US car buyers are willing to pay an extra $780 for full autonomy technology

US car buyers are willing to pay an extra $780 for full autonomy technology

I found this overall positive. I didn't realize such a large swathe of the american public actually is interested in self-driving cars. I think this is great news. The amount they say they are willing to pay is ridiculous, but this is a good sign overall. | 2017年8月4日

That price is not all that unreasonable. I remember 10 years ago getting an in-car Nav system costs $3000+. Now it's often included in the price of the car (at least will all Teslas).

I expect in 10 years, the AP price will come down dramatically as the sensor/processor costs go down and the software development costs are shared over a large base of vehicles.

SamO | 2017年8月4日

+1 TT.

Majority of Americans Fear Riding in Self-Driving Cars, Poll Finds

"The survey found that 78% of people polled were afraid of riding in a self-driving car, a statistic that remained unchanged from the last year, the AAA said in a statement. Although most people surveyed said they fear traveling in a fully self-driving car, 59% said they would like autonomous technology in their next vehicles. The survey found that millennials are more likely to want autonomous features in their cars than baby boomers or members of Generation X."This marked contrast suggests that American drivers are ready embrace autonomous technology, but they are not yet ready to give up full control," the AAA said."

Reminds me of the Cheapskate Dilemma . . . A restaurant with terrible food, but huge servings.

Shock | 2017年8月4日

Heck I'M afraid of driving in a car that drives itself. But I'll do it anyway.

I know eventually self driving will be the same cost as ABS; baked into the car. I'm surprised those who say they want it now, however, are willing on average to pay only $780 for it! | 2017年8月4日

There are also some groups where I suspect 100% want FSD, presuming you don't need a drivers license. These could include the disabled (temporary and permanent), those with sight issues, those with mental impairments, those that had the driver's license revoked (DUIs), taking children to school, areas with limited/no parking, etc.

Shock | 2017年8月4日


Yep I assured one daughter that she will still need a license, but I wasn't sure about another one. Long term drivers licenses will only be required to drive classic cars that don't have FSD.

SUN 2 DRV | 2017年8月4日

"The survey found that 78% of people polled were afraid of riding in a self-driving car"

As a control group, they should also ask the question about being afraid of driving with a drunk or a teenager or a stranger or a taxi driver.

So 78% might be pretty darn good compared with a drunk or a teenager. (or a drunk teenager)

blue adept | 2017年8月4日

I'm trying to understand...

Is this an effort to devalue the actual cost of autonomous vehicle technology (clearly presently valued at some $8k for Tesla's, as mentioned in the article), or the precipitation of a discussion about a different brand/form/lesser valued/developed form of autonomous driving technology, say,'s (reportedly planned to be marketed at a cost of $1k):

...or, is this just a push to encourage the implementation of AD technology?

Thanks for the clarification, just want to get on the same page is all.


A drunk or distracted teen aged driver.

milesbb | 2017年8月5日

Insurance cost should drop like a stone for autonomous cars. Imagine cars that are 10 times better at avoiding accidents then the best drivers. For a good driver I would guess a price of $5000 for the option would be a break even cost when you consider insurance savings ($1000 savings per year over 5 year usage). Insurance saving for a driver with a DUI or a teenager driver would be much higher.

carlgo2 | 2017年8月5日

I think all of this shows that people want AP, but want to limit its use to specific situations.

It will be a long time before it is totally safe because there will be millions of human controlled cars driving through red lights, losing control, road raging and all and we will need to pay attention and be prepared to take control.

nadurse | 2017年8月7日

@carlgo2 - "and be prepared to take control" then its not fully self driving is it? In order for a vehicle to be considered fully autonomous, I would assume that it would be able to detect and avoid such dangers you describe much better than 95% of human drivers... otherwise whats the point in having FSD if it cant avoid unsafe human driven cars? I don't see FSD being government approved if it cant protect itself (and the passengers) in emergency type of situations.

Remnant | 2017年8月7日

@Shock (OP, August 4, 2017)

<< US car buyers are willing to pay an extra $780 for full autonomy technology >>

This only indicates that "US car buyers" are cheap, but even that doesn't matter at all.

FSD is still a figment and might not materialize for years. EM did say that the current production of Teslas would be endowed with HW2, which is – supposedly – FSD-ready, but Tesla's AP v.9 and above is just EAP (not FSD).

Tesla/EM notes that EAP is still a driver’s assistance feature and drivers are responsible for maintaining control of their vehicles at all times. HW1, or previous generation AP vehicles, will initially be better than HW2 cars, but the two systems will eventually reach feature/behavior parity.

blue adept | 2017年8月8日

*** To add to my earlier comments: (an ATG & Otto Moto combination)

The point is that I understand that there's a general desire for something for nothing and while advances are being made in the field of autonomous driving (AD) technology, lets not undermine the efforts of these (and potentially other) companies in bringing this technology to the mass market by trying to undersell it.