employees taking first production or early vehicles. Many more waiting for Dual Motor or other features. Thanks!

Whity Whiteman | 2017年9月4日